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poison ivy
How to lower my BIG eating appetite? especially at night?

have some company,avoid to be alone at meal times,apecially at nights,keep yourself bussy before sleeping(but not on TV)...then there is less time for food...regards

I eat 12 to 18 almonds with a glass of diet soda. Fills me right up.!!! And almonds are great for you.

try eating smaller meals several times a day, spread your meals out more and eat less at your main meals. Eat 6 smalls meals and snacks total throughout the day.

Drink a glass of water with lemon or a glass of tea about twenty minutes before you sit down to eat. Stop eating when you begin to feel full. Reach for a bunch of grapes or a piece of fruit before you grap for the cookies. Make sure you eat when yu are hungry and not just eat because you are bored.

Try drinking Green Tea. Eat small and regularly. Avoid snacks high in sugar. Although you look pretty good in the photo anyway, I wouldnt worry

Rach in OZ
I drink Diet Coke to take my mind off wanting food. But the best thing to do is to go to bed earlier, and not surf the net too late! :)

try smoking, if the cholestoral dont get ya then the lung cancer will.

try to drink big amounts of water, 6-8 cups aday

just manage two meals and 3 breakfast ...
in betwwn ,if you r still hungry take only fruits and salad ...
but no cookie ..no soft drinks ,,and no cheese butter ,no fruit juices .otherwise take care about your sugar level ....

Replace your habit to eat with a differant habit. A beneficial one or one less harmfull.

Try meditation.

Best Wishes!

eat several smaller meals during the day. include a protein and veggie or fruit when you eat them. if at bedtime you're truly hungry, have a glass of milk and a graham cracker.

Have a good breakfast. Try eating 5 smaller meals during the day.

east small meals regularly!

well, if that's you in the picture, it's not doing you any harm at all.

Terry J
I read two books that really helped me - The Zone, and The Carbohydrate's Addict's Lifespan Program... I lost 70 pounds and was not hungry - it is more a question of balancing proteins and carbohydrates - then the hunger goes away. The books explain very well, and were both on the best seller list, and are most likely at the library.

Don't listen to those people who keep telling you to drink so much water. Over consumption of water can make you seriously dehydrated.

Eat as much as you want as long as it has no fat or sugar. Pretty basic, but does two things. Keeps hunger away and you drop pretty fast. Take a multi-Vitamin while you are dropping. When you have hit your target weight, slowly gift yourself with those two things in small doses. Be sure you don't have an image issue and are at a correct weight and think your fat. Looks are life long. Feel pretty at any weight and find those who like you, for you! :)

That is a hard one for me. I like to read at night before I go to sleep. Many times if I am laying there reading, I can't stop thinking of FOOD! Especially if they are talking about FOOD in the book I am reading. Then I HAVE to get up and get something to eat.

drinks lots of water. brush your teeth. chew sugarless gum.


you carry your weight just fine, do not wory about it .

drink about 3 glasses of water, and if you can do a bunch of sit ups and that will make you less hungry.

Guerrilla Soldier
instead of eating 2 or 3 big meals, eat 4 or 5 small portions, then before bed if you are hungry eat a couple of crackers.

bad girl
drink a lot of water

Wow Ivy, when you get the definitive answer to this one, you gotta let me know!

Most of the time appetite can be diminished by chewing on and holding something in your mouth.

A lollipop, though high in sugar, is a good suppressant. Since it keeps your mouth occupied, keeps the juices flowing, and does not allow you to eat other things in the meantime, would serve you well.

And of course must I say that you are not limited to lollipops?

Sugar cane is a good and healthy alternative. Or anything that is a hybrid between the two would serve well.

Just make sure you have something BIG in your mouth(written with capital letters) to supress that BIG appetite of yours.

Especially during the night time.

Drink lots of water! I so want a snack every night......but then I grab a glass of water. It fills you up. But also, eat a good breakfast early in the morning and it'll get your metabolism going. Drink lots of water during the day, a small lunch, and then a large dinner (early). Keep active and the desire to "munch" fades. If you're like me, when I sit down to the computer I automatically want a soda and a snack whether I'm hungry or not. It's like Pavlov's dog.....just a natural response. I started sitting with my computer in a place where I couldn't set down a drink or a plate. lol Yeah I know......I'm weird. Like that's going to stop me from eating.....sheesh! But it seriously did help. I'm not too coordinated so balancing a can of coke and a canoli on my knee with a laptop was a tad inconvienent. *shrugs* Try some of this......see if helps. If not.....call me and we'll talk each other off of the refrigerator ledge. ;)

Us yanks use duct tape.

Have a loved one tape your arms to the chair and cut you free just before bedtime. Works every time.

I have heard of a few extreme cases which required duct tape around the mouth but it tends to pull the hair off the back of your neck so I think that method is too crude.

Oh, drinking lots of water and eating unsalted and unbuttered popcorn helps too.

lees girl
Your daily diet doesn't sound balanced. Eat regular meals during the day or 5 small meals and 2-3 healthy snacks. Drink plenty of water and take a daily Vitamin. At night, if you can't stop the craving, go for a healthier snack, like, peanuts mixed with cereal and raisins. It is actually good and you get the sweets and salts too from it! Have about a cup of it. Believe me it is filling, you might not even eat a whole cup.
One more thing. If you deprive yourself of your favorite snack, you'll binge later on. So during your day you can have one serving of something that is your favorite.

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