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How long can I survive without eating?
I'm going on a hunger strike. Actually, I'm just too depressed to eat. How long can I last on water and coffee and what will be some warning signs that I should reallllly eat something?

you don't sound too depressed... you're still concerned about your health! you just sound too stubborn to eat. have it your way. the best sign that you should eat something is when your stomach growls.

tim d
prolly 5 days or so if u get weak light headed u need some food.

a normal person could only survive about 2 days without food, but if you are very strong willed, like mahatma gandhi, then they could last a little over a month.

nobody knows for sure, because it'd be crule to do a expiriment like that, but scientist have determinied this through simulations

D Mack
You can survive for weeks without food. But only days without water. DRINK UP!!

That would depend on how much you weigh. A adult in peak physical condition can go a month without food, most anorexics go longer. The most obvious warning sign is -hunger-.

not long

Don't look too close!
Some of it also depends on your weight when you begin, and how well you ate before.

I guess that a week should be manageable, and when you start finding yourself on floors/waking up without having gone to sleep will be an indication that you need to get some nutritious food in you.

Calories are usually not the problem, it is trace elements and vitamins. (Eat sugar cubes for three weeks and die anyway.)

See a psychiatrist, and develop a plan with him/her. You need not starve yourself over anything.

They say hunger pains dissipate after 72 to 96 hours... depending on your starting point, you could last well over a month, but probably less.

I don't think I should answer this with how long you could go w/o water and food. Me thinks you need to talk to someone...like a psychologist/ psychiatrist.

Why this hunger strike??? Yes there are some signs which will be manifested when hypoglycemia would develop. Tiredness, sweating, rapid pulse,headache,confusion,palpitation,tre... if severe you may go to hypoglycemic coma. So please stop doing hunger strike.

sorry this is vague, but I seem to recall an inmate in the 1970's who went on a widely publicized hunger strike until he died...and it took more than 40 days, I think around 45. He was in pretty bad shape for most of it though. Maybe someone else remembers this incident and can be more accurate with the stats.

try orange juice and when u feel hunger the most when u cant wait just eat.that's the only best way like babies only cry when they are hungry otherwise they just play an forget about eating or drinking.

Awww water and coffee at least 7 days,maybe longer.

I tried that once, I didnt eat for like one and a half day, and when I started eating again, I felt really sick and was like nauseuos after that. Bleah.

7 days

i get the same when i get depressed 3 days youll start getting weak like your going to pass out at least eat some crackers or veggies or you will get sick trust me your body needs something drink juice too that will help with your energy level

dont do this,it isnt good for you.Talk to someone or go to doctor and get help!

Earl D
3 weeks to a month, but you have to drink water every day.

And don't do this! That's silly and makes you in need of a shrink!

But the body will produce Ketose for a good two week, then start breaking fat cells into glucose for another two weeks before your fat level drops below 12%.

You can survive 3 days without water, and 5-7 without food.

I think it's supposed to be a week, but that probably depends on how much fat you have stored on your body. I would eat at least something every night so that your metabolism doesn't raise in the morning and so that your body doesn't start metabolising/eating the muscles, bones, proteins, etc. in your body. It'll make your hair and skin look really shity, even mayb loose your hair, and you'll get a huge pot belly. I REALL suggest you dont do this though. I suggest you go see your doctor or get out of whatever situation that's causing you to feel this way. You don't have to feel this way. Also, you wont want to take even a single bite of anything after a few days, andyou may get really sick from digestion or gas problems too, if there's nothng in your stomach to absorb the acid. I've had that happen to me before. Please, not eating will just make it worse, believe it or not, you'll just become more lethargic and apathetic.

3-5 days and i looked it up

the warning that you should really eat something is when you ask how long you can last without eating. find a better way to protest.

Naomi w
My dear,if you can go as long as you want but don't stop drinking liquids,you can drink soups,the juice of the veggies,broth chicken or beef,drink more nectar then juices,don't forget gatoradeand it would be good if you do it for fasting you'll see the temptations coming like you have no idea,pray a lot that God help you,but if you don't do it for that,just don't do it

[email protected]
You should contact a nutritionist or your doctor for exact times - but I think you can go without food for something like 3 weeks. Just because you are depressed isn't really a good reason to mess up your body though - your hormones and every system in your body go outta wack when you stop eating.

I've gone about 5 days without eating much and except for a very little weight loss, I didn't have any physical symptoms.

You HAVE to have liquid. Without it, your organ will start to shutdown in matter of few days.

Instead of trying to find out how long you can go in the condition you are in now, and look for the worse possible condition you can't go beyond, how about trying to solve the problem that made you depressed in the first place?

I have to warn you, if you go too far, you start to lose an ability to clearly think - which is a danger on its own because then you lost an ability to know you need to do something.

If you are by yourself, the danger is even higher.

Please get out of the house, talk to your freinds or family. One or two days of no food won't harm you, but beyond that, you really should get SOMETHING to eat. Crackers or fruit maybe.

Questions/Answers Critic (QAC)!
Not sure how long, but I do know the worse warning sign won't help you, because dying won't tell you that you should eat something.

If you are truly depressed, for goodiness sake, see professional help!

~BANG I'm Dead~ <3
about twenty one days

i'm pretty sure its like a month you can go. your first sign is that your hunger panes will stop. then you'll slowly lose your muscle strength until you cant move very far at all. and your sight will go blurry not to mentyion possibility of nasea. what your talking about isnt a hunger strike it's anemia. and when you want to start eating again, you may not be able to cause your mind forgets to swallow. so be prepared to have an iv stuck in you for years.

Diet Devil - ChateCoach
Technically you could survive for 40 days but........I don't recomend it.

As a Life Coach, your feelings about being depressed are what I am more interested in you trying to remove. You probably know why you're depressed, so I am not going to harp on that. But I do suggest you get your mind around those feelings.

Somethings that I noticed from your question are:

Firstly.....you are not actually trying to kill yourself, because you want to know what signs to look for, for when you should eat again.

This then leads me to thinking that you are really asking for help about why you are depressed.

Secondly....I highly recommend that you deal with your food issues. Food is not your enemy, it is your weapon of choice. For some reason you have chosen to not eat, so that you can jurt yourself in some way.

If you are going to try the 'not eating', just remember that if any part of this is connected to weightloss, then you are more likely to be putting on more weight when you do start eating again, because you have told your body it is a famine, so hold onto everything. You are first putting your body into survival mode, then flooding it with food later on.

Why is food your weapon, when you could choose anything else?

Food is your medicine, you can't go without, and too much is harmful.

Please get some help with this.......go and get help now.

Joanna Goldman
Destroy the Diet Devil

3 minutes without air.
3 days without water.
3 weeks without food.

But losing weight, you can't starve yourself. Your body will go into shock and save energy, hence you won't lose weight if you don't eat.

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