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chelsea l
How do u stop smoking very quick?

lynn s
my husband got those chewing gum things from Nicorette, he didnt read the label. You have to stop chewing when you get a tingling sensation , he didnt and ended up falling over with too much Nicotine. He threw the chewing gum away and went cold turkey. That was 4 years ago and has never had another one since. He was a smoker for 20 years!

its al gotta do wit ya mind tink bout it tat tells u ya want one if u wanna give up smokin u can

Learn The Inside Secrets Of How To Quit Smoking Successfully with Hypnosis And The Best News Is:
One hour of online hypnosis let's you stop smoking easily, quickly, and without struggle. You quit smoking permanently without cravings.
Nicotine Anonymous- A 12 Step Program offering support to those who want to quit cigarettes and quit smoking and stop other forms of tobacco and Nicotine addiction.
Go now: http://healthy-day.info/quitsmoking/

not today thanks
go see a doc he will tell you that its gona kill you if you dont stop.then get some patches and stick to it no mater how bad it gets evenuly you will feel great.it took me 3 mnths but its worth it.

Scott B
My brother used the recordings from www.independentachievement.com and stopped cold turkey...and that was 2 years ago.

John J
With willpower

Try the patch and gum . Then do not allow yourself to but any more. Stay clear of other smokers for awhile if you can, remove the temptations the best you can.
Good Luck

The Great Escape
Remember 2 things:
1) There is no such thing as 1 cigarette (1 always leads to more)
2) Smoking brings long, slow, painful death.

Good luck!

Any withdrawal symptoms will pass with time


Tricky to smoke and swim at the same time

dawn w
hi i have quit smoking in 6 months the easiest way for me to stop was to just to stop it is hard for a day or two but a bit of willpower and you can do it i did it and i have 3 children .

dont have any means of lighting up


Silvia C
to stop first throw all of your cigars away, next when you want another cigar don't buy it cause it is really bad for you. remember do something active when you think of one to take it of your mind.

Greg H
Throw your cigarettes away and don't smoke any more.

go cold turkey and wait for the side effects!

willpower. i break habits because I want to. you could also go with a patch/gum... if you wanna... i dont kno the strength of Nicotine addiction, and i don't pretend to... so don't lecture me... pleeeeease...

put down the cigs

100% Organic Snark™
Just STOP. It can be done. My dad smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for nearly 40 years. One day, he woke up and could barely breathe. He went to the doctor and a chest xray showed "something" on his lungs. My dad was POSITIVE it was cancer -- it turned out to be double-pneumonia, but it scared the holy crap out of him and he stopped smoking then and there -- no patch, no gum, no hypnosis, NOTHING. That was about 30 years ago and he hasn't smoked since.
If HE can do it, so can you. Stop before you make yourself truly sick.

[email protected]
Learn to relax without this `prop`. Most people take up smoking because of tension or nerves - then it becomes a habit. Learn to face life without them....like non-smokers do.

Beverley A
Go to your GP and ask him for Champix. they are a suppresant and do work. I have not smoked for 6mths and don't even want one now (i was a-25 a day)

Cold Turkey.

Cold Turkey!

The very minute I got a postitive pregnancy test, I completely stopped smoking...

will power firstly..

no matter what you do, if u don't have that.. forget it

I smoke but when I gave up I made a date to quit and stuck to it.

try reading alan carr's book (the author not the comedian ;-) )

How bad do you want to quick? I'm a non-smoker,but... I have heard from many others say that "If you want to quit smoking bad enough, you can" You have to want to quit, first.

Throw away your ciggies and dont buy more


If you are not smoking when you read this...you have stopped. Now, don't start back. Its tough, but you can do it.

Don't pull the cigarette out of the pack or light a cigarette.


Pretty simple.

Throw away all your cigarettes, lighters, matches and ashtrays. Keep a positive attitude. Good Luck.

just stop, throw everything away that involves smoking and dont do it again, its hard but alot of people do it

Find a better hobby.

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