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Mrs.Peter Wentz♥
How do i get over hunger pains?
I don't want to eat.. food = calories.. calories = Brirttany.

soooo, how do I?
Additional Details
And no smart answers.. like "eatting"

Well if you want to get over hunger pains. . . .

You need to get over the hunger. . .

and if youneed to get over the hunger


smart simple answer!

but try drinking water too

The One That Got Away
No SMART answers?? lol.

Wow. Ummmm.....
Brittany Spears had babies. That's why she gained pounds. And she looks pretty damn good for it, too. Eat some crackers or drink a Slim Fast to holf you over until your next meal

Well yeah eating whouldve been my smart elic answer.
I used to crave ice all the time...I was low on iron but it kept me from having hunger pains...not water....ICE. Your stomach still has to break it down/melt it so it somehow works. Also try chewing gum or drinking tea or something like that.

you dont give a **** about calories and just eat

Rebecca M
You really need to eat u shouldnt judge youreself like that, I used to and I wasnt fat and im not know..!!but you should just eat healthy foods//fruits,vegtables,grains

X x R a w w r x X
(If you're turning anoreccic then dont)
Try tapping under your eye with two fingers - this I saw on a TV show - it really helps my mum !!!!

soccer4lifeeee !
ok DEFINITELY EAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont go anorexic plzz its horrible and you can never go back.. believe me my friend was anorexic and she still has major problems wittt eating ! seriously HORRIBLY BAD DECISION !

=) please go eat a huge piece of chocolate cake !

drink water .. that will get your mind off of food for now but honey your going to have to eat or youll not only get sick but youll start to look sick, and then when you do eat it will be worse then if you never ate at all cause you will binge and you wont be able to stop, so id say eat somthing without calories that will hold you over like chicken or beef broth or some kind of soup it barely has calories

Sarah S
What do you mean, "and no smart answers like eating"?

That's what hunger pains are! You need some food in that stomach. Besides, if you starve yourself, your body will just hold on to fat and burn all your muscle. Not a wise decision.

c'mon now! Looks are nothing compared to your health. Eat sensibly and exercise. Don't starve yourself to look good. Is this Brirttany so bad when compared to the Olsen twins?

Have a glass of water or some coffee or some no calorie drink......... They will pass anyways in around 20 minutes...

You need to eat. If you ate a healthy meal and are still hungry just drink more water.

Shayla ☺
You should eat, and then work out about a half hour later for lik 45 min. Eating is good for you, eat in proportions, and you need some fat in order for you to burn of foods.

When I get hungry I always drink a normal size glass of milk.
Then before each meal I drink a big glass of water, so it make me hungry faster.
It has worked for me!!
If you dont like milk, try eating a little snack, like some Celery or something.
Good Luck


african safarii girl =o] :P
they make special protein waters and cereals that you can have in the morning for breakfast. are you even eating breakfast?? because if you are'nt then that might be the problem. it is actualy more unhealthy to not eat breakfast, than to not eat lunch or dinner!! if you feel extremely hungryafter a healthy meal, try putting more carbs in your diet. if that still doesn't work, then you need to eat something when you get the pains. if you are eating healthy, and having healthy snacks and still feeling theese pains, go to a doctor! i hope this helps!! :-}

Little Miss. Sunshine :)
if your trying to loose weight ... crash dieting is not going to help at all that makes u gain weight.... try weight watchers (it works great) or you can try the 3 day diet its this type of diet that makes you loose like 5-7 pounds in only 3 days. Its a chemical breakdown (the things you eat) .... its healthy nothing wrong with it... if ur intrested in this 3 day diet i would look it up in goggle or something like that

Ummm..it may sound dumb but I think eating is the only way of getting over HUNGER pains.

Drink water

Mujer Bonita
You sound anorexic. If your stomach is growling- eat. You don't have to eat a lot, just enough to fill up. Calories= energy

Eat low impact, healthy foods like fruit or vegetables. If you don't eat, your body goes into "starvation" mode, and you will actually gain weight. You need to eat something. If you feel guilty after, just do some simple exercises, or go for a walk.

healthy fruit bar or somethign EAT WOMAN

Dear Prudence
omfg cannot believe you just called yourself over weight
not eating meens your anoerexic even if you not eating becuase of starving kids who cant eat.

The Loving Addict
"And no smart answers.. like "eatting""

Well, we wouldn't expect you to be smart, would we?

Eat spinach salad with an oil-based dressing.

Amethyst Pisce
Water is the best way to kill hunger pains. BUT....make sure you are still eating 5-6 small meals a day. If you slow down on eating that will slow down your metabolism and you will gain weight, not lose it. Also, apples with peanut butter is a great healthy snack to get you to your next meal!

Katie Marie
How about you get over your food obsession instead.

Drink alot of water...very filling, no calories

My sister died from anorexia. You are self centered for asking this. Eat a cheeseburger.


Mr. King
dont eat until u die. when u die u wont have to suffer from pain

Drink lots of water & make sure you take your vitamins.

You can get low calorie energy drinks which not only boost your metabolism, helping you to burn the fat, but also cure your cravings for more fattening alternatives.

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