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â–’Allison Gâ–’
I am 5'1 and 103 pounds, but?
I wear a size 1 in jeans, but people the same height and weight as me wearlike 0 and 00, and they are from the same place. Whats up with this? I know Im not fat, but it seems as if its all in the wrong places (like my inner thigh!) , what can I do?
Additional Details
holy crap i said I KNOW IM NOT FAT i was just wondering, and now i know, different frames

You're fine, the small stuff is for anorexics.

.If you're a size one, there's no need to complain.
[hah, sorry. I'm 5'5 and like, 130 lbs... so yeah...]

What you can do, is just do exercises concentrating on your inner thighs. Make sure you don't only exercise that one part, though, or you might become dis-proportionate.

hope i helped =D

Katie H
try a wide in pants you can see lik a zero wide and that should solve your problem

valeria z
idk im 5'4 i weigh 105 i wear a size 1


Jordin K
Don't sweat it girl! You are perfectly fine! Don't compare yourself to other girls. You all have different bodies, and all structured differently. dont even sweat it!

Your weight is fine. A little exercise might help but take care of yourself.

your different everyone is. your probly more pretty than the other girls.

well do some palates they help inner thighs

You def don't need to lose weight. Just go to the gym and tone up. You should be able to fit into a smaller size and still weigh the same when you tone up at the gym for a few weeks.

be thankfull !
be happy ur healthy !
and relax!

just cuz u dont fit the same stuff and just cuz ur are shaped diff dosnt make u less beautifull!
its how u carry yourself
i promis !

size one isnt small enough...wow what are you trying to do be anorexic? Why are you trying to compare yourself to others?

Does it matter? Be happy that is the only problem you really feel you are having. Everyone is different.

: )
Everyone carries their weight differently. You probably just distribute your weight differently, you might be a little bigger in the hips and thighs than your friends.

And you should also realise that one store's size 1 is another store's size 00. There is no standardised sizing in the US so you might find that you actually have pretty much the same measurements as your friends, but they just shop in stores where the sizing system is different.

you are crazy...who wants to be a 0

i hate my thighs!!! well, wat i do is lay on the ground and you lift up one of your legs and hold it. IT IS GROULING PAIN but it totally tones your thighs!

you cant really do anything. its mostly genes that decide when the fat goes! someone in your family must also have the same thing that the fat goes in to their theighs. to minimise the fat excersie a bit if you arent already. get into a sport in your school such as soccer and it should help you controle. also eat healthy food as much as possible. this should help you
good luck!

Why does it matter???

I will never be able to fit in size 1 jeans... but I might be ab le to fit in size eight.

Just love yourself for you.

really, you cant do anything because everybodys bodies are built differently. but what you can do is tone your thighs. try doing 30 squats a day, and doing leg lifts.

quit worrying so much. It becomes a sickness. Just go with it. everyone has a different shape, and you are just a little rounder in the pants than some. It isn't a bad thing.

I want you to remember this question.

Jut forget about it ok. Do not worry do not even ask about these things anymore. You said you know our not fat. So forget it. You do not need to do nothing size 1 and 0 or 00 are pretty much the same. Alot of guys now a day do not like extremely skinny chicks anyways.

oh love a size one is not a big deal. accept your body for what it is. its probably just because your hips are wider or you have stronger thighs than other girls. i run so i deff have more muscle in my legs. theres nothing to worry about. people are different and you cant put yourself into a group like that

dont complain sweetheart
i would die to be that tiny

but genetics make peopel gain weight in different places
embrace your thicker inner thigh

Not everyone is built the same. My sister & I are same height & weight, but because our bone structure is different, we wear two different sizes. If you're worried about your thighs, try squats or "scissors" as I call them. You'd be amazed at how it works and doesn't cost anything except maybe a little sweat and tenderness! :)

it depends where the jeans are bought from, different brands or different types of denim vary in size even if they both say they are a size 0, on can still be bigger or smalller than than the other

You can't really do anything, you can't target one spot to fix, you have to do the whole body. Everyone's body is different, and fat and muscle is distributed differently for each person, so you could be 5'1 and 100 lbs and be a size 1 and a girl next to you is the same height and weight and a 00 because she doesn't have hips. Just appreciate your body. And don't lose any weight.

it could be that your curvier in places theyre not? :)

texas beach girl
Ooooooooo..... It depends upon the store brand of jeans. I am the same size and weight as you are and at Abercrombie I wear a 00, but at American Eagle I wear a 2.

Just try a different brand of jeans. Best of luck!!

We are all different. Same reason some women wear DD.

(^_^) CHiccaaqui(^_^)
it is just the structure of your body that is different. I have the same problem as you, I look very skiny, and while people the same weight as me wear size 1 or 2 jeans I wear 3 or 4. how the fat or the muscle is distributed in your body is different. I would only suggest exercise to maintain your body as healthy as possible. Take care :)

Morgan J
you have more curves then those sticks. the good kind, not the fat. youre super blessed.

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