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How to exercise when you are overweight and embarrassed?
seriously, I am overweight and need to exercise, but I think i would die of embarrassment if anyone i knew saw me flubbing about running around a park in shorts or at the gym....

what should i do? it seems like a catch 22, I cant exercise because of embarrassment until i loose weight...

i do understand, but good for you for wanting to loose the weight. honestly, if i saw a big person exercising in public, it would make me proud of them. i would be happy to know that they are trying to change their life and that they aren't hiding. it's about accepting urself right now and knowing that u will change. believe me, soon nothing will be flubbing around

Dr Frank
I am afraid this is common excuse for not doing exercise number 3! Number = I don't have time, number 2 = I don't need to exercise I never stop.

Do you really think the gyms are full of the beautiful people? Go up to your local and have a look. most people who go are overweight with Tums and saggy bits, but at least they are trying, you are just making excuses!

Kickbutt S
There is no law that you must exercise at a gym. There are many effective exercises that require no equiptment. Or you could get a personal trainer. Most women are concerned about working out in an area filled with other people.

As a writer / Personal Trainer / Life Coach, I have heard this question many times. My goal is to make my clients comfortable in their own skin, and help them develop a healthier lifestyle, both emotionally and physically.

Feel free to check out my free articles on Wellness at:

It really dpends on how much you need to lose to become comfortable enough to be seen exercising. I'm in the same boat, and have begun dieting and doing basic exercises at home (pushups, situps, and the like). My plan is that once I get a little weight off, and more importantly my endurance up, that I'll be able to exercise in public with less humiliation.

If you want to run/jog, then perhaps a trip out to the country where nobody is really around for miles may be worth it. I personally can't run yet, I weigh too much and am too far out of shape, my knees wouldn't take it.

I'm actually trying to get into shape enough that I could go to the pool without feeling like a freak.

Martin C
get yourself a bike,i started 3 years ago to lose weight and i used to ride 4 miles 3 times a week i lost loads of weight and am now cycling 30 miles 3 times a week because i love it ..... i can eat what i like now...and still losing weight ...with a bike no one knows if you are a execising or popping down the shops for some chips ...good luck give it a go ,yes i know its november.you wont feel the cold honest

i can understand why you are worring about doing this in front of others - and a lot of it is down to low self esteem.

there are many people that go to the gym, and a lot of them are overweight so you wouldnt be alone.

otherwise you could get your self an exercise dvd and do this at home. other suggestions are walking places instead of bussing or using the car. exersice makes us feel better in ourselfs - but needs to be along side a health eating plan if you want to loose weight.

Start by going walking at a brisk pace for half an hour every day. You don't need to have the whole sweat-pants-trainers-ipod look (even though sweats are soooo comfy!) and you won't end up gasping and red-faced. Then gradually build it up to walking / jogging as you get fitter, then all jogging.
In any case, good on you for wanting to get fitter and lose weight. Screw anyone who makes comments / laughs, etc. the last laugh will be yours when you're trim and healthier!

I think that you should overcome your fear, and begin exercing in public, or just take long walks (I walk six miles everyday, believe me it's an excellent way to keep off weight). But if you really are scared of exercing in public you can always try doing many sit ups, squats, and pushups and running on a treadmill in the comfort of your own home. You can also try workout videos, and more relaxing yoga videos.

In your bedroom you can do a lot and I ant been funny.
Do a few push up and sit up every morning start of with ten then when you can do that do 15 and so on.
Then you can do 30 r 40 you can go 2 a gym.
sit ups r the best 4 Dha belly.
Good luck!!!!!!!

few options...
1. at home exercise
2. join a very low-customer rate gym and go at off-hours
3. find a secluded park/hiking trails

when theres a will theres a way!
u can do it :)

I used to be the manager of a large health club and prior to that I worked in numerous other clubs.
You would be amazed by how many people feel as uncomfortable as you say you do. Honestly.
Ironically, those that need it most are the most uncomfortable with it. Please dont for one moment believe that the only people who inhabit gyms and clubs are the super fit.
All I can say is what I am sure most people will: Grit your teeth, swallow your embarrasment and join a club. I can PROMISE you that after the first 3 or 4 visits you wont feel uncomfortable at all.
Having said all that, diet is a major factor in losing weight. Get onto a healthy, low fat, zero c**p diet for a month and go walking daily at a fast (but not murderous) pace, building up from 15 mins to an hour in 5 minute increments.
It is very important you time your walks and keep a record of distance. It will be a real shock how your body (and self esteem) will improve in such a short period of time-and believe me, if you hadnt kept the record you wouldnt have realised.
You will be quite surprised at how much fitter it will make you and consider that you first step towards health, weight loss and happiness.
Second step being joining that gym!!
Seriously, good luck. The only fat and out of shape people that most health conscious people have no time for is the ones not trying.

Start with the things which are within your control and without embarresment - your diet. Forget "fad" diets (damaging and ultimately pointless) and move to a healthier overall diet.

This would include a healthy breakfast, and eating 5-6 times a day in very small portions. This will keep your metabolism running throughout the day which, in itself, will burn plenty of calories.

Your diet should be well balanced, and each meal should be small and light.

Together with this, you can start exercising at home - DON'T make the mistake that 90% of gym members do, thinking that running / cycling LONGER and longer distances is the answer. It isn't, and if you are overweight will just lead to joint damage.

The secret is interval training - this is where you base your exercise on "intervals" of different heart beats. Invest in a heart rate monitor (in the UK they are watch-type accessories and cost around £20).

You could then start by using your stairs at home, perhaps something like this:

Warm-up: Walk up & down stairs 3 times

Interval A (for 3 minutes): Walk up and down the stairs faster, so your heart rate reaches 120 to 135 beats per minute (BPM)

Interval B (for 2 minutes): Increase speed faster, so your heart rate now reaches between 140 and 155 BPM

Then reduce speed to Interval A again (for 3 minutes)
Then increase speed to Inverval B again (for 2 minutes)
Then reduce speed to Interval A again (for 3 minutes)
Then increase speed to Inverval B again (for 2 minutes)
Then cool down by a slow walk around the ground floor (5 minutes)

20 minutes a day in total, which i think anyone can make room for, is a great start.

The benefit of this is threefold:

1) It's in your own home
2) It gradually gets your body fitter, not shocking or damaging it, but over time of course as your cardiovascular system gets stronger and the weight begins to drop off, the "speed" of going up and down the stairs to achieve that heart rate will increase
3) It's easy to start, right now

Hopefully, with a healthy diet and this start, you will soon feel confident enough to begin to expand your fitness exercises outside the home. Because the next step is, of course, running/cycling BUT using the interval technique above.

Why does the interval technique work so much better than lengthy running/cycling? Your body is amazingly well designed, and one feature of that is it attempts to expend as least energy as possible. By running long distances, yes it takes energy to get up to speed, but then continuing in the same speed/intensity the heart rate levels off and the body burns far less energy = calories.

A car is a good example - it DOES take a lot of petrol to get a car to 70mph, but it takes a lot less to KEEP the car at 70mph.

BUT, if you have ever had to drive in stop-start traffic, you will know that slowing and speeding up constantly uses a lot more petrol. We WANT our bodies to use more "petrol" when losing weight, hence why interval training is my reccomendation.

Beyond that, resistance training is key. This means replacing (high volume, low mass) fat with (low volume, high mass) muscle.

Always remember - the scales are not the guide - how YOU feel is. a 200lb guy with 40% bodyfat and a 200lb guy with 10% bodyfat weight the same but look totally, toally different!

All the best with your endeavours to get fit. It's worth it!

Yooh could excersize at home like in ur room
like set ur self a goal of how many of each excersize to do.
-sit ups
-push ups
-curl ups
-jumping jacks
heres a website to help you

hope this helps ‚ô•

I know exactly how you feel.

See if a friend or another partner will work out with you. It helps to take the edge off and you realize that you are too busy chatting with the other person to look around for judgmental people.

Also, a lot of gyms have private areas (mine has an upstairs) where you can go to be away from the huddled masses. My husband and I go upstairs to use recumbent bikes; an exercise tool that's low-impact and doesn't take a lot of energy to use. It doesn't get as great of a result as running on a treadmill, but it helps us to establish a routine and feel more comfortable working out. We also like to go swimming at our gym's pool. I've noticed that a lot of fit people don't use the pool... a lot of the people in there are overweight like us and are just hanging out in the hot tub and the steam room. We feel like athletes swimming laps around them.

First, you will never lose weight if you concentrate on how you will look in shorts. Forget that. Put on a pair of slacks, put on your tennis shoes and start walking. Start around your block - do that for one week. Then go twice around your block and keep adding distance each week. You will be surprised that by walking and watching what you eat, you will soon be on the road to looking and feeling better. As you get more fit, try increasing your speed as you walk. No excuses, just start moving that body.

60% of Americans are over-weight. You can start in your own home...

Start with Gentle exercises. Walking briskly round your park wouldn't make anyone bat an eyelid, or even notice, but it's one of the best low level fat burners you can do.

If you start like that and also stick to a varied, healthy diet the you'll soon feel confident enough to be more open about it.

You could also join a slimming club. No one will notice you among all the others if you're all similar and there's confidence in numbers, as well as encouragment.

you can run on the treadmill at home, jump rope, and you can eat right at home.

don't be embarrassed. The only person you need to worry about when exercising is you (and possibly the person your spotting, don't want anyone dieing now do we?). Seriously though, don't worry about those other people, you know why you're there, you know that it will benefit you in the long run. Just do your thing, get fit and forget about the ones that laugh at you.

I remember in gym 3 years ago, some people made fun of me because i had 21% body fat and i said, "k, ill work it off to around 10 and then we'll see who'll be laughing." Well, in 3 months, i cut it down to 13% and haven't been laughed at for being pudgy anymore.....I've been laughed at for being goofy.

Get an exercise bike or a stepper and do it in the house for an hour or so at night until you feel confident enough to go out.

You can always start at home. Beginning with Jack Lalanne, there are literally hundreds of VHS and DVD exercise regimens to follow. Get to it!

Good luck.

How cares what anyone else thinks...

I do understand though, so maybe buy an exercise bike & start off loosing the weight in your home until you are comfrotable enough to go to a gym/park etc.

honk honk
u dont have to wear shorts! people will respect u for exercising and trying to lose weight

just do a little walking and cut out your carbs

Hi, I had that problem. I invested in a gym ball from argos and a tummy toner. They cost me £18 and I work out at home. I have lost some weight now so I have ventured into the works gym. Good luck xx

My father lost alot of weight jumping rope at home.

TMLeaf Fan
What do you care what others think? Do your own thing and be proud that you're doing it. The others at the gym are concentrating on themselves and what they're doing.

You can certainly exercise in your home. Walk the mall. You don't have to don shorts and jog in the park or go to the gym if it makes you uncomfortable.

Any exercise - you can go to the local school playground before the kids get there - you can go to the school stadium while there's no game and run the bleachers.

There are LOADS of places you can go where there won't be a soul around.

Go to the library and check out exercise dvds and do them at home!

nat revolution
Buy a treadmill or exercise bike.

Do situps during commercials, or before you go to sleep.

Run or bike at night or early in the morning.

Go for long walks (nothing flubbs around if you're just walking, and it can be very benificial)

(I don't think you should be embarassed about people seeing you, it means you're trying, and there is no reason to be embarassed about that - not to mention, most people couldn't care less about you, no offence).

I do yoga regularly, and there are plently of people who come and are overweight. I think it is good of them to do it - plus it helps to motivate you having people around as opposed to working out alone. But if you are embarassed maybe you could try some of the things I mentioned above.

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