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Thank you....

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For Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon, beans and 1 slice of toast.

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I know that you guys are gunna say that its not healthy to lose that much weight in 2 months. But i know that its bad already, now i wanna know HOW to lose 30 pounds in 2 months. :)


im 15
im 5"6
and im 150lbs.

am i overwieght?...

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i always wear bikinis during summer and im not affriad to show myself. in ur oppinion is that a good thing or wrong???
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I really need to know. :(
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Oh er, I mean 1...

 Am i over weight?????????????
5 feet 4 inches, 157 pounds, 37 inches stomach.
P.S I don't care about that BMI crap.
just tell the truth
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Ew thats nasty why did I ...

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On a regular day I'll do
20 minutes of running on the ...

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My friends keep telling me that i should lose some weight. But I dont know if i should lose weight, or stay strong and confident for who i am....

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And i wont drink that diet coke crap it kills brain cells what now, Huh im waiting and i hate ...

How much should a female 26 years old, 5' 1" weigh?

Quantum Leap
About 105

why u want 2 no mi nam?
1,246,785,536,346,785,367 ounces.

Winter Sprite
Ideal BMI for 5'1" is anywhere from 100 to 127 pounds, but if you are muscular, the BMI will think you are overweight when you are not because muscle weighs more.

Essentially, if you think you are ok, you likely are. The BMI is an estimate.

Evelyn S
Determining desirable body weight:
If the tables are not available, a simple way to determine desirable body weight is as follows:

Women: 100 pounds of body weight for the first 5 feet of height, 5 pounds for each additional inch.
Men: 106 pounds of body weight for the first 5 feet of height, 6 pounds for each additional inch.
Add 10% for a large frame size, and subtract 10% for a small frame size.

Determining frame size:
To determine the body frame size, measure the wrist with a tape measure and use the following chart to determine whether the person is small, medium, or large boned.


height under 5'2"
small = wrist size less than 5.5"
medium = wrist size 5.5" to 5.75"
large = wrist size over 5.75"
height 5'2" to 5' 5"
small = wrist size less than 6"
medium = wrist size 6" to 6.25"
large = wrist size over 6.25"
height over 5' 5"
small = wrist size less than 6.25"
medium = wrist size 6.25" to 6.5"
large = wrist size over 6.5"


height over 5' 5"
small = wrist size 5.5" to 6.5"
medium = wrist size 6.5" to 7.5"
large = wrist size over 7.5"

Using the above formula, you can determine your desirable body weight. The formula provides an approximate desirable body weight for height. The weight range can vary on an individual basis.

Search for a BMI (Body Mass Index) on Google.

between 105-125


anywhere from 105 - 115 would be a healthy weight.

About 120 lbs

Hey U, Yeah U..Get over here

According to the BMI calculator below, a normal weight rage for a person who is 5'1" is 98-131 lbs.

Anywhere from 100-130 lbs according to the BMI

Andrew W

Sanjay S
56 kg

♥Caela Gianne Simmons♥
if ur 5'1 not over 130 is healthy or somethin like that...

I used a Calculator and it says

Women ages 25-29 should weight that are 5'1

106-118 if they have a small frame
115-129 if they have a Medium Frame
125-140 if they have a large Frame

50 Kilograms

Look at the chart on my source link.

Best Answer please. <grin>

i am exactly that old and heigth and I weight 118 and I think I look healthy and normal.

100 pounds

there's so many ways to answer that question, best bet, you can lool up bmi, which is body mass index, or put in weight guide, or nearly anything, most will ask for your height, and age, and for bmi, it will give you a range, or even if you look for healthy weitht range,or weight chart. you will get an IDEA, of a healthy weight, for your HEIGHT.

the other part is for your height, you could be 10 over, and be health because of muscle mass, or bone/frame, or anything, or 10 under, and there's nothing you can do about it.

remember half of everything about you is because of your heredity, the other half is about you changing or not changing it.

i am even shorter than you and older, highest weight preg, 215 (i didn't look it), highest weight not preg was 180, lowest weight, 110, and i looked like a rail with booty...so as long as you are healthy, i wouldn't dwell too much on weight, if you are trying to eat healthy, and doing some activity, like maybe 30min daily, its going to come off...or increase what ever activity you are doing,
most mds may say...100-115, and it keeps changing, so that's why i wouldn't be overly concerned w/this.


Journey-ing my way through life!
Small Frame - 106-118
Medium Frame - 115-129
Large Frame - 125-140


How about this, what ever weight you feel comfortable at.

Kyle B
2,000,000 million pounds or 115 pounds.

about 110

Do a google search for body mass index and put in your info and it should calculate it for you.

Tom C

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