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 I'm 13 and I'm ABOUT 5' 3" and 120 pounds?
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 Do you like think im fat?
i mean, im only like 14 years old and like 5'2..and i weigh like 150 lbs. i mean all my friends say i am like soooo skinny but i dont always believe them?
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Just Me.
I'm 5'7 and weigh 145lbs. Do I Weigh too Much?
I weigh 145 pounds at 5foot 7inches. I don't know if im overweight or now. I do play basketball and have some muscle but I still don't know.

Overcast Kid
Your BMI is 22, that's well within the healthy range.

no u are not

no your arent. I weigh 122 and am 5'5, I say you are perfect size and im not so dont worry.
muscle is a very good thing, I think it wold be better if you had muscle then skinnyness.

It all depends on age, not height.

no way ur the right weight... thats average according to my doctor... try weight lifting to get more muscle... don't change the way your eating because your weight is perfectly fine...

Carol (Yeah I said it!) G.
No! And why are you trippin'? I really thing all this new rush of weigh loss products have young women going crazy. Women have Curves...and guys like curves!!!


╣emo duckii ♥ Edward Cullen╠
I think you're too darn skinny

No your are right on track for your height.

Stephen K
Muscle does weigh more than fat and rule of thimb would have you at 135 pounds, so i wouldn't worry

nope not too heavy at all, you sound athletic and healthy

No, you're tall, but no too tall, so 145 is a good weight for you. I'm 5'5" and although I do not have a scale in my house, I belive I'm about 130 or 135. Im athletic also, I have a blackbelt, and I'm slim.

As long as your clothes fit, you're fine. If you're clothes start getting tight, that's when you should watch your weight. Other then that, don't even get on the scale.

You really shouldn't worry about your weight, as long as your healthy. You sound about average, besides what does it matter what other people consider normal. As long as your happy with yourself is all that matters

stop ******** asking these questions!

it is soo stupid.

you DO know if you are overweight or not.
you can tell by looking at yourself.

you just want people to say

"no, you're perfect."
"no, you're too skinny"

i've seen people like this. it is very sad how attention starved you are.

hell no you're not...it's all muscle and I'm sure you're a very pretty girl...you do not need to be 110 to be pretty...you're normal for your height.

your ideal weight is
127 and 159 pounds.
so you're great :)

also, muscle weighs more than fat, so don't fret about your weight too much. i think you're fine.

Well i weigh around the same as you do maybe 140 and 5'7'' and i feel like i am overweight sometimes but it looks like we're wrong : )

muscle weighs more than fat.


video production
No that is a great weight height ratio. Please don't lose any..just tone yourself if needed.

under the BMI chart you are underweight. But i am sure you are fine!


Nope, average, and its even better because some of it is probably muscle!

Bond Girl 007
Most definately not.

Do you look ok?

Scales shouldn't have been invented.

NO!!!! Are you kidding?? I am 5'0 and weight 140. You are NOT overweight.

Thats average

arsenic sauce

don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat


check there if you don't believe me.

Luv Addict.
you weigh 145 b/c you are tall && you have some muscle.
&& 145 isnt near overweight.

Please tell me you're kidding.

Stacy M
god noooooooooooo---i am 1 inch taller and weigh 235---i would love to be ur size hon---i would feel very pretty

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