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hahaha hell yea thats fat
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srry to ruin =P

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im her friend lisa asking this....

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I'm a girl @ 5'1. how much should i weigh?

it depends how old u r

Anything above 50kg.

You should weigh anywhere between 98 pounds- 132 pounds.Although this also depends on your frame and all! I'm sure youw eigh just a fine weight! :)

7 1/2 pounds

Indie Cindy :]
there is no normal weight you should calculate you body mass index

Well if you live in the U.S. about 300 pounds.... j/k but here is a site that might help you out

but if you really want good advice talk to your doctor!!!!

the site itself will tell you "
These are recommended weights. Talk with your doctor about what weight is best for you and before undertaking any new diet or exercise programs."

Star Boy

Shanice Cobb
im 5''1 and a little over weight. but as long as you are healthy and you are ok about the way you look. but at 5''1 the chart says 109-125.. as long as you are happy!! dont really worry about it:)

too fly

how old r u?

Well, for starters, how old are you? I am exactly that height. I'm almost 13 and weigh about 90 lbs. For the best answer, talk to your doctor or a nutritionist. They would give you the best answer.

Lisa H

it depends on how old your are and what your body type is.

It doesn't MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD WEIGH. Just as long as your comfortable with what you look like.

Nick Smith
Use this to calculate your dieal body weight:

102-110 depending on muscle mass, bone size

Your weight should be according to BMI i.e., "Body Mass Index" check this link..

Depends on your age really. Above 90lbs. and probably below 110 lbs. to be healthy.

Ladies should multiply their height in feet by 22 to get their optimum weight in pounds.

5' 1" = 5.083 feet
(22)(5.083) = 111.8 pounds

So about 112 pounds.

Women who are especially muscular (bodybuilders, athletes) need to use a different formula because muscle is denser than fat.

It will all depend on your genetic bone structure. Idealy, anywhere from 98 to 110 lbs. is a good fighting weight.

A healthy Body Mass Index is between 18.5 and 24.9. A healthy weight for you would be anywhere between 100-130 pounds.

well it depends on how old you are! so if you are like a teenager the average weight is about 110 to 125 hope this helps!

crystal b
I think about 90-110
but don't take my anwser seriously
because I'm not sure.

I weigh 135 and I'm 5'9

you should weigh around 120 - 135 pounds check some sites in the Internet about health and diets and it will tell you that's were i got this from hope i helped you

80 pounds

you should weigh your weight
because it's fine

100-115 would be ideal but anything between 98-130 is considred healthy.

katherine p
for get what everyone else is saying...are you chunky, skinny.athletic.. im 5'6 and im almost 145... but i dont look it. so i think the average weight it 100 - 115 but it dosnet have to be that exacly ok girl...

Betrayed and Insane

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