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I'm craving chocolate!! What is a good healthy substitute?

kaushik boga
chocolate is too yummy to have a substitute.but u can try taking small small bites nd relishing it for a long time.

drink a glass of water which will make the craving die down.

interms of calories,chocolate has more calories than sweets.so try any of ur fav sweets.but relish it .dont hog pal!!

try some of that low carb chocolate, seriously its good!

You can eat the chocolate as long as you bust your *** at the gym.

Haven't you heard? chocolate is the new health food full of antioxidants (whatever those are. . .) dark chocolate is supposed to be better for you. So it's ok to eat it, give in to your craving, but go for a little of the good stuff instead of a lot of the crappy stuff.

black men j/k.

Just don't think about it, and try eating fruit or something.

Kiki Joy
Honey, eat your chocolate. Buy a candy bar and eat it. As long as you don't eat chocolate and fats every day, you're okay.
Dark chocolate is actually good for you.
And diets don't work.

Katie Renee
Skim Milk w/ sugar free chocolate syrup.

Chocolate is good and healthy, if you don't eat 2 pounds of it.

Ken J

dark chocolate is pretty good!

oh i love chocolate! >=D
dark chocolate is proven to be actually heathly. its a good substitute. and it tastes really good!

Grapes, any fruit that tastes good

Chocolate is not that neccesarily bad, its just the over consumption of it that is no good, but that can be said for anything. If you really want a substitute, i would have to recommend Celery sticks as it is high in energy, just as chocolate might give you that sugar rush, and its more natural !

have the chocolate, but have it in a small dose like a hershey's kiss or a tootsie roll (low fat). If you don't give into your craving you will wind up binging later on. Dark chocolate has good anti oxidents for your health. But when ever you indulge in that small sample of chocolate, savour it and make it special maybe as a reward. good luck

chocolate is a good healthy substitute!!! just have some in moderation as part of a healthy diet. Your body is crving chocolate?? give it chocolate!

eat more chocolate. Why would you want an inferior substitution for the nectar of the god's?

just have a big ole hershey bar..........remember....every thing in moderation including moderation

dark chocolate. good antioxidants. just bite size though.... don't eat the whole bar ^_^


What're you, nuts?

la de tus fantasias

Low fat frozen chocolate yogurt.

brush your teeth or chew some gum. the craving will pass.
or you could just eat some real food like a sandwich then you won't be hungry anymore and again, the craving will pass.

You can buy Carob at health food stores and now it's starting to appear at grocery stores as well.


oh-so- Laid-back
coco or sugar free dark chocolate
or a good old apple

carob... or just get a bunch of grapes

Carob is a good substitute for chocolate. It's not great for you, but it's a whole lot better than chocolate! You can find it at a healthfood store, they sell Carob chips, Carob cookies, Carob ice cream, Carob bars, you name it, they've got it!


a piece of dark chocolate every day is good for your health...and once a week you can enjoy a chocolate dessert...it's ok!

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