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 If I ate 700 calories daily, would I be able to weight less then 100lbs by the time school starts?
Even if I didnt exersize?
School starts like September 6-8th.
Somewhere around there.
I burn 1300 calories daily (by just breathing and stuff).
I weigh 107.

Thankss :]<...

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 Will a 200 calorie diet kill me?
i satater this food diary and all i eat a day is 200 calories! my freinds say that it will kill me but i dont now! Is it healthy? will i die?
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 Can you lose 50 pounds in 3 months if you dont eat?
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 I only have about 15 minutes for breakfast in the morning. What are some quick, inexpensive, and HEALTHY foods
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 Despratly need to loose wieght for a medical condidtion?
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 If im 5'8 and 117lbs is that a normal weight?

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oh , if it matters how old i am , im 19...

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 Will i lose weight if i just eat 5 healthy meals a day without exercise?

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5 healthy meals, what i meant was...

Breakfast - 1 wholemeal bread, cheese, lots of fruits,

 What is the best and fastest way to lose weight without dieting or exercise?

How much do I look like I weigh (pics)?
I'm sorry for asking this type of question, but I've been recovering from anorexia for a while and I've gained weight and I feel huge. How much do I look like I weigh and should I try losing weight again? I'm 5'4


no you aren't fat at all you look pretty healthy to me. i am 14, 5'3 and i weigh 130. U look like u weigh about 100

you look fantastic! don't think of yourself as huge that would be a lie!

You must be kidding me? Please don't lose any more weight you look beautiful

wow you look great
im jealous :P

Geez...don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Gary C
I'm not saying your fat or anything but take your current weight and subtract about 20...then u will be perfect. Think thin then u can do it....u cow.

♥go♥ greeen♥
Omg! don't try to loose weight! you are perfect! If you lost any more weight you would look to skinny.
hope this helps!!!

plz pick me as best!!!! =]

maybe 115. but i'm really bad at guessing weight. i think you look perfect, maybe a little skinny actually. i'd kill for your body!

you look very heathly. 110 lbs at the most... prob 90 at the least

if you think you have weight problems you dont, you have a nice body

I'm not sure wat weights for girl are bad or good but u look like 78-82Lb.s i'm not sure if that's bad or good

you look fine. don't worry. for me, you look like you're about 95-110 lbs. you don't have to lose weigh because you're fine now. don't be too afraid. but if you gain about 10 lbs, it won't be bad actually. which means if you'll gain or lose 10 lbs, it won't really be bad. stay happy! =)

Justin O
you are skinny if anything

Whitney joy A
girl u need some meat on ur bones

are you crazy?
you are perfectly fine. (:

You look great - you are just right.

No your weight looks great and you are built cute. I'd say you weigh (now I am guessing, ok) about 103.

mmm maybe like 115? You look good. Healthy. Congratulations on your recovery, I wish I was as brave as you :(

i just had to answer this question, you look really good, i've been trying to look like that for a while, lol don't try to lose any weight, you look great

No you don't need to lose weight you look great, maybe you should lose the scales thou and focus on being a healthy happy and confidant young person. All the best to you.

Abbey L
omg dont lose weight your perfect were you are!!! im jelouse!!!

Hell no! You look fine!

You look perfect! By that I mean, you look healthy. Your whole body looks properly proportional. When people are too thin you see only bone and muscle under the skin and it looks scary to the rest of us. You look very good. Be happy and know that you are on the right track! :)

id say about 110. you look great!!!

omg you look like 90-100 lbs. and you look great! ;-)

I am not sure how much you weigh.But i will say like 100-120lbs.You look really good and you dont need to lose any weight.You are a very small girl from what i see.

LL Cool Cancer ?
You are not huge. Love yourself okay

Christy SD Nurse
you look great honey

Firstly, you look great. If you're a recovering anorexic you can't trust your intuitive feelings on this - they're defective.

Secondly, if you're a recovering anorexic you shouldn't try losing weight again. Period. Get your judgement in order before you even consider it.

Thirdly, you look great. :)

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