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I am 95 pounds 16 and 5ft5?
i get told thats light and too thin
but im not thin i dont wanna gain weight
i have rolls of fat on my tummy when i sit down i hate them SO MUCH
i want to be 6 stone 5 again not 11 >:(
what do u think?
y do i have a fat tummy?

Additional Details
i mean i wanna be 6 stone 5 not 6 stone 11 lol i thought 6 stone 11 was 95 pounds oh i dunno im not gd at maths

for a sixteen yr old ur a little tin. no clue on the tummy thing

Do some crunches and work those abs!! its normal for a little pudge when you sit down. And relax you are beautiful

what is 6 stone?
and your fat could just be extra skin, and your bmi is really low, you are very underweight, and its not normal. consult your doctor in case something happens!

Peggy C
Rolls of fat on your tummy......my god, you are lying, thats impossible. The fact that you don't realize you are lying tells me you need supervision with your eating habits. Your health will pay dearly and in the end thats all we have ....good health. I feel you will be successful in getting plenty of attention with a trip to the hospital very soon. Stop it. Eat, be well.

You are to skinny!! That borderline anorexic. You need to get help talk to a school counslor or something.

The majority of people have that
its like natural.
If you were 6 1/2 stone youd be like anorexic.
Your growing up and your going to weigh more than you did when you were younger.
Your too thin now.

You could just be bloated or constipated. A lot of people are constipated and don't even know it, which takes up belly space and make you look fat, even though you aren't. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and a Probiotic supplement and you'll get better.

I am 30 5'5" and I weight 125 LBS. I eat all the time but gain no weight. I go to gym to try to keep the weight coming but all I get is abs and a nice bod all solid...lol. If you go to this site you can get a weight and age and height calculation it will help you in knowing your ideal weight and know where you are supposed to be http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm and when i typed your stats in it came out 122 lbs. is your ideal weight. I am a male and I have high metabolism so I know what my issues are and I was on medication as a child and I smoked from 11 until now. Of course my mother is 4'11" and my dad is 6'5". Go figure on who I took after.
You can also visit this site and print you a chart so that you will be able to follow your progress if you decide to gain weight http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://images.military.com/pics/rec_step07_hw_uscg_women-1.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.military.com/Recruiting/Content/0,13898,rec_step07_hw_uscg,,00.html&h=398&w=488&sz=50&hl=en&start=3&um=1&usg=__lf3NN-XN_-G6r6nk_xI1cJGWQxI=&tbnid=baoNDXQLeXJs3M:&tbnh=106&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dheight%2Band%2Bweight%2Bchart%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DX

Marcus K
Holy crap! Drop everything NOW
1. Go to ur local refrigerator
2.Find something good

No seriously, u have to be a twig

Nadya B
Every one has roles of tummy fat when they sit down. Let me tell you that you need that fat. It insulates, and protects your internal organs. Without it, you'll die. Fat is important and shouldn't be discredited. Although, too much fat is bad for you, you need to gain at least 20 more pounds to be in the safe range.

Andrea A
it is all in your head
with that weight and height you are defs not fat!
so when you sit down it is probably just your skin that rolls, not fat! it happens to everyone, even the skinniest people, because you stomach is stretched out when you stand, but contracts when you sit down, thus not using all areas of the skin, so it therefore rolls. There is no sure way to get rid of it seeing as everyone must have it, but you can reduce it a bit. loosing weight will not help though! just try working out or toning your muscles. do ab work, like sit-ups, crunches, the plank, skipping rope, swimming, etc. but most of all, do not worry about being fat because you are not, you are probably a very pretty girl.

95 lb might be okay if you were 5 feet even. Get over it. I bet most people look at you and think your weight is skinny and unattractive.

Andrea G
I was 97 lbs, 5'6 throughout high school. I was under a lot of scrutiny, and got my feelings hurt a lot.

I only started gaining weight at 23, after I married. I shot up to 140, and now I'm down to 120, maintaining steady weight. People tell me I still look 16, and I get carded everywhere i go. I'm 31 now. I have Beyonce's figure, and all of the girls that I went to HS with are FAT. :)

Everyone's body matures differently. So long as you have a healthy appetite and are not starving yourself, you're fine, IMO. Just keep doing what you do. It'll pay off in the long run.

BTW, your tummy isn't fat, its probably just skin. Mine does that right behind a meal and then goes back down.

If anyone calls you skinny, call them rude. People don't go up to fat people and point out they're fat. they'd get punched in the face!

u r hell tiny maybe u have rolls of fat because your so tiny u dont have any muscle i would try to gain about 10-15lbs more of pure muscle your "rolls" will be gone and you will look and feel alot healthier

everyone has to have some fat on there body
You are under weight and should not be trying to get rid of more fat.

No! i'm 13,108 and 5'3 1/2 and people call me skinny, trust me ur fine.

Im So Sorry H.F. Im so sorry!!!!
dude that is a light weight? are you sure you weight that much and have roles? cause i am a little shorter than you and i am about 15lbs above yours and i have some roles but not totally noticeable so wtf how do you have roles? i have a tummy is cause i like to eat Boron crap that is loaded with salt.. i like salt cause of the bitter pucker i get and with scratches in my mouth it gives it a sting but i like the feeling. idk why i like that pain so much. its weird and its hard to stop eating it so i try really hard. i haven't ate that crap in a week and i am proud of my self.
well laters hope you get through this well!

you are skinny.
that is really underweight for your height.
and about your tummy, everyone can get that
what you should do is do some excercises to
TONE your tummy. you don't need to lose weight.

because you probably dont eat enough
your stomach might not be getting the amount of fat it needs
so its starting to eat your muscles and putting it in your stomach.
have you ever seen documentaries about the kids in africa how they all have tummys...
thats because they arent properly nutriated
just try eating more wisely
hope it works out for you

I think that you're too skinny for your age. But your the right height!
My advice is, if you don't want to lose or gain much weight, and yet you want to lose that tummy fat, try crunches. They really help!

WAY too thin. Im 5'5". 120lbs and people say im thin.

you dont have a fat tummy it is just you need to do sit ups and the roles will turn into a six pack.

you definitiely dont have a fat tummy and its all in your head
sounds like you have an eating disorder
and youre doing this for attension

well at that height you are deff under weight maybe if you did crunches you wouldnt have a fat tummy but thats a bad weight for you height

<3 kter.
here. have a sandwich.

...You're underweight. I know this for a fact.

I think EVERYONE'S stomach has these so-called "rolls".
We're humans.
Not Barbie dolls.

holy ****, would you eat a sandwich! what a freak! you are obviously not fat! : )

thts not fat!!!
u dont have a fat tummy. if anything id say u had no tummy.
dont worry it.

I think you should be at least 110 pounds.

ways to skinny

I like Andrea G's answer :)

Everyone is so obsessed with weight. Let's just be concerned with health. Are you eating well? Then you are fine.

I am 5'5" and about 97 pounds. I sometimes get to 100. I am 31 years old. I do not and have never had an eating disorder. I'm glad that when I was growing up people didn't accuse thin individuals of being sick. We are simply thin. I have curves. I look good. I don't even have to work at it.

Just because someone isn't within a weight/height range on a list that was made up in recent years doesn't make that person unwell. Let's just accept all shapes and sizes. As long as you are healthy then you are great.

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