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How much water should you drink daily to keep healthy?

2 litres .

The amount each person needs will vary depending on the individuality of that erson but generally the suggested average water intake is about;
2 000 mls = 2 litres = 2 liters = 8 cups

don't include caffine or alcohol drinks
people generally need salt supplements

not table salt but Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, sodium (salts)
without these minerals the body will just keep urinating the fluid out of the body. For more information research kidney function.
To say drink water to keep healthy is not enough information, the water balance of the body is influenced by the mineral balance.
Multivitamin supplements are also helpful.

Water is lost through the urine, sweat, breath, it is used in almost every chemical reaction in the body, it regulates blood pressure and maintains the integrity if the body's tissues. It helps you breath by forming fluids which lubricate the lung tissues etc etc etc

There is a machine that measures the fluid balance of your body
as well as fat and other various health factors.
One of the names it has is the vega machine, but there is alot of controversy about the true effectiveness of the machine versus the "quackery" of it.

Other simple ways to guess if you need more water are; dry lips, cracks in the tongue, dry Skin anywhere on your body eg hands, feet. A feeling of hot breath, dizziness, confusion etc etc.

But you have to watch out... if you chronically drink insufficient water, then your body will become accustomed to it, so your body will feel like avoiding drinking water. The problem with this is that after about 5 years of this kind of treatment your body will start to cave in, your personality will become less friendly, your analytical skills will fall apart, people often become cranky, and just plain don't care about other people. Think about those people driving around who are careless, they take risks with their own lives, AND the lives of anyone else around them, that attitude of self importance can be caused by the body being in a state of subconscious injury, and that can often be caused by chronic dehydration (this is just one example, think of anyone you know who behaves in an unhumane way, give that person plenty of water and multivitamins for about 6 months to readjust their entire body and its processes and observe the personality change)

Sorry for the blah blah blah long explanation but I have had chronic dehydration, and looking back it was going on for decades, so I've been watching my fluid intake for about 3 years now. Every now and then I forget for a few days, but when the symptoms come back I realise what I need to do, drink water, take multivitamins / minerals and ...I stop getting cranky so easily.

jolene w
8 casser a day

8 pints a day

I have heard that you should take your weight, divide it in half, and that is how many ounces you should be drinking daily. for example, you weigh 120, then you should drink 60 ounces of water daily.

Drink at least 6-8 eight ounce glasses of water daily.

8 glasses of water, excludes coofee- main dehydration agent, wine/alchoholic etc

if u wan to be healthy, start the day with freh organic fruit juices in the day and a glass of milk. that makes two. a cup of tea around brunch. allow yourself for a cup of coffee ( i you must during lunch together with a glass of water) that makes 4 glasses, coffee excluded.

tea time, around 3-4pm, get another glass of water ...
dinner, a bowl of soup .. a glass of water, and another glass before you go to bed.

i think you should be healthy enough with this kinda water intake.
you can also choose to drink herbal drinks, or chinese desserts to replace plain water.
dinner time, a bowl of soup and

You should drink eight glasses of water a day to keep healthy and to successfully flush out your kidneys and Hydrate yourself.

approx 2 litres

winona e
At least 8 glasses.

l think it's 2 litres

depends.. if your a cat about a saucer.. if your an elephant a small pond should do. that any help?

At least 1,5 liter. Better 2 liters.

3 liters water based fluids (like juices and fruit/herb teas) are essential for your body to work properly (sweating, digestion and so on) but remember that you should drink the equally amount of water for every cup of coffee or alcohol because these drinks transport water out of you body and take minerals with them.

Two ltrs.

I dont know exactly, but Im sure someone on here will tell you, it is a formula based upon your body weight.

medically 9 to 10 glasses however you should drink whenever you needto quench your thirst

have your weight in ounces. if you wieght 100 pounds, drink 50 ounces.

more than about 90% people do, or 5 glasses.

These people are completely full of sh!t and are just parroting an old wives' tale. IT'S NOT TRUE!
You don't need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. You certainly don't need 1/2 your body weight (in oz.) per day. You don't need ANY arbitrary target amount per day. Just drink when you're thirsty. Period!

Between 6 to 8 glasses a day..
Drink more if you are very athletic and the weather is hot .

2 litres is right...this is bouts 8 glasses..

healer 2
minimum 3 to 4 kg of water daily

Paul B
About 2 litres

48-64 ounces a day....(that's 6-8 8oz. glasses per day)

I think its around 7 or 8 glasses a day, or altenatively just drink as much as you can as it will all help towards keeping you healthy in the long run.

5 pints a day

2 litres of water everyday

you should drink 8-8oz glasses a day or 4 -16oz bottles. If you drink soda, tea, or coffee these do not count towards that. Actually these drinks deplete the hydration level of your body and you should actually drink additional water if you drink alot of these drinks. Alcohal also dehydrates you, so you'd need additional water if you drink alot of that.

i remember a program on bbc last year they had a set of twins and got one to drink lots of water all day and the other to drink the bare minimum for a couple of months at the end a doctor checked them all over ther was no difference. so really its up to you

Gavin T
2 litres

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