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 Is 150 pounds for a 5'8" woman considered fat?

 Do u think this is fat????
age 30
height-5'3 and 1/2
165 pounds
and this?
31 yrs.
235 pounds
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 Is being a 13 year old girl 5'5 and a half and weighing 106-108 skinny , normal , or fat?

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I am 5"3, 13, an di weigh from 89-92, is that overweight?


pffft, no
I'm 5'3 and when I was 13 I weighed 130. I'm 17 now and weight 150. THAT'S called being overweight.

Aden Sickle
Your BMI is 16! O_O

MY GOD, EAT CHILD EAT! A healthy BMI is between 18 and 25. And it takes a lot to raise or lower it even a single point. Unless you have hallow bones like a bird, you are way under weight. You need to wight between 105 and 140.

Yankees Girl
No you are average for your age group.
Hope this helps :)

No N
nope thats just perfect! im 13 and im 5 foot and weigh 85 pounds and when i went to the docotor last week they said i was in the weight range and the range is any where from 80 pounds to 110 pounds for my heigth so ur only 3 inches taller than me so you would still be in the same weight range as me! your just perfect so dont worry!
i hope this answers you question

so sick of these questions, and I know I dont have to answer......who cares? no for the 100th time, no you are not overweight

nope I would think you as a bit under weight. My friend is about your hight and when we were in high school she weight went back n forth between 92-105 depending on her activities for that time. Her doctors wanted her at least 105 or 108 if i remember right..

x babe
Go lose some weight buddy ,
or admit you have some problems thinking you're overweight.

uh no, u should be 105-120

Liz O

Keylin P
no. you are under weight. you should weigh about 103-110 pounds.

R u kidding?Stop watching americas next top model!!!

that is very underwait
go eat and play a video game you need it
and no fat free yogurt
get some greasy pizza

no ur not ur like underweight

I Am Rich!!!!!
You're underweight. Eat a cheeseburger, please!!!

thats under..that how much i should weigh and im 4 ft 11

I left
NO!!! Weight has so many factors to be weighed. No pun intended. But getting down to the nitty gritty ... you should weigh something like 105-120 and still look nice.

I'm 5'3" & weigh 120-123. Ck. with your doctor. Bone size plays a part in what your weight should be too.

no, that's slightly too thin.

wow dude NO
ur like tiny!

nooo! don't be insecure. I understand b/c when I was 13 I weighed around the same weight and I was insecure about it as well.. your not over weight at all.

Dancing in Misery
Yeah...totaly your fat....WTF!! No of course not.....If you think you are you got another kind of body problem

Destiny A.
No. Definitely not. If you look at the height-weight ratio, you should be about 111-128 being 5'3". You can see it yourself at this website:

ok your obviously looking for attention. thats UNHEALTHY. go stuff your face with fatty foods.

McCain/Palin 2008
Your underweight.

I am around your age and I am 5-3 105 and people say I look skinny.


im 5'4'' and weigh i 125...thats average sooo no you are annorexic.

sama w
no ur what we call nicole richie

No. Stop being anorexic and eat a sammich.

no, not at all

Nori H
no...i think u should gain some weight cuz im 5'3 too and im 100lbs and i need to gain weight cuz its too skinny

No that EXACTLY what I weighed when I was that age. Ur fine dont let anybody else tell u differently.

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