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I absolutely HATE raw veggies... how can I make them good to eat?

Lesley :]
uhhh cook them?

Andy F
Cook them.

TMLeaf Fan
Try a ranch dip.....

yess i love ranch!! season them!! with seasoned salt ! its yummy! make them into a sort of salad and add hard boiled eggs to them


dressing, or season them, or you could roast them.

South East Punk
You could put some dressing on it or some salt.

Dip them in your favorite dressing... or you can steam them and add a little salt, pepper, and butter.

Dips......or ranch dressing

4tonianne (on ebay)
put them in the microwave with some water covered dish............. for a few minutes. they will then become steamed........ eat like that or melted cheese...... brocolli & chesse or cauliflower & cheese are excellent.

now i am getting hungry


steam them in those new ZIPLOC bags..no water and they turn out perfect..a little olive oil and lemon or white wine balsmic vinger .few red pepper flakes...good to go..I do reuse the bags because they are expensive..but they take fresh veggies to a new relm!

roasted veggies is the nices thing ever!! put plenty of olive oil on them and some seasoning , then roast in the oven for about 20 mins, delicious!

cristelle R
wrap some morning starfarms veggie bacon around swiss chard and cook it in a little olive oil

try a broccoli salad with chinese noodles and sesame seeds its quite good

cauliflower steamed with low fat meltable chaddar?

green beans almodnine

try putting chicken grilled strips on all your salads with mandrain segments and an oriental dressing to be palatable

Celery sticks at work stuffed with tuna or pimento or peanut butter

tomatos carved and filled wwith chicken salad or tuna salad

try grilling your veggies ona foreman grill with teriyaki and a bit of oil and seasonings

ranch dressing...peanut butter is also good for some

Mix some vinerager and italian dressing and dip the veggies into it! It's really good.

ok so i hate like pasion fruit and my dad grows tonz, so i just started eating them i really didn't like them but now i canoot stop i love them lol.
wat i'm trying to say is maybe you should just try them again veggitables are awsome lol

Dip them in something that you like. Yogurt, peanut butter, low fat dressings, sugar free sauces, low fat cheese sauce.....

Your options are only limited by what you can and will eat. Experiment with sauces and dressing to see what you like, personally speaking I love poppyseed dressing on almost any veggie. Mustard vinagrette is good on dark leafy greens.

If you aren't trying to lose weight and don't care how much sugar you use maple syrup is yummy on carrots.

Don't be affraid to experiment, you might find that you like barbecue sauce on your Celery.

make veg stir fry,, cook as little or as much as you want use the best healthy oil

sesshy bunny
You can cook them, grill them, or put dressing on them.

put some kind of dressing on them or cook them with other ingredients. Example: broccoli and Soy sauce. Or if you want it raw then add some melted cheese on it. It all depends on what you think might taste good with it. Well good luck with that

Simply. Stream them, that don't take long, and it almost melts in your mouth.

Gruntled Employee
dress them, or

lightly cook the veggies then make them into a pasta bake with some pasta, pasta sauce and some cheesy topping !


serve on plate, smother with tomato sauce and enjoy!

this is a good dish cos you can store it or serve it cold.

colliflower and chesse

or made zuchinni bread you can't even taste the zuccini

Joesph B
not a great option but i do Soy sauce and red pepper flakes

u can try cooking them..they'll probably taste better

Steam them a little and add salt.

Johnny B
Cook them! Stuff them in a pie with some meat.

boil them and ad salt pepper and butter

Sister Lourdes
Try a stir fry, grilled vegetables are a lot tastier than raw ones. Or just add ranch. :)

Dip them in candy. joke. Just blend them with foods you like.

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