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I'm 20 years old and i weigh 118lbs is that fat?

Additional Details

Depends on how tall you are.

Not at all I am weighing the same from my age 26 till now 57

you're joking right!?!, you might could use a kid's meals with biggie sized coke and fries

umm sheesh......little wee one. You know the damn answer to this question. Yea ur skinny and probably ugly too. get over it. We all know what we are.

If your about 5 feet tall..that's perfect....I would love to be that weight again!!!!

Now if your about 5 feet 5 inchs or taller....ya need some meat girl!

Below are some charts for the ideal weights that can vary.

it depends on how tall you are - I'm 32 and I weight 120lbs but I'm 5'4" so NO I don't think you are fat.

Hec no.

also depends on your height...but generally for 5' 6" no it's not fat

If you are at least 5'3"--NO!!!!!

If you say so....... skinny minny!

How tall are you, if your average height thats not fat

no that's very skinny for a 20 year old a 2o year old is supposed to weigh etheir 199 or 200

Depends on height more than age. I'll give you a link to a calculator, but I'd bet it's not fat unless you're short!

u might be muscles that all

that's only fat if you're about 3 feet tall. I'm 25 and I weigh 120 lbs, and I'm 5'8" tall, I'm considered underweight for my height

at 20 i would do anything to weight that again i am 26 and weigh more then that

NO, of course not. That is a very healthy weight...just maintain it. I am 28 and 5'4" and weigh around 115.

jodi M

no!! that is not fat at all. i'm not even 20 and i weigh more than that.

nooooo. your perfect. it doesnt matter how tall you are. i dont think youd be too tall anyways. since if your tall and at your age and weigh you wouldnt be concerned about being fat. so im gussing your short like between 5 feet and 5 something. i dont know. im 5 feet, 24 years old and im 120 pounds. i dont think im fat. i would like to tone up a little. but i think you are perfect. dont worry about anything. okay? enjoy your body and love it.

hot maria
Are you serious ????? How tall are you? thats not fat thats normal uless your like 4 feet tall lol

how tall are you, it's hard to tell by age

Girl Behind The Mask
no actually thats under weight for your age

Daniel M
only if you're like 4 ft tall

that is a nice weight for any girl taller than 5ft and shorter than 6ft

ivan k
Oh yeah, i like less then 50 kilos

Pretty sure your just looking for compliments here, anyone would know that 118 pounds isnt fat if your anything over 5 feet.

i plead the fifth
one way to find out for sure is with a bfi (body fat index) but 118 is too skinny for alot of women i wouldnt worry about it unless you suddenly gain 40 or 50 lbs and remember muscle weighs more than fat

NO!! I no a skinny person that is 14 and she weighs 145 pounds! Honey u r on the skinny side!

It depends on how tall you are, but probably not at 118 pounds.

I would say no, but without your height it is hard to tell. Also, determining if someone is fat takes more than the numbers. If you are an athlete then you may have a higher percentage of muscles, which weighs more than body fat and you wuld have a higher weight despite being in shape. You also could have a larger frame than others and that would make you weigh more. All in all, I highly doubt that you are fat if you weigh 118lbs. But, I should add that I am 22, weigh more than twice that, and I work with fat acceptance groups, so I believe a person should be healthy and not stress about what the scale reads.

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