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I'm 13, obese and love it! I want to be 300 lbs, Help me gain!!!?
Age: 13
Weight: 5'6''
Weight: 256lbs
Waist-line: 46''
***: 40''
Thy: 27''

I want to get up to 300lbs as I love the feeling of my huge round belly especially when by buttons fly off or when my old clothes won't fit! I would love a waist of about 60'' or more! I do not have diabeties or other diseases. I want to know how to gain more and still avoid these diseases, please help! As I want to go into a shop and not find anything that fits me! I would also love to get to the point were I struggle to get up and walk. I already have a lot of trouble running, I just can't.

if thats what you want, go for it. i dont its a very wise move though. plus learn how to spell thigh.

[: [: [:
serously are you ok?????
if this is a joke this is NOT funny

Lane P
hahahaha this is hilarious. well you've only got 4 pounds to go! eat a some bacon and more mcdonalds

gain weight like you have beeen doing the last 13years

You are posting this question for stupid reasons, so i will post my reply for the points. I see you and your mates crowded around mum's or dad's computer. Stop making rubbish up. You only joined "Answers" today didn't you?

Don't cry wolf, one day you might have a genuine problem and no-one will take you seriously.

Caity :]
At first I thought that you were kidding. But I am not so sure anymore.

eat a whole pizza and then go to bed. those things have up to 2,000 calories in them. then eat a bowl of ice cream and have some cookies and wash it down with soda. but don't blame me if u can never wear a bathing suit again

Gabby L
well i think your crazy cause you should not want to be so big that nothing fits you you'll get sick no matter what because your so obese you'll have a lot of heart problems my advice to you is to stop doing that or you could die but good luck

Here's a fiver, go to McDonalds.

Liz G
its all about making sneaky swaps
for example

instead of having a carton of juice, have a big bottle of chocolate milk-melt some icecream into it for extra calories.

instead of having a container of yogurt for pudding....
have a jar of peanut butter... squish bananas and honey into it if thats how you like it....

melt butter into all of your dinners.
never have anything low fat

dont replace puddings with higher fat varieties-have your normal puddings and the higher fat varieties.
eat before bed.

keep chocolate under your pillow
eat it during the night if you wake up what have you

dont drink coffee as it surpresses the appetite and speeds the metabolism. if you crave coffee eat coffee chocolates, icecream, or at least go for the most sugary frappucino or mochachino at starbucks.

good luck.

eat huge portions at each meal

i would say that this is a group of 13year olds having a laugh on this!!!!!!!!!!!!! what kind of person what to get fat!!!!!
bit of a stupid question to be honest!! just eat, cake chips, crisp lots of bread pasta chocolate fatty foods!
good luck with ur weight gain

TROLL--------GET A LIFE AND GROW UP!!!!!!!!!

Sarah H
ew thats gross
why would you want to be fat?

You don't have diabetes --YET. From the fact that you are only 13, I see why yoou thinl it's OK to be fat. But you are on a collision course for all kinds of disaster. Not only diabetes, which kan kill you or blind you, and make you not able to get insurance to pay for all the times you're in the hospital. It can lead to kidney failure. My oldest son works in dialysis where he uses machines to hook people and filter their blood because their kidneys can't. Almost every one of these people are grossly overweight. Oddly most of them are not his patients very long... they die from their failed kidneys.Fat may sound like fun to you now, but in a few years, it won't be fun; it'll be a death sentence.

What's really going on with you? Are you claiming you like to be fat to justify the fact that you are fat? Do you want to be fat because you're lazy and don't want to work or exercise?
Or, are you looking to become bedfast and sick so you can get attention?

Young man, you need to take another look at things. Eat right, be healthy. Exercise, Don't let your misconceptions cause you to become an invalid

his joking

there is no way you can be 256lbs and be a 46 waist at 5' 6", beacause i weight 6 pounds less then you and i am that height and i am a 38 waist which is a 22 in pants. I also think you need to get help with your problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. i am in the prosses of losing my weight and also if you ever plan on having kids you will have a hard time getting pregnant at that wieght. please look in to getting help.


Right, whatever....we all believe you are being serious....not. Try asking a proper question if you want a proper answer.

Carla A
Drink chip fat

Are you out of your mind. The more weight you gain the more
likely you are to get diabetes, high blood pressure,
heart disease, etc. It makes everything inside have to
work harder. You really shouldn't try to gain anymore weight.
Please think about what you are doing to your body. Good

eat cake

You sound like you are taking the p*ss out of someone

Uh this is a strange question! I am like the complete opisite! I am 13 and weigh 68 pounds! No I am not like aneroxic! I was built tiny! I am only 4 foot nine!

Anyway I do not reccomend becoming really overweight on purpose! That is really bad for you! You will end up with disease, stroke, heart attack and much more!

♥ Chelsea ♥
lol u make me laugh + yeah KEBABS every night :D

you cant avoid diabetes or any other things that come with obesity, you will eventually get it all of them and die if you dont get help,
i think you have a problem..

you'll get heart disease and die young
why would you want to eat yourself to death?


That's disturbing.

you are a pillock. and will die from heart disease before long.

steven s
your be gaining a heart attack or stroke sooner than you think

I will meet you at the Mortuary.

P.S. u were 14 last week when you asked the same question FOUR TIMES!

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