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How many calories should a 13 year old eat a day?

Brian D
MORE ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!


a 13 year old shouldnt worry about it

It depends on the 13 year old.

AGE is not the critical variant. Height, current weight, physical activity, percentage of body fat, current physical fitness, genetic markers all effect the proper total caloric intake of an individual.

Ask the school nutritionist, a health class instructor or your doctor to help you understand nutrition and food intake. It is critical at your age that you eat enough to be healthy.

Well I see people or someone is voting negative for the most reasonable educated answers soooo do i dare put in my say???Yep, yep yep....you can vote thumbs down all you want on the average caloric intake but it is a scientific scale used to calculate normal caloric intake. Teenagers should have a different scale due to metabolism and growth factors. Just throwing the number 13 out there is not fair, you are not listing crucial important factors such as is the 13 year old already over weight, or active or very non active ...thumbs up or down this is a hard ? to answer due to lack of detail.

Peter L
It"s not how many calories that you should worry about. It is how much exercise he is getting! If the 13 year old is very active, then he needs to intake more calories to support his daily activities. If he is overweight, then he should go out and play some more. If he doesn't go out to play a lot, you can always find things for him to do.He will eventually find some of the stuff that you introduce to him to be fun.

Neli T
you shouldn't worry about that kind of stuff, but the calorie intake depends on how active you are

Tawnee E
you shouldn't worry about that

Raziff Z
youre just 13..
yer need some nutrients from food for your growth......

Normal guidelines would say around 1,500-2,000.

I eat about 3 Thousand Cal. But i work it off on basketball and im in shape.

Well, there's so many answers, you might not even read this one, but anyway. I only read the first page, don't listen to these people that are so sure you need 2000 at most. Because, when I was 13 I needed more than that, so if they are saying this they may make you obsessed with this. You could be getting hungry, but be saying 'Oh, but all those people said no more than 2000, I can't put on weight!'

So it canNOT be determined by what anyone else is saying. It depends on your weight, natural metabolism, muscle, fat, how active you are, anything.

Your body knows what it needs, and so you should LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It will tell you when you are hungry and when you are not. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, so thirst is not mistaken for hunger. It is summer soon, [well now] so you don't want to get dehydrated.

Basically, ignore some of these answers, [I haven't read them all - there may be some good ones], just stay active, eat healthy [includes treats!] and just listen to your body.

Stay happy too xxxx

i like the very first post...you shouldn't be worrying about this since your body is still growing and you are becoming an adult.

eat whatever you want, whenever you want...chances are you're hungy for a reason!

if you are asking this question, you are health conscious. eat healthy foods, and plenty of them. worry about numbers when you're old enough to see a rated R movie without having to sneak in :)


As much as he/she wants.

--->&&UMMA dO ME!
depends how much you weigh....

but really, im 13, and i REALLY dont care how much i eat, i just "keep going". My sister tried "watching her weight" at my age and she stopped growin 2 years before she was supposed to, so now shes 18 and a little shorter than her 13 yr old sister...

So do what i do, eat all you can now, worry about that when your older.

it does not only depend on your age, but you also must take in account gender, height, and amount of excercise done

counting calories makes you so much more stressed about it!

youre still growing, so fuel yourself!!
and excercise if you are really worried about it.

Paramedic Girl
1500 to 2000 calories per day.

[email protected]
It actually isn't about calories!
Eat when you are hungry.
Do not eat because you are nervious.
Don't eat sweets or drink a lot of carbonated beverages.
The last to bits of advice is the most important.
this I why, most sweets are white sugar which nis really brown sugar that has been bleached . Yes bleach just like the kind you find in your laundry room under the dirty cloths.
Same for white bread.
Bleach is a poision, a slow or a fast poision just depends on how much and how long you consume it.
Now as for the carbonated beverages,
The human Stomach pass this straight to you blood stream, this goes to all your bones, bones bemade of calicum combine instantly to form calicumcarbonate, That is plain old every day Blackboard or in todays lingo, Greenboard: CHALK.
So if you want your teeth to get brittle and break later on in life say by the time you are thirty and you want to wear false teeth, then I'd say keep on drinking carbonated beverages.
Oh Yea the Plack stuff that causes Heart attacks is: Chalk...
Most of the artifical sweetners contain enbalmming fluid,Which you kidneys and liver can not process.
Fruit juices are fine and veggies great and smaller portions of red meat, more chicken and fish.
Caffene only when you need to be wide awake.
Lots of mmilk for growing bones and brain cells till your 21 and atleast 8 oz a day till your fourty then your body start requiring milk a little bit more.
When eating red meat the less fat the better hambugers kind of over do it in the fat department.
Orange juice , well any vitiamin C helps to keep you calm and relaxed.
The B vitiamins Give you alertness and concentration and energy.
D= bones and heart
The proper ammount of C is one slice of an orange an hour, no more than that is all you need because the body does not store C.
That little bit of knowledge will be the most helpful for you as a teenager to help you cope with all the BS of growing up.
Good luck. and Chicken noodle soup and Onion soup and tomato soup are great when your sick with those annoying colds and flu.
Also you might like knowing that When eating the first thing you eat sets up your digestive system for you whole meal, So meat first that is the hardest to digest the second hardest to digest is Cows milk.
Goat milk is easy.

When I was 13 I went on a diet. Bad idea, don't stress about it just eat healthy as you can. I'm 14 now and not model skinny but really happy with myself and people think I look great. Just be yourself, seriously.

It's not about your age, is about your height, weight and the ammount of physical activity you do.

its nutrition, not calories you should be worrying about.

Heavy Contakt
When I was 13 im 15 now, When i was 13 in health class i calculated my metabolism and i could take in about 3000-4000 calories a day with out any bodily effect. I was pretty athletic but I didnt go to the gym everyday or anything. At your age you shouild even worry about it. Just dont go like eat twinkies every day or something stupid like that and ull be fine

I agree with "mannie" 100%. A 13 year old shouldent worry about stupid ****. Such as that

Sally B
eat a balnced diet thing and excersize,
amd stay slim and small.

Sergio G
you should eat normal you still growing worry when you be 18

As many as you desire.
A 13 year old shouldnt worry about calories.

Mangoes are gOOD
There are no specific amount of calories you should eat. Just eat until you're full. If you are afraid of getting fat or something, stick with small meals. Eat a light meal and if you get hungry later in the day, eat another light meal.

Age has nothing to do with it. In order to give a good answer, you have to say height, weight and level of activity.

a 13 year old should not worry about such things.

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