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How many lbs can I lose if I don't eat for 5 days?
I won't say my weight, but it is borderline underweight/normal weight. I'm going to be doing a minimum of 15 hours of exercise over the 5 days [I do alot of sport], and don't tell me I'll fail, because I won't. I have an eating disorder anyways, and I know I can do it. Exercising that much and eating nothing, how much am I likely to lose in 5 days? True answers only please.

Jools L
you will eventually lose stones because you will probably die, but i guess that's what you want really. Just remember how hurt your family will be when you're gone.

are you crazy! dont do that? u need to eat EVERY DAY. and why do u want to lose more weight? please see a doctor. best wishes to you<3

too much for it to be healthy..

don't go skinny.. you hjave to have some sort of fat on you. Atleas eat Greens..

broccoli, carrots, lettuce etc... have salads, you can;t gain callories from them

who cares how much weight u will loose, cos you will either be seriously ill or dead

Life is energy. And for our bodies, food is energy... without it, you won't have any... and after 5 days, you won't have any life left either.
Get some help... please.

all bad options. a better bet would be to stick to salads and vegatables. With you exercising like you said and most vegatables are low in calories you would loose 4 to 8 pounds.
but if you are at ideal weight or lower a better bet may be to tone your body. Exercise and diet to loose fat and develop musscles.

Presuming that you won't collapse, have a heart attack or die, you will mess up your metabolism for a very long time. You will lose weight at first, then you'll lose muscle, which is impossible to build back up if you have no body fat. Your body will think it is going through starvation and therefore when you start eating again it will retain the calories and actually make you put on weight. If you are sensible, you don't need to stop eating.

Being underweight is nothing to be proud of.

I'm reporting your question for your own good. I don't want anyone giving you tips on how to kill yourself. Get help.

Thumb me down if you want to! I really don't care - you need help!

too much, dont you think you have lost enough?! your health will suffer massively i doubt you will end up with enough strength let alone muscle to do the excersise.

Erika D
please dont do this. and i speak from experience. i have been suffering from an eating disorder for two years now. if you fast for 5 days youll prob. lose about 3-5lbs. but once you start eating again you will gain it all back and then some. and worst of all, you are destroying your metabolism.

Fatal amounts. Thats FATAL, not attractive. Don't do it. Seriously.

that is bad for u.
u will not lose lbs anyways
only if you exercise!

[email protected]
you can make yourself ill

I would say at least 5 pounds. I do suggest that you consider taking vitamins and drinking a gallon of water a day or more.....and have the wisdom to stop if symptoms arise.

dont try it but i guess u would lose a fair few and maybe a couple of days u will lose to from been in the hospital

andy F7
try to reach out for the help you need before its too late, don't be another stat, be the person who you want to be, happy, not thin. i would love to say something magical and help you, but i cant, i will be keeping a positive thought for you, get well.

Twilight Fan!
Don't do that! You'll hurt yourself. I'm sure that you can do it, but it will be SO unhealthy for your body! If you are concearned with losing weight, you should eat healthy, nutritious, low-fat foods, NOT NOTHING! Keep exercising and EATING!

as others say, ur life...it is going t ocause so many problems, i am sorry to hear u ahve an eating disorder...please don't do it, go talk to someone instead. it can cuase stomach ulcers an u could collapse, develop deibities (sorry about speling)

Rhyley Grace's mummy!
Your life if you carry on this way. Please see a doctor.

you'll probably pass out from malnutrition. you need help asap. talk to family member or trusted adult. anorexia leads to osteoporisis, heart conditions, heart attacks, and infertility.

are you ******* retarded? If your at a good weight or below why the **** would u want to lose weight, so you'll look ugly?

I wouldn't tell you if I knew. Starving will only slow down your metabolism anyway.

um about 10 pounds tops, i did that but I had trouble coincentrating in school, and My head ALWAYS hurt, i felt faint and weak... so I don't recomend it

5 pounds. Im anorexic too. Usually it is 1 pound a day. But with that exercising and stuff you will pass out or could go under cardiac arrest. Im recovering so I am sorry to preach. You might even gain weight b/c your metabolism will stop working.

It is very unhealthy too not eat for even a day. your body starts eating your muscle in a desperate attempt too "feed itself".and then once you start eating after not eating for a long duration your body gains even more weight too protect it self from starving again. just stick with cardio and eating right. low carb high protein diets are usually appropriate and the safest ,quickest, and healthiest way at burning fat and retain muscle! hope this helps=)

diamond lil
I dont know why people think it looks nice to be ultra thin it doesn't, i would rather see some one with a bit of weight they always look happier than thin people eat & enjoy your food.

You are going to kill your self 15 hours of exercise thats not normal & not to eat as well is down right dangerous,
Dont be silly

When I was your age [I am assuming you are in your adolescence] I had an eating disorder. I didn't eat for 3 days then went on a hike and blacked out. I know not anything these people say will make you put a stop to your eating disorder; nothing anyone told me made me stop mine either. I had to hit rock bottom and get scared for my life to stop killing my body.

Wait and see what happens to you. I still have heart palpitations at night before I go to sleep. You can't starve yourself forever.

yea you'll probably pass out and end up in hospital or die!

you wouldnt be alive to find out

Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl?
your life darling.

Asking this ridiculous question is another way for you to get attention isn't it? Why don't you try to get some positive attention instead of parading your pride in your eating disorder here? You only get one body and if you treat it like this then you deserve the problems that you will get later in life. Grow up.

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