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I'm scared to start jogging?
We have a path behind our park and I want to start jogging but I am afraid if I start I'll gas out after a few steps and it is right in front of the basketball court so that would be really embarrassing. What should I do? I vote not exercise. Seriously though I might die of humiliation.

What time is a good time to go jogging?
Additional Details
I did it Y'all. I ran two laps then walked half a lap ran the other half walked half then ran the other half. Then I clenched my chest and now Im writting you from the grave.

then jog somewhere else!!!

Melanie :D
You'll get better over time, as your endurance increases. Start out slow, walking is still a lot better then doing nothing at all, and it can really help you lose weight. eventually you'll be able to run, jog, whatever for a long time without getting tired. If your afraid of getting embraced, try working on it in a gym, or early in the morning when no one is around. You'll get better, look better, and your confidence will increase. Good luck, I think you can do it!

i feel like you but today is the second day i went jogging in the morning and i feel good infact i meet friend and they are encouraging

Life Is A Dancefloor!
who cares.
Go out and run. Its better than sitting on your butt and not doing anything. Practice makes perfect. After awhile you'll be able to run MILES and MILES!

Start by walking. Get your legs ready to jog, you'll definitely gas out if you don't. Walk everyday, the course you're going to jog. After you feel comfortable work your way up to the mileage you want to jog. You'll hurt yourself if you try too much at the start.

You should go first thing in the morning. It may seem like a hassle to do it first thing in the morning but after you go out for a run, or a jog, you'll feel great for the rest of the day. Maybe a little sore but you'll get past that and you'll be feeling good.

Sarah D
Start with walking. It's easier to work up your stamina by walking first, then you can jog later if you really want to.

If you have a dog, take your dog with you.

Bella B
go jogging it will honestly help you. try jogging at night to avoid heat or if you want early in the morning.
plz answer:)

John M
Who cares, your running for YOUR health, not to impress the people watching you. Besides whats the problem with slowing down to a walk when you go passed the basketball courts. Or you could always run somewhere else??

Maddy H
Don't be scared, and I'm pretty sure thats not going to happen unless you have a problem. But if your that scared, find a time where no one is on the basketball court. Maybe as soon as the sun comes up or when its dark out. Besides, all the guys will be to focused on playing basketball to worry about someone running along a path.

[email protected]
Don't pay attention to if other people are looking at you or not. Just jog and if you tire out quickly then take a rest, drink some water or gatorade, and try again. Eventually you'll be able to jog for a while without a break or much water or gatorade. It's unlikely the basketball players will know you.

Try jogging early in the morning at a time when almost no one else is awake.

peace love happiness softball
jog in the early morning when not many people are around.then when you get better you can jog during the day and show those basketball players that you can jog!!

Try jogging at night that way its less hot so you can go further and if anybody were to be outside they wouldnt reconize you.

Zayin W.
Do it Man nothin 2 Lose those fools aint gona do nothin if they laugh ignore them

the best time to go jogging is in the morning as it is gettin light out. Most people arent up at that time. I understand how you feel I dont like people around when i am jogging it makes me feel weird.

Jenna B
try jogging early in the morning, i find its best when i exercise in the morning and it keeps me more alert throughout the day. Also its cooler in the morning and less people are awake. Maybe get a jogging buddy so you will stay to you routine

Try to start off walking the path; increase your walking pace each day then start introducing jogging into your daily routine. When you start to get tired, slow back down to a walk until you can jog the entire distance.

Naw, there's no need to be scared at all. You'll do just fine. Have confidence in yourself. I used to be a pretty good long distance runner in high school and college. And ya know what? At the beginning of every season, I was in awful shape. But I tried and tried and tried again day after day and little by little I got back into shape. Everyone needs to start somewhere, you know? And forget about what those clowns on the basketball court think. After a few weeks, you'll be speeding past the basketball court and show em how far you have progressed. You'll get respect. Just start out easy. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning. Just do what you can. The worst thing you could do is injure yourself in the beginning (pulled hamstring, sprained ankle, etc.). You'll do just fine.

maybe it will be extra incentive NOT to gas out!

Stephen K
Some say morning, as the effects of the job carry you through the day.

i go with evening, as I am more warmed up.

perhaps not a real jog, but build into it with striding or power walking

Go early in the morning (6 - 8:00) it's cooler, and it's usually just seniors out at that time (no offense to anyone) :)

Or do jumping jacks in your back yard for a week or so to build up your cardio then start jogging.

Who says you have to jog? You have to crawl before you can walk... walk before you can (jog) run. If you are just beginning to workout... take it slow.
Warm up, stretch,....and walk the path. If you decide to walk this path everyday, pick up the pace.....walk faster....before you know it you'll be power walking.. which is so much better on your joints.
After a few weeks of this type of conditioning, you'll be jogging in no time, and perhaps playing ball with the people on the court.

mai h
the best time is when the temperature is normal for you

that is usually in the morning or in the before the sun starts to set

and you should be jogging alone

you should invite some friends to go jogging with you

also you wont feel humiliated if you guys are working together as a team

Do not feel scared whatsoever, start slow so that you do not gas out immediately. Besides that fear that you have can come in useful as a motivational tool. Good luck.

Melissa C
to get used to it start on a tredmill till you get used to it and I would go when it's cooler out if you can't go to a gym just go outside and start runnin around your house at first

2 in the morning.

fireman sam
well, officially morning is the best time to go jogging cause you should lose more weight.. although, i would suggest finding out when the basketball place is being used, and run at other times.

the thing to do, is aim to run as far as you can, but don't be disheartened when you cant run that far (cause you wont be able to to begin with) just run a few times a week and do it gently to start with. the main thing is dont pressure yourself to suddnely be able to run 5 miles after a weeks worth of running, cause when it doesnt happen, you will be sad and less likely to carry on

gd luck... and definitely go running! really good for you!

You definitely shouldn't be embarrassed by wanting to get into shape! However, if you're not a super star runner yet, you could find times during the day in which people jog the least, and jog then so that you wont be seen. You could also jog at night, using the darkness as a cover to your identity.

Well I run in the morning when I wake up. That way it is out of the way, and there aren't too many people out. And I am sure you won't gas out, you can start out slow and build up intensity and distance over time. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

You've just gotta force yourself to deal with the embarrassment. After a while, you realize that no one really cares, and you won't get tired after doing it regularly.

You can alternate jogging and walking in intervals until your body is conditioned to a longer period of jogging.

Go jogging at midnight when you are most vulnerable.

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