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How much should a 13 year old girl weigh if she is 5'3 or 5'4?

A very pregnant Mattea S
Well, the average 15 year old is in between 89-98 pounds, if your under that weight, your either not eating enough, or your short, if your weight it higher than that, do not worry, all it means is that you eat perfectly well, or you work out a lot, so you have lots of muscle. Hope this helps.

KO mommy
At 13 it is hard to say because your body is truly going through so many changes. A healthy adult at that height should be between 95-120 pounds.

Well, my friend is about that height and she is 105 pounds.

idk. just dont end up like tammie mcdaniel. do you not know who that is? well its this ugly anorexic chick in 11th grade from bismarck high school in bismarck arkansas. yeah i used to go there. i kicked her butt. yeah she wears the ugliest, cheapest boots and clothes ive ever seen in my life. well i hope my answer satisfied you.

I believe with my exact calculations that you should weigh exactly 110.75649 pounds. Thank- you for an excellent question have a good day I hope I helped!

The Three Little Pigs
About 105lbs

about 100 my guess

89q075908274065796035108-8y lbs

95 to 110 pounds

Elliot M
dont worrie about your weight its not what others think of you

umm 100 something it depends on y u have the body weight

Abdul M
no more than a 105 pounds

Sammy B

When I was 13 and 5'3 I weighed 95-98 depending if I weight in the am or night....but umm....That ALL changes around 19-20....So get your butt in shape now and keep it that way as much as possible...STAY ACTIVE!!!!

Mz.S3xY HyNa
im 5'2 and i weigh about 110. my doctor told me im close to healthy but need some more pounds. hope that gives you a general idea=)

well not 130 pounds which is a little over and not 85 pounds which is really skinny but about between those numbers is ok :)

Here's a BMI calculator for you to find out:


198 lbs

100 lb. or around there

S. M.
107-150 lbs, if she's healthy, but this depends on the individual girl!

I am 13 and 5" 3' 1/2 and I weigh 110, and my doctor says I am a good weight for my age and height.

it really depends. If you have more muscle you will weigh more (because muscle weighs more that fat) I would say anywhere between 110 and 135.

98lbs 5'3

Anywhere from 105-150 is healthy.

Walking on thin ice!
i weigh 119 and im 12 and 5'4!

it depends on your body type and genetics but I am 23 and 5'3" and weigh at a healthy weight @ 135

every 13 year old is different, its too early to tell but an adult at the size of that should weigh like 106 to 120 pounds. Thin people aren't necessarily eating wrong they just have a high metabolism and same thing goes for heavier set people. Just shoot for a muscular feel if that's what your looking for.

About a range of 110 - 130

Kristina s
theres no specific wieght.
as long as you look toned and look good and are confident with yourself.

115 to 130 depending on your frame.

between 115- 135.. that's healthy weight.
But, weight doesn't always matter, because muscle can weight a lot.. and you could still look perfectly fine...

Just do a bmi.
Body Mass Index.
You enter your height and weight

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