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Johnny Tostado
How do i get my girlfriend to lose weight?
Shes fat cause she sits around. How do i tell her nicely. we've been together 3 years.

you don't.
if shes comfortable, who cares.

maybe you guys can run together.

honey, let's exercise together :)... then i usually get the silent treatment for a day or two

Jessica C
You still care about her wt after you have been together for 3 yrs? Anyway, you can tell her you are concerned about her wt which is affecting her health as you want both of you to be together till old age. To do that, both of you must keep yourselves in good shape.

Don't be mean to her about her weight. That will only get her to close up and eat more. Ask her if she would want to exercise with you. You could also cook some healthier meals. If you provide her with a good example, she will be encouraged to move.
Why are you with her? What attracted you to her in the first place?
Everyone has flaws, including yourself. Before you get down on her, look at yourself to see what you might be able to improve upon.

Like..Oh My Gosh!
well...for one..dont tell her she is fat..major things will happen..&& it will just get worse..trust me..ima girl...lol..but what yooh could do is...take her out more..take her somewhere where yooh guys can be alone..and walk..or something..if yooh go to a reastaurant..try &7 see if she will order something healthier..or just take her for long walks..yooh guys can be alon together..&& she will be exercising..

kevin k
she could lose 180 pounds if she dumped you.

i dont think there is a "nice" way. If my husband told me i needed to lose weight i'd probably say dont you think i know that go **** yourself ***hole! then i'd be pretty pissed and really not want to be around him for a while.

"if" she wants to get into better shape she needs to do it for herself.

heres an idea say you were thinking of
toning up would she like to work out with you. that might work.

well i would say, maybe you could tell her ....

Honey how about we go walking today ?

Or how about we cut off on fast food, because it's not healthy

or say Honey i care for you and i'm afraid your weight will affect your health ( not sure if this will work though )

Act as a motivator, say things like "honey I want to go for a walk, wanna come?". Diet with her, when you go shopping don't buy soft drinks for example. Eat sensibly with her. If you want her to lose weight she needs your help and encouragement to do it. Most of all its up to her to do it. You can't do more than that.

Make a healthy dinner for her. Go for a walk with her. You can motivate people by doing it your self. May be she is depressed and she eats comfort foods. Find a motivational speaking seminar or just help her find exciting goals to live to. Like going camping or Kayaking. Don't push her to do running or any activity that is difficult to do for a heave set person. Take little steps.
If you really love her, help her by helping your self and enjoy life to the fullest.

I think it is good to be thinking of her health. That is real love!
Just be care full and don't be to blunt about the weight subject. Encourage her to excercise and feel better about herself and no one else.

leave her alone
its more cushion for the you know whattt

I have never heard so many people say so many rude things.

If she feels comfortable with herself, than you shouldnt force her to do anything. Why do you think she is fat? Have you ever thought about what she thought of you?

You are a loser for being like that. You don't deserve your girlfriend... If you are concerned about her health that is a different story, but it doesnt sound that way. It sounds as though you are a superficial loser...

try doing more active things together. Don't tell her she's overweight. Just talk to her and tell her you'd like for the both of you to start taking more of an active role in your health. If you are not working on it yourself, don't expect her to. Try rollerblading, cooking healthy meals together, even just going on walks or jogs, or going to the gym together. Try seeing if she'd like doing things like yoga, dance, spinning, kick boxing....

yasmin s
well theres a couple ways to do that
u can cook for here and go to the gym with her and maybe sneek protine bars, encorage her to get out more and maybe get a dog if u dont already have one so u guys can run with the dog or something, i hope that helps

people nvr want to do something alone, start a fitness program or something and kindly ask her to do it wiht you just dont sign up for fat camp thats a little to ovbious. (or you can get her friends to hint at it but thats not realy the right way to go about it.)

if you want to trim her down...
take the initiative to....

1. ask her to go to the gym with you.
2. cook healthy meals for her..
3. do some work out together...
4. control her diet...
5. wake up at 5:30 AM and ask her to join you jogging for a couple of miles.

you have to do your part to convince her if you want her to trim down a little..dont just ask here... motivate her...

Try to get her to go on a nice walk with you...

Slip ex-lax in her food. That's not nice. You could talk to her about getting healthy TOGETHER. Tell her that you're both getting a little older and you think it's a good idea to begin a regular exercise regimen so you can both be healthier and be around on earth longer thus spending more time together. Just be willing to do the exercise/healthier eating habits WITH her.

I Suggest going for walks with her. I mean you come up with the idea and continue from there.. Often us chicks when in a relationship for that long we get comfortable with our partners and thus 'get lazy'. I been with my hubby for 3yrs and i gained 5kg, small i know but considering i used to run, swim and do pilates and stuff it was a big deal for me.. I noticed thro. So i did something bout it.. My hubby told me i was bodgy. In nice term. But i did not take offence. I said that if we go do things together then it would be good.. So i reckon just say hey want to play a sport or jogg together or something... She might actually notice she is getting bigger and thinks you dont mind! After all a relatioship is a two way street.. Are you putting on weight too??? Start there, act like you want to lose weight and include her!!

Be honest or just start working out together she might like that get out and do some active stuff not go out to eat go on walks play sports together

california girl
Tell her you will go through it with her, joining a gym, doing excercise, cooking healthier foods, also you can help her to not sit around by suggesting dancing or taking a long walk to talk instead of sitting around watching t.v.

Marilyn Green
Start out by telling her that you think she lost weight. When she says, "Really?" Be like yeah, you look good. I was thinking since you are losing weight anyway we could work out together. After all, I'm not as toned up as I once was...

The only way to nicely put it is the honest way. No matter what way you tell her it will hurt her. Tell her that you can help her if she needs it. I guess tell her that you are concerned with her health.

>>Don't say it to her for sure. Try getting her engaged in activities with you. Go for hikes, join a volleyball team, go dancing, etc. If it is with you, she should be willing to do it.

Dave S
work out with her.

Start by doing some small activity that there is some physical activity, maybe bowling or minature golf.

Then next time play catch with a Frisbee or football.

The keep going from there.

Go on a walk.

Plan a picnic but say there's a short mile or so hike and have a wonderful surprise waiting for her at the end.

hope this helps.

let me know k.

take her out on a date doing a exercise followed by a romantic,yet healthy dinner. She is surely to accept this.
BUT DO NOT TELL HER SHE IS OVERWEIGHT-unless u dont want a girlfriend!

tell her upfront that you think she needs to lose weight. say something like "what do you think about joining a gym"? of course she won't be too happy about it but you need to let her know how you feel. after that it's up to her whether she wants to lose the weight to be with you or keep the weight and have you deal with it. if you definitely cannot have a fat girlfriend and she doesn't want to lose weight than it's probably time to find a new girlfriend.

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