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I'm too fat to get any xD...

I'm 5'4 and weight about 120, is the water only diet and okay one for me ?

GOD NO! you will get zero nutrients from just water...and will eventually start feeling tired and sick. 5'4 and 120lbs is not even close to overweight either.

Just eat lots of vegetables, fruits and lean meats along with exercise (20-30min cardio) if you feel as though you need to tone. Its all about a lifestyle change and feeling HEALTHY and GREAT about yourself.

Good Luck!

Ryan Arkkelin
no you are the perfect weight guys wont find you as attractive if you only skin and bones

water only diet? are you serious? that can kill you. be healthy, eat all you want, just do a few crunches every night if your not comfortable with yourself. And if you dont want to gain weight, dont eat before you go to bed.

Of course not. It's not okay for you or anyone. You need to get your protein and your vitamins and water does nothing. Don't go on diets, just eat healthy and exercise. I know that it's easier said than done, but if you set your mind to it, you can definitely do it.

im guessing your not as skinny as people think??
you don't seem fat
well look don't worry about diets
water is good
drink it
but you also need sugar and other things in your body
so one coke won't be bad
or a candy bar
avoid fast foods and pizza
cardio exercises (jumping jack,jump rope,walking,running etc.) would be a good thing to try also
you should do fine =]

♥ of Gold
first of all at your height you do not need to be dieting. you are perfectly in the weight range for your height which is about 110-140. and do not do a stupid and unhealthy diet such as that.

no...you are the correct weight for your height...plus you can drown yourself if you drink too much water...dieting is never good...it starts eating disorders which is what you will have if you go on the water only diet...the only good diet is eating healthy and exercising regularly...hope you make the right choice

The water only diet? What?

You're going to hurt your metabolism doing that. When you start eating again (and you will...) your body is going to store everyyyyything you put into it as fat because you've been starving it. And then you get to gain MORE weight while your metabolism repairs.

Save yourself the heartache, and just try eating right =) Get your BMR (basal metabolic rate) in calories and stay active in order to burn off any weight that you don't want.

I think 5'4'' and 120lbs is a very ieal weight. I'm 5'5'' and I've spend 6 months getting down to ~125! I started at over 150 and I'm juuuuust about there... a pound and a half away. Because I did it slow and took care of my metabolism, at 20yrs old, I can still eat 1600calories per day without gaining any of it back! =)

You need to drink plenty of water... but you also have to eat.... or you're body will store fat and eventually shut down. Eat lean meats (chicken and fish) and brown rice, steamed veggies. You need to eat silly !

Yes it's okay but don't go for more than 2 weeks.

Don't use it for weightloss though. Use it for a detox. And you will gain weight back.

Oh my God, don't even do it. It's definitely not worth it. All that really is is temporary weight-loss, then you go back to you're old eating habits. Just eat healthy and excersize regularly. Easy as that.

Two questions:

1. Where are you going to get your nutrients if you only drink water??? That's ridiculous.

2. Did you know if you drink too much water your internal body will drown itself and you could die?

Yeah, try eating right and exercising, unless you think you can drink water for the rest of your life. As with all diets, as soon as you start eating again, you'll gain it right back.

First, I want to say that it sounds like you don't need to diet. That being said, if you wanting to loose weight, then starving your body is DEFINITELY not the way to go. Your body will start storing any fat that it can to save itself. You will slow down your metabolism to a screeching halt. Obviously, you can't survive on water and will have to eventually eat. Once you do, your body will turn it into fat because you trained it to do so by putting it into survival mode. If you want to loose weight, you need to boost your metabolism and train your body to burn fat. The only way to do this is to stabilize your blood sugars by eating proteins and the right carbs throughout the day. Try looking into the atkin's diet, south beach or any carb controlled diet. I know it doesn't sound right, but to loose weight, you have to eat! If you want to loose it faster, couple it with exercise.

why would you diet?/ 120 for 5'4" is the perfect weight.

just know that no diets will really work. i mean you might lose weight, but once you get off the diet you will gain it back, i recommend just watching what you eat and joining a gym or something. but remember that if the diet sounds crazy, like only water or whatever, then it probably is too extreme and wont work well. just be careful.

There is something seriously psychologically wrong with you if you think you need to lose weight.

uh you still need food no matter water, if you starve yourself and eat something small then your body will hold on to the fat because its protecting you from starving yourself again. eat three light meals a day and get outside/ work out 30 mins 3 times a week and see how you feel.

[email protected]@mer
Thats not a diet that is starving your body for nutrience from fruits and vegetables that supply it. Eat 3 healthy meals a day. Scedule a walk or run every day for about 30 minutes to an hour. Drink plenty of water though and try to sdtay away from sweets, even though they are okay once in a while.

Maria D
do you really need to go on a diet you are probabaly perfect and don't no it so just keep exercising and eating healthy and you will probably will stay fit !!!!!!!!!!

No the Water only diet is not good for anyone. Also at 120lbs your weight is FINE. Your BMI is right in the middle of the normal range.


a water only diet is ok for NO ONE!!!!! Get a grip!!

you are mah sunshine <3
i'm 5'0" and 85 pounds and desperate to gain weight...and i would be if i were ur size too.

ummm...why do you want to lose weight , that sounds proportionally right to me?

diets...water only diet. I can only guess from the name. No way!!

If you do want to lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, exercise, break your meals into 6 smalls ones, exercise, don't eat late at night, exercise, avoid all fast food (ALL), exercise , drink lots of water (but not only), and exercise

:-) Trulyy , just watching your diet and exercising is the best way to lose. And the faster you lose, the faster you gain back. So think lifestyle adjustment and long term ,here; not fad diet.

And seriously. 5'4 and 120 is really about right. When I was younger I weighed 105-110 and I'm 5'4...and looking back on my pics, I have to agree with my brother (and it's hard to admit he's right :), I looked anorexic. I now weigh 130, which probalby isn't great, but I'm very muscular & healthy. But 120 would be perfect, lol :-)

im a young money millionaire
NOOO! you dont need to loose weight your already skiiny enough what are you trying to do be anoreix and no you need to eat

uhm, do you want to go to the hospital?

you're a healthy weight...

if you drink nothing but water you'll 1) gain water weight 2) will lose some pounds but gain them as soon as you put as much as a Celery stick in your mouth.

No way!

No ...cos your already skinny enough..why would you drink only water?????????? be healthy.

i dont think that is good for anyone. 5'4 and 120 is a normal weight, so dont bother diets

The only water diet is also commonly known as anorexia.

Nathan G
no- in fact the water only diet isn't healthy for anyone, but you are already the correct weight so it would be especially silly for you

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