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Breakfast: special K bar or special K cereal or some kind of breakfast bar

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 Is too much water bad for you?
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 Am i too skinny for my age
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 I hate running!!!?
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 Am i overweight?!?
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How much water should you drink every day?

a minimum of 2 litres if you are not exercising

random yahoo user
8 cups. according to my sister. but I say 2 to 4 litres a day for best health

2 litres.

♥due January 1st
2 litres...(about eight glasses) herbal teas count too.

Alex C
At least 2 litres. But if you lead an active lifestyle, or practise sports during the day, you can always have more.

Also, take your climate into consideration, its better to Hydrate more on a hot day.

Never drink water! You should get the water your body needs from, to count a few: coffee, beer, cola, orange juice etc. Do yourself a favor and never drink water... unless you have to such as if you're in a dessert and there is nothing else to drink other than the oasis water.

Shane S
hi at least 8 glasses a day more if it,s hotter about 1 litre glass at a time not at once also helps if drink alcohol hope this helps.

You are advised to drink around 2 litres a day, but you have to bear in mind that most foods contain some amount of water and this all counts. Ideally your urine should be a slightly pale yellow colour.

Everybody is different though so I say drink when you are thirsty! .

I was always told 6 - 8 glasses unless you are doing sport and then you should drink an extra 2 glasses per hour of excersise

it should be 8 glasses

8 ounces

at least 1L

They used to say 8 glasses, but it's actually been lowered to 4-5. A healthy balanced diet is just as important, and the food pyramid has changed to food "steps" and portions have changed.

u can drink as much as you can but don't drink a lot in one time

yohan m
enough to make yourself hydrated. you should know your limits.

7 cups

8 glasses! thats what mum always said :p

Clyde S
Until you're not thirsty. There really isn't a set amount. The 8 glasses a day thing is a myth.

HoneySweet Minister
It's said to be 8 - 8 oz. glasses, but I tend to drink 128oz. (2 gallons). Got the clearest skin, and so is my urine.
Waiting until your thirsty, experts say is a sure sign that you are already are or on the way to dehydration *(DON'T DO IT).
Some doctors limit water intake to those that have liver or kidney malfunction. This happened to my grandmother when her kidneys failed.

more than a quart, less than a gallon. At over 1 gallon, the electrolites get screwed up. Hense the ever popular 2 quarts.

8 glasses

The wise
2 - 4 litres...

[email protected]
The average is 2 litres a day, slightly more in hotter weather

2 litres

You should drink enough water or other beneficial fluids to keep from feeling thirsty. When you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated. But if you keep hydrated to your own body needs, you need not have noticeable thirst. The 8 glasses of water per day may or may not apply to you in particular. Every body is different. If I drink 5, that's enough. More than 7 and I'm visiting the bathroom too often. Depends on your level of activity too.

It depends on what climate you are in and what sort of activity you are doing. Generally though you should aim for around 2 litres/day

J. Charles
I heard 3 Litres a day!

But witnessed an experiment in water consumption recently.

It consisted of Identical 24 year Old Twins.
No.1 was told to consume 3 litres a day .
No. 2 was told to maintain current lifestyle and drinking habits(Which was no where near 3 litres a day)

After a Month of this regime they were both analyzed (Skin Hydration,Blood,Blood sugar, Metabolism and weight)

The outcome was that the one who maintained a Normal Lifestyle was NO Different than the other who consumed all the water!!

We all metabolize water in different ways and therefore we are Unique in the way Our bodies need and use water.

Min of 2 litres per day.

8 tall glasses

8- 10 glasses theoritically but in practice it's kinda unfeasible

Dead minimum of two litres.

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