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I'm 14, 5'1 1/2 and 110 pounds, am I fat?
I eat up to 500 - 800 calories a day, but I'm not on a diet. I'm just not hungry. I also exercise for two and a half hours everyday, and I'm NZ size xs, 6 (lowest size in stores) and 8 (American 0 or 2?)

I looking at weight loss forums online (not to loose weight, though) and apparently I'm considered to have baby fat? This really upset, and I've decided to go on the Russian gymanyst (sp?) diet, and the Cabbage soup one until I'm only 90 pounds.

Do you think that's a stupid thing to do? I am really upset right now, because everybody discouraged me from dieting by saying I'm skinny, but I guess they lied.

What do you think? Will my hair fall out of something if I go under ninety pounds? That's the only think I'm worried about.

This lovely Cabbage soup diet will cause you to be malnourished, and yes your hair will fall out. And let us not mention the flatulence that comes hand in hand with this diet. So, you can either be normal sized or you can be runway model skinny, bald, and smell really bad.

poojaa :)
You're not fat. The healthy range for a 14 year old is around 110 pounds. I actually think you're the right weight. It's a stupid thing to do, no offense, because you're probably hecka thin, and you don't want to lose any weight. IF your really that concerned, then go to the doctor, and see what they say.



Hun don't worry about your weight you look fine if you are an extra small Just have fun while your young and don't do drugs!!!!!:)

nick te
Ok im 15 and im 106 pounds and 5'0 ft you are definatley not fat. but the question since you are in the gym all the time is how fit are you becasue working out may deplete the hunger so i think you should eat even when your not hungry to grow you are at the age so you are going to need to eat more than you are used to

Sue M
You are a healthy weight. The CDC, a federal government agency, has a calculator to help determine if you have a healthy weight in proportion to your height, which is referred to as your body mass index or BMI. You are in the healthy range, and can see this for yourself if you click on the link below:

It's really common for teens to feel too fat because kids are in such variable sizes -- you need to focus on healthy eating habits. You are probably reading forums of uneducated people who are insecure and feeling that they will never be perfect.

If you slash your calories, your brain won't be able to function well and you will be miserable. You're already not eating enough as it is! Make sure to check out your BMI and you will see that you're very healthy.

yes mabey your teeth too. i felt fat when i was you age too but looking back i was probably my hottest ever. i was about the same as you.limiting your diet to 1 food is foolish you could malnoruish yourself and do harm i wasnt kidding about your teeth talk to some adult about your insecurities,please

† Dark Slayer Gone Rogue †
You sound fine to me. I'm 5'1 and my weight is supposed to be between 105 and 120 pounds.

Really I think you need to talk to your parents or some other adult. Maybe a your doctor.

You might not have a real problem now but, to me it sounds like your going down the road to destruction.

Here's what I found in weight loss on Yahoo health.

YOUR ANALYSIS your Starting Weight: 110 pounds
Your Target Weight: 90 pounds
Your Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Analysis of your current weight
Your current weight lies within the range of normal weights. Your current weight corresponds to a body mass index (BMI) of 21.

Analysis of your target weight
Your target weight is 90 pounds.
This would give you a BMI of 17, which is below the lower normal weight limit. Your target weight is too low.
Given your height, your weight should be at least 95.2 pounds.

nahhh ur average, hardly fat but average.

How could you ever think you were fat? Thats stupid. Your not fat your fine right where you are. I completely disagree with you about going on a diet, first of all those diets are dangerous and will only take weight off for a short period of time and you will gain the weight back as soon as you get off of them and possibily gain more weight because of your body being deprived for so long.
You don't need to be 90 pounds. You need to healthy, weight is just a number. And don't think people are lying to you about saying your skinny, even though I can't see a picture of you I'm sure your fine the way you are.

Just don't be stupid cause your being stupid right now

Chris K
You are obviously not 'fat' if you wear the smallest size in the store, but it is possible to be a 'skinny fat person,' or someone who is skinny but has a high bodyfat percentage. (This is commonly called baby fat)

The best thing you could do is to tone your body by building some lean muscle. This will decrease your bodyfat percentage and make that babyfat go away.

Nicole S
Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!
You are just perfect! I wish that I weighed the same as you!!
I am 5'2, and when I was 110 pounds I felt great about myself, and people always told me that I was TOO skinny!

You are just fine....beleive me! Just keep up your good habbits, and you will be fine!

what a diet are you crazy
you are skinny
anyone who tells you otherwise
needs to get some serious trifocals
your hair won't fall out but you may faint if you weigh to little
listen take a breather
lear gymnastics and join you schools cheer sqad
you'll find you're probably the lightest one there

dude!!!! you're not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm 5' 4" and 120 pounds. i'm not fat, i dance and have muscle. you go on a diet you'll get an eating disorder, you're the perfect weight for you're height. don't worry be happy.

Ri B
Size ZERO?! Are you insane?! You need to GAIN weight, not LOSE it.

EDIT: You are worried about your hair falling out, but that is not all that will happen. You will also grow hair all over your body, that will get thick, to try and keep you warm. Everyone saying your fat is just trying to get you going. Go to a doctor, or a nutritionist if you don't believe us.

You have a question...
They didn't lie. You will always have fat. You need fat. It's good for you, with limits ofcourse. At the rate you seem to go at, it will fall soon. If you want to excercise to get it down some, cardio is best for weight loss.

you are under weight you need to gain 10-15 pounds
your BMI is 20.5 if you lost any more weight it would be unhealthy

doing things like that will only kill you, stress you out, etc. you are still growing so as you grow all that baby fat will stretch out and become firm as you workout and you will still be beautiful .

No, you're not even close to fat. Just continue eating healthy and getting exercise, and you'll be fine.

Wendi lu who
What ever research you did is inaccurate. 90 lbs is too light. You sound like you are a healthy weight.
Even if you are a few pounds over it isn't something to worry about (and you aren't). The diet you are proposing is ridiculous.

Nope, nope, nope, you are NOT fat. I am exactly your height and I was exactly your weight at your age.

Please don't get caught up in that trap of thinking you're overweight.

I used to exercise for hours late at night and got to 99 lbs. When I see photos of myself then, I was a skeleton (but I still thought I could lose some weight!).

You are perfect. If you want to do anything, exercise to tone your muscles. That's it.

Stay healthy, and please, do not do anything to lose weight, you do not need to.

I would not diet to under 100 pounds, that is just unhealthy. I have a cousin who is only about 5' 2" tall and weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet. She looks like a twig and I can wrap my fingers (with one hand) around her bicep! Not healthy in my opinion. For your height anywhere between 110 lbs and 120lbs sounds about right. It also depends alot on bone structure and density as well. But thats a healthy weight. If anyone says you are fat tell them to dunk their head in a barrel of water.

I'm Just Me ♥
you aren't fat...that's my friends height and weight and shes average, no where near fat

I am 115 and i am 14 and 5 4 so i think ur normal or close
Just do what feels right

pat s
its your opinon if you think you fat.

sara s
NO WAY ..ur average so don't worry abt it!!

You too young and too obsessed with your weight. Get help, counting calories so young is first step in an eating disorder.

Brady B
no your normal weight

You are a good size.... here is a poem. Enjoy!!!

By: Susan Sparks

I'm fat, I'm fat
We can't have that.
I want to be thin
Cuz thin is in.

If thin is in,
Then why do I stick out?
Cuz I eat too much
I have no doubt.

Because I am a glutton
I cannot button
My shirt--
Or my skirt.

Jack Sprat
Could eat no fat
And his wife could eat no lean.
What exactly does this mean?

Jack Sprat was thin
Cuz thin was in
And his wife was fat
Cuz fat was where it's at.

Snickers bars and Almond Joys
Potato chips and Chips Ahoys
Caramel popcorn and natural fructose
On comes the pounds and the celluose.

I am now comatose
Because of an overdose
Of food.
How rude.

I just got home from the restaurant
Where I ate almost anything I want.
I'm now so full I'm going to be sick.
To eat like that I must be a lunatic.

How I feel I can't describe
I'll call my doctor and ask him to prescribe
Something good for indigestion
And then I'll ask him just one more question:

"How can I lose all this weight I've put on?
I know by now I must weigh a ton."
He'll probably give me his two cents worth
And proceed to ask me "How on Earth

Can ANYONE eat the way you do?
To eat that much is quite taboo.
There should be a law against the way you eat.
You probably go on a diet just so you can cheat."

To heck with doctors--what do they know?
I'm sure right now I'm on a plateau.
Tomorrow is another day.
I wonder just how much I'll weigh.

I'm fat, I'm fat,
So what--who cares?
So what if my buttocks
Have to sit in two chairs!

Videogame Addict
Your fine the way you are, you're just over reacting

Elizabeth D
you should be asking your doc. sounds like you mite be sick.

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