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 :( im 13 yeas old?
im 13 years old =/ and awkward body :( this is gonna be rly embarrising for me to say this but im 5'2 and 147lbs =/ but i eat healthy and exercise alot :((( i have kinda big thighs, kinda big ...

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I am about 13-14 and i weight around 120. I am 5'5''. Can you tell me?
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 Am i fat!!!! tell me the truth?
Okay so am "14" "5" foot and weigh "110"
for my age is that ...

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I'm 12 in december....

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What's the best and safe way for a 15 year-old girl do to lose weight in a short time??...

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do you exercise in the morning or in the afternoon?

how often do you do it?

how long and what do you do?

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I really need to lose weight. Tell me your experiences to lose weight so it can help me please? I already asked a question related to this but the answers i got didn't really answer my questions....

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 Girls only!!!! - what is your height and weight?

 Am i overweight?
ok im 13, 5"ft and 97 pounds and im very muscular in my legs. am i kinda fat?...

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I am 5'2 and i weigh 117 pounds.. am i over weight, or not?...

 My friend said i am to fat!! and i weigh 95lbs i am 5"0!what do i do??

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i am 13 years old and i am a ...

 Am l fat??
Hey everyone,
l just wanted to know if l'm fat cuz l always think l'm fat,
l weight 109 or 108, l don't know how much l weight cuz l been on a diet that made me lose weight ...

 I'm 14, 5'1 1/2 and 110 pounds, am I fat?
I eat up to 500 - 800 calories a day, but I'm not on a diet. I'm just not hungry. I also exercise for two and a half hours everyday, and I'm NZ size xs, 6 (lowest size in stores) and 8 ...

 What is the best way to build yourself up to jogging?
Right now I walk 3miles a day with my baby in the baby jogging stroller. I want to try jogging, but I want to make sure that my body is ready for it. When I walk now I don't feel the burn as ...

im 13 and my friends have started smoking, they smoke at lunchtime at the field at school i gave in and had a few puffs but now i feel really bad, my friends have turned really popular and i do?nt ...

 How can i teach myself to throwup?

 Is it wrong to call someone fat?
If they are, and they need to lose some weight to keep/maintain good health, is it really wrong?

If you just want the best for someone, is it wrong to want them to stay healthy?...

cod4 master
How tall are you?
how tall were you when you were teenager and were any of the height predictors correct

When I was 15 I was about 5'10". Fifteen years later, I'm about two inches taller. I've been as tall, or taller than almost everybody, including adults since middle school. I don't recall any height predictors, except for that my parents and my paternal grandfather's side of the family are tall.

im 5'6 and i have no idea what height predictors are

Katie Tay
I'm 17 and about 5'1 or 5'2
haven't grown vertically since the 6th grade

I'm fourteen and I'm either 5'' or 5'1''. The measurer thing was correct, I just forgot.

im 18yrs old and 5'4

♫Mr. Kite♫
5'4" and not sure.

im 6'6

I was around 5'10"-6'1". They said I would stop growing around at 5'10".

♥Veronica ^Love♥
5ft 4"

5 foot 2

Carly Cullen
lol i'm 15 and 4'11 :P

im 15 and 5´4´´

I was 5'11 when I was a teenager. And I didn't take any tests that would predict my height because I didn't care how tall I was going to be. I always knew that I'd be a tall girl.

45 and shinking, lost1/2 inch since high school.

☆ • Monsieur London • ☆
I'm 16 and 5 feet 11 inches. If you double a boys height at two then you should get their adult height. I'm supposed to be six foot but I got 5 years left to grow, so we'll see. It can be off by an inch or so in either direction.

im about 5'11"
nvr got my height predicted

I am 5'4.. been the same height since early teens.

whaa im 5'0 or 5'1 idk i hate bein short tho! and i'm 14 i weigh 104lb and i don't think im gonna grow any more

The Wise One
The same height as when I was 17

5' 3'

i'm a shorty (still)

and ya it was pretty close

Question box
17 over here is 5' 9

6' 7''

5"7 and14

5'7 Close..

Cliff-The Anti-Jonas!
im 17 and 5'11.

Im 16 female and 5'10

Mac M
i'm 16, canadian, white. i weigh 163 lbs. and i'm 6'4"

im 16 and a half and im about 5' 10"

Penny Eyes
I'm 5'4 and have been since I was 13

im 15
and im

caramal frapp <3
At 13, I am 5' 2". I am still 13.The height predictors say I will be 5' 3" or 5' 4". However, when I was around 10 (I was 4' 6") the height predictors said I would only reach 5'1" or 5'2". AND I PROVED THEM WRONG (:

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