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How do you keep from freaking out when you realize you got FAT!?
Please no rude answers ... im very fragile right now lol.

So, i knew my pants were fitting a little tight recently.. got on the scale.. and im my highest weight EVER! I gained 9 pounds in 2 months.. thats insane!

Of course im going to get things back on track and eat healthy and exercise.. but i just cant get out of this funk right now. I feel so ugly and obese and disgusting. I just want to fast forward to a month from now when im a better weight :(

Have you ever been in this situation? How do i feel better?

Yes i have! i went from 130-140 in like 2 weeks from candy! I fliiiiiiiipppppppped a shittt! But then i got over it and stopped with the candy and lost the 10 pound in like 1 week.
Good luck

Relax honey, you gained some weight, maybe you over indulged in past 2 months, it's not 20 pounds! You got to exercises more, cut sweets and breads from your diet and eat more fresh fruits and veggies. You are lucky it's almost summer, and you can run, bike and hike your way into fitness.
If you want a really fun DVD exercises try Carmen Electra's fit to strip! She has a real trainer and you do this intense 40 minute cardi0 routine that focus all your muscles. Than the rest of it focuses on specific part of your body including the arms and abs.You burn loads of calories.Do this 3 times a week, I promise you you will lose those 9 pounds in a month:)
Don't feel bad , it happens to everybody, even celebs.

the sooner you start ,you can start to feel better because you are on the way to look the way you want. Remember you are your own worst enemy make fitness plans and stick with them dont give up.....................

Dave F
I had a heavy build right up to age 37,then I started gaining weight...was happy at 240lbs now 285lbs & yes that 45lbs is blub. If I make it through the summer I'll try and burn it off one way or the other....Im a Bayman/fisherman by trade.

Miss F
I am in that situation right now... I bought bigger pants, made some resolutions and told my boyfriend to tell me how hot I look cause I needed the confidence boost :P

edward m
You eat to calm your senses

How do you feel better...?

Go out and look for people fatter than you, and say "Hey, at least I'm not _that_ fat."


i bet your not as fat as me i'm 11 5 feet and 1 inch and i'm 115 i cry it makes you feel better but i know you will lose the wat so be happy and its ok to cry

Have you asked your mom or dad yet? Try out for some sports. Don't let people steal your value,that's one of the most important part of you. Remember every ones different, and you are special! I'm sorry if I didn't answer so good...sorry I did the best I could!

I know how you feel I have always stayed at about 130 pounds and this year I gained at least 12 pounds in a few months.I too felt ugly but it gave me inspiration to get up and loose weight I cant really say that it bothered me as bad as it did you.As a matter of fact I think I got more attention after I gained the weight.Just remember that thick girls are in right now.Every woman goes through times like these.And we just have to realize even if we gain a few pounds were still beautiful and if anyone says different they are superficial a**holes.

I have a question for you how much do you weigh right know?
then maybe I can share no offence its just i weigh somewhere between 195 and 175
and yes i have that was about 50 pounds ago

I have absolutely been in this position before. Don't freak out! My suggestion is set a goal for yourself and work towards it. For example, give yourself 2 months to lose the 9 lbs. Eating better and exercising will improve your self image. Also, do things that make you feel good, like play with your pet, hang with a friend, buy a new pair of shoes, etc. Take things day by day!

i ate nothing but cheez-its and Cocoa puffs for about a week and i gained like five pounds. i'm still trying to work it off, but its stubborn.
just eat right and excercise regularly and it'll go away. dont freak out!

First, calm down.
I'm sure you are not ugly OR obese.
(just a feeling)
And I suggest you take a look in the mirror
once each day
and say something good about yourself.
You know, like "I have very pretty eyes"
or something like that. :]
Then commence with whatever else you think you need
like exercise.
You'll be fine.

Yeah I'm dealing with it haha, just be good to yourself, and look for the inner Beauty in yourself! And don't say you don't have any... because everyone has some even if it is just a little drop. Just continue the diet and fitness and you'll be back to yourself in no time. Just enjoy life and stop letting silly little things like that get you down! x

david m.
u feel better by losing weight. yea, my gf gained like 20 pounds since we got together 6 months ago. its a *****. she used to look so thin and beautiful. :(

kana e
just tell yourself ten things you love about yourself every night while looking in the mirror its a great confidence boost

well, you should make a daily exercise routine. Don't think about you being fat or looking in the mirror.

The Recession
It will be difficult but when you get into a routine it will be easy and remember if you dont like something change it. Dont be worried about what people think. They will say what they want to say just live your life and be you.

Ohhh yehh i have lol.....
When i got stuck with the mans on my dreams.... (that can get to you)

Well when i relized i was ganning weight i just told my self i need to get out so i took a shower everyday lol i use to take one every other day kinda not really though but umm anyways ...... i took one everyday morning then night and got out went to the gym walked to the park and went shopping and put on really nice cloths and walked around and what not....

I am in it all the time. I have stopped getting on the scale, instead I get on the bike. I try not to compare myself to before thirty. I have to look at it as being healthy with a size bigger, then pre kids, pre thrity and able to get weight off by thinking about it. As long as you eat healthy and exercise the rest will come.

Becca B
9 pounds is not that bad, did you just eat before you weighed yourself. besides, it might just be water weight. run like 3 miles a day or something.
if you've been working out lately it might be muscle and not fat. muscle weighs more than fat.

hmmm.....no.....maybe ur not eating healthy thats whats happening with my mom except she gaind 12 pounds in a month! its creepy

it could very well just be growth. most young teenagers widen out then thin out. its normal! your OK! Metabolism is just playing its role...

i think if you just say to your self that you can loose it in no time and you might keep your self from flipping

I dance ballet and when I saw the photos from a performance I FLIPPED! I could visually see my face had "puffed"out a little from gaining a bit of weight.

Focus on your idea of a healthy diet that suits YOU and only you. Pay attention to those food portion sizes.

Wear your cutest favorite out-fits.

Go to bed just a wee bit hungry.

Run, swim, hike!!!!!!!

im leaving my fat where it is it keeps me warm in the winter =P

As soon as that happens I immediatly hit the gym and excercise like crazy, dont worry about it, all of us females think we are fat lol.

I remind myself that no one's perfect (crap, I sound like a Hannah Montana song!) I do something that makes me feel good and move on. No one cares, anyway.

the forgotten
dont think about you . Think about people that are your jean size. You probably think there skinny. And just remind yourself that your no fatter then that. It works for me =D

Just look in the mirror, and say, "I really screwed up! F***!"

Trust it works. I did it five years ago, and it has changed my life ever since.

After I did this, I lost 65 pounds within the next week.

Think I am kidding check out my MySpace page; it has before and after pictures of me.

Hope all goes well.

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