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ITs NOT me!...

I'm 18 and 5'7 weigh 119 pounds I want to get my weight down to about 80 any sugestions?

Sweetie, that's called anorexia. 119 is just fine for a person your height.

WHY, at five foot seven and 119 lbs you sound like you have a nice balanced weight. Too skinny is not pretty nor healthy. As long as you eat healthy and balanced, do not be overly concerned with your weight. If you really think you have a weight problem, check with your family doctor. S/he can help you determine a good goal and ways of acheiving it. Good Luck.

Don't do that. Having some body fat is a good thing, and 80 pounds is far too skinny and unhealthy.

Get some help, seriously, you have a problem.

that ain't healthy at all!
please don't do it! why would u want to do somethin like that anyways?
that's pretty crazy
the average 15-16 year old weighs that much!!
dang! if you weigh 120 pounds, then even that's light
if anything, you can gain a couple pounds if u really want to!
that ain't good for u so don't do it ok?
just eat healthy and live healthy
that's what to live by. lol
drink lots of water too
well stay healthy! lol
have a nice day!! : )

You're crazy. My 12-year-old weighs more than that and I don't think I've been 80 lbs. since I was 8. I'm 5'8" and when I was 17, before having babies, I weighed 125 and was perfectly healthy, a ballerina, and quite slender. It would be impossible for someone of your height to get to 80lbs. without endangering your health. You need to look at why you want to be that thin and work on improving your self image. It may be that you are inactive and not eating properly so you have no shape. Think about taking up a yoga or pilates class and eating more whole, natural foods that will add muscle and give you a more girly shape, if that's what you want. Perhaps seek counseling.

♥ girly girl ♥
80 is way too little for that, i way like 88 and i am bo where near 18!

80? Thats not healthy. Dont do it.

Too light! Too light! Even 119 is kind of light for 5'7! A good gust of wind will blow you away now!

Yeah, stay at 119. That's healthy, 80 pounds is not.

╣China ♥ Doll╠
You sound pretty underweight now...
Nicole Ritchie should be about that weight (80) and she's like my height, 5'3. She already looks pretty gross, imagine what you'd look like... Ugh.

im not trying to be rude here but you should really get some professional help with this matter.

You can go on an IV until it happens. No food or water.

If you do that, you'll end up in the hospital, thats what happened to me

stive br
For your height, 119 lbs is quite normal. you need not loose your weight. If you insist to loose your weight, it may be dangerous for you health. So it is better to refer your doctor.

good luck.

hrm.. why don't you just stop eating all together

*please not the sarcasm*

um yeah 80 lbs is not a heathly weight for anyone.

unless your like 13 yr old :)

for your age and height that wouldn't be a healthy wheight to drop to little 80 pounds. droping to onley 95 pounds would be healther. Plus when you say you 95 pounds poeple will say wow you look get!

80 pounds is not healthy to drop to. don't become underweight

Jennifer P
Yeah I suggest you don't lose anymore weight, unless of course you enjoy looking like a walking skeleton. 80lbs on a 5'7 frame is called ANOREXIA honey!

Honey, you need to accept the fact that you are on your way to being anorexic. Please, tell it to your parents or counselor, the sooner, the better. You are underweight already.

Scott R
You sound anorexic.

girlfriend, you're actually 16 pounds UNDERWEIGHT!!! I'd go straight to the doctor on the way from mcdonalds if i were you. and beleive me, men what em round, thick and juicy! nobody likes a stick pokin in em!

Why? You sound like your skinny enough...I don't even think models are 80lbs. That's just crazy.

Laurie D
119lbs is a VERY healthy weight for your height.

Do not try to loose weight.

You need to talk to your doctor... you need help.

5'7" and 119 sounds perfect to me..

don't. you're gonna wreck your body and be dealing with kidney and heart dammage for the rest of your life. you need fat for your brain to function. besides you're underweight for your height.

ps most people don't like dating skeletons. i get more attention now than i did when i was underweight.

Oh come on.

Please don't get caught up in all this 'weight thing'. I'm a middle aged woman...5' 7" as well, I weigh around 115. My mother was of a very small build and I am very small boned. I eat all the time and can't gain weight. I keep up w/ my health, it's much more important to be healthy than 'model skinny'. I actually had someone ask me if I were anorexic...that really hurt my feelings and made me feel very unattractive! Sounds like you are within a normal weight range for your height. Have a twinkie and enjoy!

that's not a good idea. 119 for your height and age is really good

Why do you want to weigh 80 lbs. Your weight and height right now sounds perfect. You could actually model. You should talk to a counselor or something, wanting to loose that much weight is pretty unhealthy.

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