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 I eat 5 times a day small meals about 600 calories a day will I lose weight fast?

 How can i teach myself to throwup?

 Help me lose weight!!!?
I really want to lose weight, and Im scared I won't by the time I really want to. What do I do!!! Im so scared!.. but I've done it before, i lost like 20 pounds a couple years ago, but it ...

 POLL: How often do you jog in a week ?
Thank you....

 My mom always says im fat!!!!!!!?
im 14 weigh 72 lbs and am 5'1'' my mom says if i keep eating i will be the fattest kid and will be so obese now i have to convince myself to eat a granola bar for dinner cuz i dont ...

 Am i too skinny ? pleaseee help.?
i weigh 85-86 pounds. im 5.7. and thirteen years old, turn fourteen next month. my dad thinks im starving myself, and my moms living in a diff. state. you can also see my ribs well when im topless....

 I am really hungry, but it's late at night?
I'm going to jog for 30 minutes, because I didn't have time to exercise earlier, but I'm starving, and don't want to jog on an empty stomach. Problem is, I've already had 2,00...

My daughter Kiera is 12 years old and weighs 295lbs, is that too much??? On a daily basis she will eat...

For Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon, beans and 1 slice of toast.

 How can i lose atleast 30 pounds in 2 months?
I know that you guys are gunna say that its not healthy to lose that much weight in 2 months. But i know that its bad already, now i wanna know HOW to lose 30 pounds in 2 months. :)


im 15
im 5"6
and im 150lbs.

am i overwieght?...

 What do you think about teens and drinking?
Dont go running you mouth and get all upset over this i just wanna know your simple opinion if your one of the absoultely not people or you only live once types, this is mainly for older people....

 Is it wrong for fat girls to show their stuff?
im 17 and about 230lbs and im proud of my body!
i always wear bikinis during summer and im not affriad to show myself. in ur oppinion is that a good thing or wrong???
Additional Details...

 How can I gain weight?
Ok im tired of being skinny
OK! TIRED I TELL YOU! Im 115 lbs and for SOME FREAKIN reason cant gain weight.
I know there are proteins things that you drink to gain weight but at the same you ...

 Am I fat? D= D= D= D= D= D= D= D=?
I'm 16 years old, 5'11" and 63 pounds. Am I fat?

I really need to know. :(
Additional Details
Oh er, I mean 1...

 Am i over weight?????????????
5 feet 4 inches, 157 pounds, 37 inches stomach.
P.S I don't care about that BMI crap.
just tell the truth
Additional Details

 What is cellulite and why does everyone keep asking about it?
There's alot of questions about cellulite, and I have yet to find out what it is.
Additional Details
Ew thats nasty why did I ...

 Why do i find exercise boring?
im 18 and i weight about 11stone. i know i should exercise, but i find it so boring. i cant do push ups or sit ups. if i try to run, i can only last a few seconds. how could i make it more fun

 Is this too little exercise?
I'm 15 (almost 16), 5"3-5"4 and avg. weight for my height.
I exercise anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week.
On a regular day I'll do
20 minutes of running on the ...

 How can i direct my mind away from food?
I am trying to go on a healthy diet to lose some weight, but i just cant seem to get my head away from thinking of food, i get really bad cravings. In order for my diet to be successful i need to not ...

 My friends keeps calling me fat and that i should lose weight. im 5'7" and i weigh 133lbs. Is that bad?
My friends keep telling me that i should lose some weight. But I dont know if i should lose weight, or stay strong and confident for who i am....

goodbye and good luck :-)
How does someone lose weight and have fun at the same time?

Get pissed every night for like 2 weeks and dont eat a ting ull puke ur guts up and probably end up in hospitail but sure go try it ne way

ejaculate frequently

put the music on and dance, or watch tv and exercise, jog with music, swimming? all fun.

you can tell its sunday too many answers fast! anyway dance classes, kick boxing, horse riding, swimming, aerobics, gym, and no McDonalds ha!

lol, if we knew that, no one would be fat

Commit to a lifestyle change of diet. Fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats. Drink lots of water and low calorie liquids. Eat healthy and exercise. You can still have fun because it's a new life you're living.'


i didn't.... :(

Try playing a sport that you enjoy, that will burn calories, make you run and sweat, and that you can enjoy with friends. Indoor soccer is great, as is hockey, basketball or any other non-contact sport that is always in constant motion. Ever see a FAT basketball player? LOL...(Swimming is good for you, too...)

Try snacking on a bite, and ONLY a bite of chocolate a few minutes before you eat. That little bit of sugar can often stave off that desire to go for "seconds" at the dinner table, or even make you take a smaller first helping. Avoid the buffet and order a-la-carte meals instead. You will be less tempted to want more because of the extra costs involved when you eat out.

Above all else, take a "before" photo and a new photo each week for comparison. Otherwise you won't see the differences, as they will be so subtle. But putting the photos in a line each week will show how you are progressing, and you will have a trophy at the end that will be envied by everyone who sees those photos...

Eat POWER-POPS. They're delicious candy, lolli-pops that contain Hoodia. And... they work!!!

i have a mini trampoline which is great fun. All that bouncing about, the weight just falls off. I was never much into keeping fit till I got one & now Im addicted. Feel like a little kid again.

Miss Vicki
Belly dancing!! Learn to Belly Dance!! :D

Angel D
Lots of bedroom activity

pat.rob00 Chef U.K.
S.hag the whole day long......simple.........

Go on a diet & do what you enjoy that doesnt directly effect your diet. ie. I could go on a diet & play football. (lost weight & enjoy playing the game I lvoe).

I know I know - easier said then done !

liposuction. its a barrel of laughs.

Mr Kippling
make lots of love

The trick is to do something you love doing, which might mean trying a few things - a lot of people think they don't like exercise when in fact they just don't like jogging or going to the gym. Climbing is good exercise, ice skating, rollerblading, salsa dancing classes (or tango/hiphop - whatever your personal taste in music), walking/hiking, swimming in lakes/leisure pools...

A great motivator is to get a heart rate monitor that has calorie counting on it - you'll be surprised how much you burn off without breaking a sweat.

I've lost a stone through exercise without dieting (in fact I eat more) but don't expect immediate results - it takes 6 weeks to notice the difference but after that it should be a steady weight loss.

Good luck!

By being happy. You know. "The Happy Losers".


Dance! Take a hike! Do something you enjoy! If exercise is fun you'll keep doing it. Don't force yourself to do something you don't like or you won't stick with it.

find an activity you enjoy doing and just do more of it.

Add music or watch a favourite music video

Dance classes! I lost 2 stone in a year when I started bellydancing for example

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