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How much weight would i loose if i didnt eat for 2-3 whole days?

Around 5 lbs. But you'll gain it back when you start eating again. Most of it is water weight.

Your Holiness

briana h
i know where your coming from you just want the fastest way to loose it:) but trust me that makes it like 3256534 x's worse because as soon as you eat it will store all the aft because u havent eaten so if ur willing to not eat for three days just go three days eating like pure vegis lol :)

That is just plain stupid!!! You wouldn't lose weight anyway you would just be very hungry. Not eating isn't the answer. Plus this is how people become anorexic, if your body doesn't have the food that it needs it starts to kind of eat itself. Your muscles and organs just waste away. You can end up really poorly. Just please don't do it.

You won't lose any weight. You lose water and get somewhat dehydrated which will show up on the scale as a weight loss. But as soon as you start eating again, you'll go right back to your original weight.

If we forget water weight from dehydration, and assuming that you use about 2000 a day, in 3 days you'd burn 6000 calories in fat. It takes 7000 to lose 2 pounds.

The way to diet is to reduce your calorie intake to below what you burn in a day. This means eat less, eat better and exercise more. I wish there were another way to do it.

You might not lose any weight because the body responds to starvation by holding on to fat. And even if you did lose weight, you would gain it right back as soon as you started to eat again. It's better just to stick to a sensible diet and exercise plan.

you wouldn't lose any weight.
Trust me...starving urself will not get u anywhere...
it will only make u GAIN more weight and make u feel very ill.
Try talking to a registered dietitian who can work with u and suggest a good eating plan.

Victoria C
First off, my reccommendation would be.... DONT NOT EAT FOR 2-3 DAYS......
Thats not a healthy diet choice for ANYONE to make, what you need to do is slowly cut back on the quantities of foods you are consuming DAILEY!.... Trust me I know from experience, what will happen is your body panicks when you go long periods without eating, which causes the fat deposits in your body to hold onto whatever it can! Then when you finally eat again after your little fast, guess what??? It will hold on to even more fat because it is preparing itself incase you decide to starv yourself again.
Honestly, its been said a million times, you want to look good, eat right, lots of veggies and fruits, and eat high fibre foods and drink lots of water, it will flush the toxins out of your body, and grapefruit is an excellent carb. burner!

Good luck!
(And its not always about how much weight you lose, its how much muscle tone you gain and how much fat you lose!)

Not as much if you ate 5-6 small meals in those 2-3 days. When you eat nothing your body goes into storage mode because it thinks it may not eat soon so it has to store what it has. Store meaning keeping it on your body. If you eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours your metabolism while maintain throughout the day. Your body knows it will eat soon so it can let some extra calories go.

Well, you wouldn't lose much and you'd end up pretty sick. When you starve yourself like that, your body kind of shuts down and your metabolism doesn't work as well. You only lose weight if you starve long term, but your body will suffer on account of it. It's called Anorexia. If you starve yourself long term, you'll end up looking like a skeleton, your eyes will sink into your head, your teeth will fall out, your hair will fall out.

Starving yourself, even for a couple days, is not the answer. If you need to lose weight short term, you could try drinking slim fast shakes for breakfast and lunch and a small sensible meal for supper. But if you go off the diet, you'll gain any weight you lose back. If you're looking for long term weightloss, you may want to look into weight watchers. I've heard good things about it. And a lot of women have lost weight on the South Beach Diet.

Good luck!

Depends on your normal intake. 3500 calories equal a pound. You might lose 2 to 3 lbs at the most. Not a healthy way to go about it tho.

i think none because you can not do that.you need to eat food.to loose weight you need to excise.

cowerding noob
not much at all. I've gone for up to 48 hours without eating and I didn't loose any weight. It just makes you grumpy and feel bad

u would die stupid

A good way to loose calories though in a morning eat like a good amount of calories then the next morning less then the next mroe it speeds your mortabalism however you spell it..
Just a idea for you..
Dont not eat
It really unhealthy X

you will lose mainly (only) water from the fat tissues. but anyway why you want to do that stupid thing?

Tator Tot
YOU NEED TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats totally not healthy
dont do it..
just work out?
or go on a diet?

You would bloat actually!

i think you would loose no wait you would gain weight because it would slow down your metabolism, im a doctor and i highly recommend not to do that, but then again im just a doctore- no one listens to me!

you'd probably lose about two pounds in WATER weight, have a couple carrots and gain it all back. thats no way to diet..its won't keep weight off at all. try an exercise and diet Plan over a period of about six months. thats real weight loss.

hardly any at all.

Eating and exercise are they keys to losing weight.

Anorexia is not the answer

You would actually get bloated and send your body in panic emergency reserves mode. Don't do it.

wrong thing to do. keep it up and you dead


There is no way to say, but that is a very bad idea. Starving yourself is only a good way to lose weight if your ultimate goal is death.

don't do that. that will just slow down your metabolism and you'll gain the weight back even faster than before.

Rayvin M
Why would you even do that? You probaby wouldn't lose any.

you aren't doing your body any good. it will go into starvation mode and eat your muscle instead of your fat which is bad because you need muscle to burn fat.

The Big Best Dealâ„¢
you will loose your presence of mind.

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