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Justine R
I am 13 years old and I weigh 113? Do I need to lose weight?
I feel bigger than I really am. Andd I weigh 113 pounds!
Additional Details
I feel bigger than I really am. Andd I weigh 113 punds! I want to at least lose 10...but how?

i was bigger then that at that age im 16 now im 6'3, 243 Pounds (I work out alot in the past 2 years and droped alot of fat and packed on alot of muscel ) just go work out and pack on More Muscel you will feel better and in better shape i work out every day for 45min at school and after school i play sports ( i play high school football ) and we work out as a team after practice. just get Muscel you will feal better

It depends on how tall you are. I'm 13, six foot one, and I weigh 140, but according to my doctor and the BMI calculator, I am actually underweight.

are you a girl or boy? if your a boy, you are not overweight at all. i weighd 7 more pounds then you when i was 13

Unless you're under 4 feet 11 inches tall, you don't need to lose an ounce. You can tone up if you feel bigger and get some definition, but you are hardly "big".

You're at a weird age and body issues are a big deal to you...trust me, you're not big. Don't believe me? Check out the link below.

how tall are you? just sear "bmi calculator" online and enter the info to find out if u are underweight, normal, overweight, or obease.

Nick R
two words over wieght just kidding ur find

linda h
It is not just the scale. How tall are you? Have you talked to your Doctor? They have a chart that tells you your ideal weight according to your heigth and your bone mass. Have your parents check with your Dr. , Or check with a school nurse and see what she /he says.

your not fat but if you really want to lose weight then you should try and do sit ups and squats. most girls our age feel the same way. I'm 13 and i am 120 pounds and I'm 5 foot 3 inches and i feel like I'm fat. I'm not fat but i sure feel like i am. when you do your sit ups try doing 5 for the first 2 days then gradually get to 50 a night. (it helps you lose weight in your stomach and upper legs) when you do your squats do like 15 - 20 for the first 2 nights and work your way up from there. (it helps you lose weight in your legs and forms your BUTT) (which alot of guys like these days!)

It all depends on your height and body structure and genetics. Also, when you get your growth spurt (IDK if you might be getting yours right now...), things feel out of proportion and weird, trust me lol. Talk to a doctor or your parents, they would be the ones to give the best advice about this kind of thing. Good luck!

You're fine.

Depending get a check up before you go on any diet remember you are young and just as quick as you gain weight you can lose it so get checked first then take advise from your doctor

deffinally not..
but you should do whatever you feel so then it doesnt put down your self esteem..
and your deffinally not "big"
and i also think that many people feel that way because its either for another persons attraction or whatever else reason you may have

ur fine. dont worry about ur wieght. if u were over weight ud know it and people would tell u.


IN puberty, *ages 9-18 or so*
You tend to gain wheight due to all the many hormonal, or physical changes you body goes throught. Many girls think they are "FAT" or "over wieght" but they really arn't. I'd say You are about averge accutaly. Maybe about 4 pounds off avergae but you are fine. I used to weigh t about 99 or 100 when I was 13 and 1 quarter. If you feel uncomfortable, maybe jog more, eat healthier foods, do a few sit ups eveyday, but I would not recommend deiting at this young of age unless there is a huge wieght issue. Good luck!

at thirteen it may seem really important to b super skinny but it's more about how well u dress the "extra pounds" (evn tho i think u weigh a pretty good amount). it depends on how tall u are. if u weigh 113 thn u should probably b anywhere from five feet two inches - five feet five inches (at the least). anywhere below five feet i'd say ur approaching chubby.

at ur age (in winter) u tend to gain more pounds. try doing sit ups while watching TV or join a dance class

What is your height? You need to look at your height to find out if you overweight or not.

I'm 11 and I'm 76 lbs. I know, I'm skinny. I think you are great the way you are. Check out this cool site with expert/ proffesional advice. http://www.kidshealth.org/teen/food_fitness/dieting/bmi.html

Ashley Ward
your fine, relax!

no! your ideal weight is like 110- 120. your totally fine

easy. drink lots of water, no sodas or if you must then limit yourself. dont eat fast food and lots of pastas,breads,carb like stuff. just eat healthier like salads and stuff with protien and excercise of course. have fun.

Jovacia M
no you are in perfect shape

yes you need to lose a ton! gosh your phat! how can you live with yourself.
im jking ya
no, you should be fine. depends on how tall you are. if you're 5'6 or up then your underweight

oh goodness, thats not fat at all! DONT even think of going on a diet.. that is a normal weight 4 a teen, im around that age, and weigh almost the same and believe me, i dont think im fat..lol...

How tall are you?

If you're 2 feet tall, yes, you need to lose weight. If you're 6 feet tall, you need to gain weight.

*♥~♫ jonas_love*♥~♫
i am the same age and weight i am not fat and neihter are you

no, you dont need to loose wieght! :]

Racist Answer Man
You're only 13. Don't worry about it unless your doc tells you or your parents that you need to lose weight.

no you're fine.

Crazy Dude902
It all depends on your height. I usually use a very easy, but good weight, mental calculator.

If you are 5 feet, you put 100 pounds and for every inch more you are, you add 5 pounds. It works in my opinion.

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