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 If you weigh 100 lbs, and you are 5'5 is that fat or skinny?

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ITs NOT me!...

 Why is it bad to eat almost nothing for about a week?
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Tiffany M
How to grow taller? 10 points?
ok i really want to grow taller over the summer. any ways of doing that? oh and i can't drink milk cause it makes my skin bad..

White Chocolate
get at least 8 h of sleep everyday. Human grow at night while you are in deep sleep. Also, try to stretch often.

You can buy Calcium in vitamin form. An improved diet and decent exercising that promotes muscle strengthening of the back and legs. That will give you a better posture and will help.

Sleep with your head towards the North Pole.
Do stretching exercises daily.
Picture yourself taller, and it will happen...

This may sound really awkward but, try to stretch more. It helped my cousin. Also eat healty food and get plenty of rest.

There is no way to do that. You just have to wait it out. Maybe u will get a growth spurt? Sorry! Oh and milk just makes ur bones stronger. You could get LEGAL steroids or hormone pill like things to speed it up. U wont get immediate results though. Be careful with steroids though. If u dont have a condition like Turner Syndrome ur doctor will not give u any suggestions or treatments.

Jack H
Take Calcium pills

depends how old you are,
if you're still young get lots of sleep
apparently someone i know knows some twins
one of them sleeps a lot and one doesnt
the one that sleeps is like half a foot taller

How tall you are is determined by the length of your bones. Bones grow gradually throughout childhood, then a growth spurt starts at puberty. Height increases the fastest for boys between the ages of 12 and 15, and girls between the ages of 10 and 13, according to anatomy textbooks. But slower growth can still occur up until about the age of 21. Once you reach adulthood, chances are your height has reached its limit, and you may start to see shrinkage with age from gradual bone loss.

Creed B
find someway to enlarge your pituitary gland then when your at the height you like find some way to get it back to normal

get a lot of sleep and eat healthy thats the only way, and that is also the reason why i am very short :)

Sammi A
ask some scientist if he/she can make a stretch machine.

dont smoke. stay healthy, take a Multivitamin and get plenty of sleep.

do gene alterations and change your DNA..lol jk
theres no way to just get magically taller sorry
but dont worry shorter girls are cute!! LOL

you cant force growth!

tracy rennals
you can grow taller by playing sports such as Basketball and Soccer
thats how i got tall

you could drink soya milk or rice milk as they have Calcium in them and are just as good for you. drink lots of water too and eat healthly with the odd treat, it is important not to deprive yourself.

It is all about being healthy. How tall are your family/siblings? Height has something to do with that too and you know what they say good things come in small packages. Good luck

Say No to Obamunism!
It is pure Genetics, if your parents are tall then you more than likely will be tall, however if your parents are short than you'll be short.

THere is really no way other than God and genetics to grow taller.

Sorry to disapoint,

drink lots of water during summer and sleep a lot

falloutgeek :)
stand straight! u gain an extra 3 inches (at least) and u look 10 pounds thinner

theres nothing you can do to make urself grow taller i actually wish i was shorter because im 5'10 and i really wish that i wasnt.

exercise and eating lots of fruit and veg

There are Aliens that would come down to earth and give some humans a jolt of Mike and Ikes or Ju Ju beans. This makes you jumpy and jittery. Hope this helps.

there is no way besides exercising and staying healthy. unless you want to take shots everyday for 3 years that don't really work. good luck! sorry!

i wish i knew that also- if you find out tell me!

Sean M
Calcium supplements, running, a good weight workout to build back and leg musles, and lots of sleep.

Anthony R
u should exersize everyday then.

TX Cyclone
be born to tall parents.

Double You
Sorry honey, its genetics. Try wearing clothing that will make you seem bigger, and heels work too.

Anthony Spears
There is no way to grow taller. Genetics determine how tall you grow and there is nothing you can do to speed things up. No vegetables, no fruits, no pills... nothing will help you grow taller, no matter what anybody says.

Willy C
let time get you bigger, there are no ways of just getting taller.

Hailgn Girl
Veggies Veggies Veggies....
Green Beans
anything like that, preferably green, unlike carrots. Carrots help your eye sight more so than height.

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