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 My weight. Help please?
I am:
14 years old
5' 8"
Medium frame.

What should I weigh?...

 What kind of exercises should an underweight person do?
I tried running 20 min 3 times a week, but I think it's too much for my fast metabolism. So what other exercises can I do that aren't as intense and don't require a gym or someone else ...

 Weight loss question...?
I'm 17, 5'4 1/2, and now weigh129 lbs. I want to lose a few to go down to about 120 to fit in a different size jeans. I'm not concerned with my weight really, it's just that I ...

 What is the best thing to eat before a long run, say 10 miles?
I am planning on running a 10 mile run in June I would like to know what is the best thing to eat or drink the morning of and the night before....

 Can i get a guy, im fat?
i weigh like 250 lbs.
but i like this guy in ...

 Is Diet Coke just as good for you as Water???
If they both have 0 calories and 0 fat, then is water really that much healthier that diet soda? Is it still healthy to drink water all day and then have diet soda with dinner?...

 Is it best to workout in the mornings or afternoons?

 Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?
I havn't had a cigarette in five days! I feel so tense and am really dying to nip acrtoss to the shop and buy some....argh.

Please give me some motivation!


 Any useful tips for givin up smoking?

 Am I over weight?
I am 5'7" and I weigh 132! I am I over weight because I wear about a size 9! PLZ HeLp MaY!!!...

 How tall are you?
how tall were you when you were teenager and were any of the height predictors ...

 How can i tone my stomach?
..I'm happy with my size and shape in general just wish to tone up my stomach.
I'm rubbish at crunches and sit ups etc. as i get bored very quickly. Is there any other way i can tone ...

 Seeing fat people eat at a buffet with there already fat kids makes me want to slap them! How about You???

Additional Details
to all you ppl pissed at me for asking lets remember that fat children grow up to be fat adults and lazy fat ...

 How can i be not fat :(?
hi i need help
i am fat
i try to eat healthy like choclate cake and pizza and stuff
and i do 1 minute of cardio everyday but i am still fat :(
i watch tv while eating a whole ...

 If 10 ppl answer this, I will go outside RIGHT now (10:50 pm) and jog (for the first time ever)?
Because, i always try to jog in the morning and then i always have some excuses for myself, like i don't wanna get up etc.
Additional Details

 Does anyone have a good workout routine that can be done at home?
I don't have that much time to go to the gym so I was wondering if anyone knew any good workout routines to do at home. (I have a standard weightbench if any workouts involve them). Thanks!...

 Does dancing make you lose weight?

 How can i get small calves and thighs?
whenever i look in the mirror, my upper body is very nice, but when i look at my lower body it's like *ew*..can anybody help me?...

 Will this cellulite go away?
I am not overly overweight..I am 27, 5'6 and 180 pounds.
I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs and lower abdomen..I have started exercising every morning and am eating very healthy..will ...

 Am i fat..is my mom right?
Im almost 5'4 and im a 120 pounds. All of my friends say im skinny but my mom always laughs at me and says im gonna grow up to be an elephant. Shes 200 pounds and shes 5'3 and she laughs at ...

How should i reward myself for my 25 pound weight loss?
I i want to celebrate my 25 pound weight loss somehow but don't know how..i don't want to buy clothes cause i'm not close to my gola yet..so any other creative suggestions...
Additional Details
for those who asked yes i am female..i have a final goal of losing 90 pds..so long way to go..but i'm doing it!!!!


if i wads ui jus go clubing with my friend and try not 2 drink that much or u go shopping for some new clothes

Kaitlyn D
eat chocolate

Treat yourself to a small helping of something that you had to cut out of your diet.

I actually did it every Friday. I would eat something that I really loved like a scoop of ice cream, but just make it small.


Adam J
Congradulations btw. If you feel that it won't involve breaking up your routine or giving into temptation, you might induldge in one really big meal.

some chick on the internet
go out and have fun with friends of alone

chocolate, chocolates and more chocolates

jamie s
eat a 30 pound piece of cake.......JJ congrats i know how hard that is.

SHOPPING! of course

New Toy

Buy youreself something you don't really need but want to have anyway.

I had always wanted a professional massage, so I lost 20 lbs which was half of my goal and treated myself to a massage! It was GREAT.
Or, how about a manicure/pedicure. Even if you dont have long nails, you can still treat yourself. It costs about $15 and you will feel a boost to your self esteem for it.
Congratulations on your loss!!!!!

No, really. You should buy a new outfit. Us lady's are are about image and feeling good. If you feel good about the new outfit, you will remain encouraged to lose more even if only to buy another new outfit when you are too small for the last new one. Plus it will add to the collection of clothes that you can say "wow, I used to where this, and now look, I am wearing this." Shopping is a great aphrodisiac anyhow. Congratulations. Keep up the great work. Keep us posted on your progress.

Just Me
yes, you should celebrate. Treat yourself to a nice day at the spa and get pampered. Get a massage, a facial, your nails done, get the works you sure deserve it....

Congrats to you on your hard work

Binh H
take a day off chilling out

All these awful people, telling you to eat chocolate and cheesecake...shame on them!

Get yourself a theraputic massage. You'll notice as the therapist works your muscles how much leaner you are, and a soothing massage is a great treat!

towel 42
maybe by not gaining it right back? That's what's gonna happen if you don't keep it up.

Laura B
buy shoes

Do 25 squats with your body weight, then do 25 squats with 25-pound barbell. Feel the difference and celebrate with 25 grams of your favorite ice cream.

American Girl
Well, don't use food as a reward. Maybe a play, movie, spa trip. I'd personally go to the spa. Get pampered. Have a facial, get a massage, pedicure, manicure.... take a friend with you make a day of it and enjoy yourself!

buy yourself a box of ho ho's

cheese burger fries milkshake and a slice of cheesecake

Do something you have always wanted to but never have because you maybe you haven't had time, or you haven't felt up to it , or you thought maybe it was silly. You're already making changes don't be afraid to reach for other horizons.

That guy you hate, for no reason
You should celebrate by losing more weight if you celebrate everytime you lose a little weight it would be stupid

shop till you drop another 25...that is awesome...congrats!!

Bro Mike
An Extra Large Meat Lovers Pizza And A Diet Coke.

Buy a bathing suit.... or lingerie!

go buy urself a movie, some light popcorn, and kick back and relax for a night....or just buy urself something decently inexpensive that you've been wanting!

oh, and congrats!!!! i wish i could loose that much

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