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♥Cutie Patootie!♥
I'm reallly reeeaaallly thirsty?
but my stomach is really full. I've been drinking water and such all day but I can't quench my thirst. what can I do so that I can quench it but not also drink it and be over-full?

drink some iced tea!it works or something like lemonade or fruit punch!


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i couldnt think of a good id
vanilla ice cream, milk or gingerale and saltine crackers

gargle something that has taste like gatorade, or something that you like... or eat some candy that tastes good to you, and makes your mouth water

Mmmm Chocolate
Gator aid.

uhm, i'm not sure, try sleeping or gettting some sun. whatever you do do not comtinue water drinking, it could cause bladder & kidney problems. If all fails, ask a friend. ! :) good luck!

well drink limonade and if not see a doctor

5th of Tuesday
Drink Gatorade. Athletes do because it not only quenches thirst it replaces essential electrolytes and such. Get the Grape - it's terrific.

Sounds like you don't have enough sodium in your diet- spdium will help you retain water

electro lites mix them with the water you can get them in any pharmacy. aka rehydration salts.

you might be sick, it's that time of year. go to the doctor and he'll prescribe you medicine. or, maybe you just ate too much and drank too much. try to go to the bathroom.... hope this is help... feel better!

If you've been eating really salty food/s, that's probably why. Your body is being told to store water (uh, to put it short, you'll bloat a little). If you haven't been eating enough sodium, then you have the opposite problem. Add a pinch of salt to your dinner and drink some more.

maybe that flavored water, thats like colorless soda, its still water, just not plain water and its really super good! or maybe perhaps tea! Great things to drink if youve been drinking water all day and u dont want to get over full, because they are both light drinks or orange juice like someone else said or Cranberry juice or some other sort of juice you really really love!

You need to go see the doctor right away! Polydipsia (excessive thirst) and polyuria (excessive urination) are symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes is no joke! Make an appointment right away.

gatorade, it hydrates u better

you could be sick. the same thing happened to my friend and she had a virus. i would go to the doctor and see, since it is getting extremely cold outside now.

Hawaiian girl
You might want to go see a doctor about that. It could be serious.

eat certain fruit like watermelon, or get some popsicles, that always works for me. You should go to the doctor, because a thirst like that is a symptom of diabetes. Good luck

That doesn't sound good. An unquenchable thirst is a symptom of diabetes...

Call a doctor. Something might be wrong.

Sarah (www.asksarah.weebly.com)
drink orange juice or anything citrus
the vitamens and such will keep you from being thirsty, and its not overly filling. and its healthy

Grant G
try drinking gatorade to ward off hyponatraemia.

see a doctor. it seems like you may have diabetes

I agree. You could have diabetes. See a doctor.

you need to check for diabetes and stop any drug use if all

♥†º н—є—ℓ—ℓ—σ º†♥
well haha Gatorade works for me wen i feel like that! or powerade!

You can try taking a few laps from the toilet bowl...but that probably won't quench your thirst.

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