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Sexxeh Momma
I'm 5'7 and 90 lbs.?
Since i'm not anorexic and i've always been skinny is that ok? i'm 12 btw
Additional Details
I think i've hit puberty. im a 34 b

you down?

Dee Jay
you're 12 and taller than me. I feel so little. And, even though you've always been like that, it isn't okay. You're underweight for your height, maybe you should see a doctor about it. I did when i was under weight and they put me on these tablets that made me gain just enough wait to be healthy :)

ya your fine. don't worry about it. if you were like 18 then it would be a problem.

uhh. 90 is ok. mi friend is about yur height and he is around 90 too. plus, hes a boy

Yes, it's a usual thing for any girl, well that's what i think.

It sounds like you just came out of your growth spurt, if you're twelve, which means that you haven't yet quite filled out for your height. Yes, 90 at 5'7" is very thin, but you're also twelve, and I'm assuming that you haven't yet hit puberty-- most women gain weight during puberty due to an increase of estrogen (fat is needed for the reproductive system to work properly). If you're worried, though, ask a doctor-- a condition like hyperthyroidism could also be the culprit. Since you are twelve, however, and have always been thin, I wouldn't worry too much. At twelve, I was 5'2" and 60 pounds-- also ludicrously thin, and I didn't have an eating disorder either. I'm 18 now, and completely normal. So please, don't give much concern to your weight, especially if you are eating in a healthy manner.

Also important: don't freak out if/when you start to gain some weight during adolescence (I did). Not only is it completely normal, but it's also important for developing properly. It's something that never seems to get said to girls in 6-8th grades, but it's really important to keep in mind.

In the mean time, please, don't worry about your weight, and ignore anyone who tries to tease you. People are vicious.

Well that definitley is not a lot of weight. But if you eat a normal amount of food and you dont over exercise then it sounds fine. Keep in mind that being super skinny isnt always attractive, and guys like big girls *wink wink* And some peopls weights fit their bodys deferentlly, so i am sure you look fine!!!

If you doctor says you are fine then no worries.It sounds as if you have had a growing spurt and the rest of you is trying to catch up.
As long as you have no hangups on food than tell people that you are perfectly normal and healthy.

Zackary M
gosh ur pretty thin...
well since ur about to enter teenage hood ull eventullay hit ur growth spurt and put on a few pounds

Adult American
At twelve your fine, but you should start gaining weight and get up to around 110 to 120 very soon. If you don't, see a doctor for a referral to a dietitian to help you make the best choices for your metabolism. Your bones won't be strong enough for an active lifestyle if you are too under weight.

Good luck honey!!

I'm sure when you go deeper into puberty, you'll be gaining more weight.

♥ Vallen
my jaw dropped when i read ur subject....im 5'8" and im deff. not 90 pounds...if i were 90pounds, i would be anorexic....are u sure ur not? bc if i saw a pic, i would say u were...wow, i cant even imagine myself being 90 pounds... umm i would put on a couple of pounds...like try to be 100, ehhh......gosh...my brother is 5'6" and he is 105 or something like that but he is still growing...

If you're twelve and you're -seriously- 5' 7" and you weigh 90 lbs, then you could have a Thyroid disorder.

Don't freak out! It's ok.

The Thyroid basically is the epicenter for all of your body's growth hormones. If your Thyroid is having problems producing a certain hormone (or is producing too much of one) then it could cause you to grow in a more... "original" manner.

As I said, though, don't worry. Talk to your parents about this, and see a doctor. If this is something that bothers you then it wouldn't hurt to get a professional answer. :)

woah yourr tall for your age.

good for you for not having an eating disorder. that's a tought path to go down.
what does your doctor say about your weight? I think what's important is that you are developing normally and in a healthy manner. as an adult, 90 lbs at your height may be consider underweight.
i learned this formula 5 feet = 100lbs + 5lbs for each inch, so 5'7" = 135 lbs. I'm 5'11" so 155 lbs would have been heavy for me as a teenager and now (that I'm a bit older) it's too light.
how do you feel? do you have enough energy? do you get sick easily? if you feel well, aren't tired all the time, and rarely catch a cold . . . don't worry about it!

Maggie C
on my bmi calculator its that ur under weight
it sounds like u are underweight

nonono im 5'1 and im 90 you are 5'7 and 90 that will not work try to eat alittle more but at you hieght dont go over 150
you might not even want to go that high. go to google type in something like am i over weight or how tell if im a healthy weght.

5'7? You should probably put on a little weight. Drink some protein shakes, do some exercises to build muscle. You'll still look thin, but just weigh a little more. The healthy weight range for 5'7 is 120-150.

That is really skinny. Are you eating enough? I would talk to your school nurse to see what she thinks but I think you are a little on the skinny side.

jordan duude
sure it's normal

Ok, wait for puberty to kick in. One of my friends was just like you, now she has more hips than me!!! You'll grow sideways more than length ways, And it's not something to worry about, but to embrace, when you get it, flaunt it and work it gurlfriend!!!

u should probably try to gain a little weight, but i'm sure as u mature, u'll gain more weight naturally. so long as u're active and eat right, u should be fine.

Chaya A
ya your fine! iam very similar to u. some ppl are just skinny and that is just the way they are.

Aha. Well the 12 might have bit to do with it. At first I was a bit worried, but if you are only 12, don't worry.
I don't know what the doctor said, but it doesn't seem that abnormal.
You'll fill out before you know it.
Want some of mine?

I'm rolling my eyes right now. Do you know why? Because you're OBVIOUSLY seeking attention.

oh my yes well i think i'm 4 ft 8 and i'm 80 pounds and people on here call me skinny

holy cow, ur twelve and 5"7"?? ur tall, and nah ur ok

WoW!!! You seem really skinny but around ur age ur body is really skinny and then you start fattening up....

you'll gain weight as you get older. sooner than you know it, you'll want to lose weight so just enjoy this period of your life.

OMMMMGGG same here last yr i wuz 12 and 5'7 only like 100 lbs. and its ABSOLUTLEY fine i eat like crazzzzy and im tall and thin and i have never thrown up except 4 wne i wuz 8 and had the flu ok so its fine i kno its so annoying wen evvray1 is like omg ur so skinny wtf but its fine its in ur genes im 13 5'8 and i'm modeling so mayb chek out that dont worry bout it its finee

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