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How do i motivate myself into working out?
in high school, i used to do track and i was already in shape. but now that i'm in my sophomore year of college, i'm not working out as much and not eating healthy. i did little bit of working out my freshman year in college, but it didn't help me much. i only did the elliptical for 20 min. 3x a week. it made my legs stronger, but not my abs and hips. summer i don't usually work out, but i should have. i haven't worked out yet this school year yet b/c my school work has taken priority of my life and there isn't any gym classes available. i want to be able to eat healthier and work out to get the perfect abs, hips, and legs. how do i motivate myself into doing that again? i used to, but now i have a lot of stress and everything to deal with. sometimes when i get back from classes, i spent time on the comp. a lot. my schedule is that i have classes MWF 10-12, Mon. 4-6:45pm, Tues/Thurs. 9:30-10:45 and 12:30-1:45. and i might get an off campus job. so what should i do?

Get a friend to work out with.

create a diary of your work outs. it will give you a sense of satisfaction. it will also give a good source of motivation. you will always look forward to writing down another successful work out. be creative. describe the workout, what you had to go through to keep your schedule, the things that crossed your mind while working out, the new experience that happened, how good it is making you feel, etc. go girl! you can do it!

Alex R
Being in the Military they require us to work out, they start off slow and increase the intensity little by little, what you have to do is make workouts fun, start running again, or take sometime for the pool, do something that will keep your heart rate up for over 30 minutes. Variate your activity to get a wide range of workouts.

Do something you enjoy. That makes it fun and not 'work'ing out. Ride a bike or walk in a beautiful garden or park. If you like the excersize while you're doing something enjoyable, then set health goals. Start small. Build it up. A partner to talk and laugh with is especially nice and makes the time fly.

First of like myself sometimes we just need to turn off the computer and not touch it at all, and then we need to look at our selves and decide how happy we are by the way we look, i got tired of looking at my belly and i have now changed my eating habits to fruit and vegatables and have lost 5 pounds, you can only motive yourself when your really tired of looking the way you look, i use to have the perfect 3 body and now if i want that i have to want it and mean and it starts with our eating habits and we can take 15 minutes out a day for a walk. I know these fifteen minutes answer question could be my walk

Just do it.. and stick to it... build up your will power.. once you start it gets easier..

Well I would just start working out whenever you have some free time, as you dotn even have to go to the gym to work out. You can just use the floor in your dorm room and do abs, and do bicycles, crunches, and other abs, and then do a couple sets, and you could run around campus, which is probably a couple miles, and just do that a few times a week. It will also help relieve stress and make you feel better. I think that is great motivation.

Asian Mami
I completely understand, I work FT and go to school PT. It is hard to keep up with all that and try to have a life. But it is possible. Here is my schedule Monday thru Friday
6am wake up
7am arrive at gym
8am shower
8:30 work
12pm gym
1pm work
5:30 leave work and go to school
6:30 - 9 school
10 get home and sleep.

If I fall behind in any of my workouts during the week I make it up on the weekends, by studying for 2 hours, workout for an hour and study, so on and so on. It gets my heart and blood pumping so i am focused when i study.

It is very hard to eat healthy when you are on the go. I keep healthy snacks around me. Ex: cut up fruit, bars, baby carrots, low fat low sodium crackers w. PBandJ

If you want to get an off campus job maybe you could get one where you are on your feet a lot. I know when I worked as a cashier in college I lost weight and got stronger. There is a lot of lifting and stuff involved with it. If you didn't want to do that you could start working out to help with the stress. I feel awesome after a workout session so it might help you too.

No one can tell you what will motivate you personally, and that is the toughest part. It sounds like you have the desire, which is great. Get a couple sets of dumbells one that you can lift now and one that is challening to move into. Lift the weights tree sets of ten, focus on tripceps, shoulders, biceps. Do some lunges holding the weights, and some squats and calf raises. Finish with some crunches. Take a brisk 45 min walk every day. If it seems boring, try to walk somewhere with w purpose--like walk to the library to study etc. Make sure that you are eating healthy. Cut out white flour, sugar etc. Eat a salad with lunch and dinner. Avoid sodas, and sugary energy drinks. Do this for a month or two, and you will have probably toned up, lost several pounds, and you will have gottne your body ready to handle a more rigorous routine. You will probably be motivated to stick with it because you will see results. Maybe you have a gym on campus also. I do this very workout and I am a busy grad student and mom, who is frustrated with not being able to go to the gym 6 days a week like I used to. I have to admit that you get quicker results hitting the gym hard 6 days a week,but my clothes are already looser. Also remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so pay attention to inches lost if the scale doesn't show weight loss. Best of luck to you!!!

One of the best things for you to learn now is time management and to make time for those things that you find are important. I am a second year law student so you can imagine my 12 to 16 hour days of just studying and class. What I personally do is 20 minutes of pilates every morning right after I wake up and 30 minutes of cardio 6 nights a week. When I break it up into these small sections I don't feel so overwhelmed that I am taking away from my studies to work out. Also, to answer your main question - I motivate myself with rewards - one fabulous dessert a week and clothing when I've lost a significant amount of weight. When you find something that works for you, stick with it. Exercise helps to relieve stress and may help out with your situation if you just make time for it.

Find a friend that you can do crunches with or jog with every day start out with a little bit then run with it. My boyfriend lost over 50 pounds since March with portion control alone, you can eat junk food in moderation, just not all the time. Good luck and have fun! If you change your attitude about exercizing it will change the way you live your life, it will become a neccessity not a who cares kinda thing.

Stress.. come on. If you have 30 minutes to watch some goofy reality show, then you can do it. Get online, look at all the interesting and inovative methods of working out.
This sounds like you are not motivated, an d looking for some one to really get you going. Do it. You are in charge of you. Quit blaming, and looking for an excuse. Do it.

Andy S
You need to find a type of working out that you really enjoy, something you look forward to. For me it was cycling, I love to get out on my bike for at least an hour a day. I know it may sound impossible, but there will be something out there you can enjoy doing. That for me is the key.

Richard H
Find friends who work out, and do it with them. Join a gym. Join a sports team - many parks and recreation departments have sports teams that people can join.

exercise will help to de-stress.

walk... that's cheap and it tones quite a lot up.

take care too... i know you can do it!!! (and i'm sure you look just great the way you are)

Kayliana K
I am overweight and my mom hired a personal trainer and I have lost 20 lbs. and gained a ton of muscle!!!!!!!!!! It also motivates you if you pay him/her ahead of time so that you don't lose your money!!!

Its always easier going with a friend. I will only go with one of my friend I started going about 6 months ago and I have already lost 35 lbs. So try it or get work out videos and do them at home.

It has to come from yourself. When I started I was overweight and felt bad so I wanted to work out to feel better and in doing so lost enough weight to look a lot better as well.

start with making a decision that this is what you really want to do........it is better for your health and the way you look also....self esteem is important..........and just get on a routine of doing all you can to exercise and do things that will help you keep in shape and keep fit.......i joined the gym it is called the y here and i feel so much better already....i can already tell the difference in my breathing and my clothes the way they fit.........it does make me feel better.......make the decision to do it for yourself............and you will be healthier i promise you.........it just takes a little time and you start feeling better.........i am 54 years old and i just did not like my stomach.........do now i decided to do something about it..........

[email protected]
well, something to consider is to walk as much as you can. another thing i do is to keep a picture of myself handy when i was heavier because it's a reminder that i need to go to the gym and workout otherwise i will revert to looking like that. I feel that this helps me in my daily struggle. they say the hardest part of your workout is walking thru the front doors to the gym. good luck!

I would suggest working out first thing in the morning. Start somewhere between 5 and 7 a.m. It's the best way to wake the body up and you will have gotten it over with. Exercise is something that you really have to treat like an appointment that you cannot miss.

I have a hard time getting motivated too. When I exercise I usually work out in front of the mirror, when I am about to stop or something I just look at myself and imagine myself fit and athletic and i usually pick up the pace. Another thing I do is I listen to a lot of really high speed, pop music, something that makes me want to dance or get moving. It makes me feel energetic and it is very motivational. I have a stationary bike so usually pop in a movie like Bend it Like Beckham. When I always see someone in a movie playing a sport running or something it makes me want to exercise even more. Those are ways I get motivated.

Since you say you might get a job, start walking to your job and then jog home after work. Start eating healthier. I have been on a diet for the past week and just by eating health yand exercising I have already lost 6 pounds. So, if I can do it you can. Trust me I have a metabolism that is as slow as a turtle. I also have problems with emotional eating, when I am bored I eat a lot. What I tell myself is "I eat to live, not live to eat". I also make certain times I am allowed in the kitchen. Like 8:00 breakfast, 12:00 Lunch, and 5:00 dinner. The only snack I keep close by to me just in case I get hungry is fruit. I don't allow myself in the kitchen otherwise. I got this new Denise Austen video, it is five minutes for each workout and it targets your problem areas. So, your stomach for an example it has 2 five minute workouts for you stomach, I do both and it is a good, effective workout that only is 10 minutes long. So, just start by walking more and eating healthier. Good Luck and hope you succeed.

i'm in school too, and i have classes mwf 830am -1205pm and ttr 8am -10am. i also work 40 hrs a week until 11pm. i work out 3 times per week at 6am to 7am. the workout gets me going and keeps me focused during the day. some days i am tired, but being able to buy smaller clothes and looking better in the clothes i have now is my motivation. change what you are eating on campus too, b/c chances are, you are eating crappy food at weird times. try to workout on campus using their facilities, and listen to some music to keep you focused during your workout.

good luck

I would suggest working out after your 10-12 class on MWF. On Thursdays and Tuesdays, work out between classes 11-12pm.

When I was in college, I worked part-time during the summer, took two classes, and still found time to work out. So, it is a matter of making time to do it. Even if you don't have a full hour, you can work out for 30 minutes at a high intensity for 4-5 days a week is good enough. I suggest you use the school gym or use a gym membership near campus. If not, you can buy some cheap free weights, a bench, and run/walk for cardio. Just make working out just as important as your studies and keep to it. Also, have a workout log so you can schedule your workouts and see what progress you have made. It worked for me. I just passed my 3000th work out log day and I started it in college!

it is not your schedule or the stress that you deal with. it is just you. i work out five days a week, for maybe 45 min. a day. i look healthy and toned so i must be doing something right. even when i am tired and not set out to work out, i still go in there and just take it in slowly. you just got to get in there first and start working out. there is always gotta be a starting point. if you can start it then you can finish it. this is not a typical you need to stay healthy answer. you do what you want and you have to motivate yourself first into walking into the gym first.

Miss. K
yeah. i know what i mean. i graduated high school in may/2006 weighing 115 and here and now i weigh 145. i can't fit any of my clothes and i dont wanna buy anything cuz i don't wanna buy a size bigger i keep telling myself i'll go shopping when i lose this weight. and im making no efforts. i'm not gonna lie its hard but what u have to do is make a promise to yourself. and i'm sure u don't like when ppl break their promises to u so u shouldn't to yourself. make time to go to the schools gym and get a buddy to encourage u. good luck

look at yourself in the mirror ...

I know it worked for me, 'cause I sure as hell didn't like what I saw.

I lost 15 pounds in a month.

Adam B
Quit making excuses for why you cant workout. Starting to work out is mental. Wake up a hour earlier run or jog for a half hour and do 100 crunches before you start your day, within two weeks you will start to see and feel a difference in your shape and energy level, the rest after that is simple.....I find working out is very addicting

Dedicaiton is key. Not only will you look great, but you'll feel great too. It's like studying for a test. You study hard to get that good grade. And it pays off too.

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