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How do i get as skinny like nicole richie??
im 15, 5'6 and 160 pounds.
I wanna be skinny as nicole richie

give me ideas, and how long would it take?


Miley Cyrus
Ok...well i understand that you want to slim down and that you want to be skinnier. But looking as skinny as nichole richie is completely unreasonable, because she has said herself that she has major problems with her dieting. That's because she doesn't have a diet. SHE DOESN'T EAT ANYTHING! And honestly, it's sickening. Maybe if you give yourself a food limit, like, a good way to get in shape is to work out on a daily basis and figure out your food limit per day the night before or something.
This is what i do:
The night before the next day, I think about how much food i'm going to let myself have. Like, today i'm only allowed to have 3 meals, and a snack. Which is perfect. But if i don't give myself a limit i just end up eating whenever i'm bored, and that's just not heathly.
But don't become as thin as nichole richie. grossness.
Nobody will think that's attractive.
Once you get to an ideal normal weight, you'll probably learn to love yourself the way you are, and most likely not want to become as sickeningly skinn y as nicole.
Hope i could help.
Peace out
Miley ;)

why would you want to be that skinny? that looks horrible!! like a skeleton just be healthy and fit that will bring out the best of your features

Why?!? Being skinny isn't the answer. Being healthy is a better goal.

Yahoo 360
well nicole richie starves herself, but a healthy way to loose weight is to exercise and go on a diet.

Be who you were created to be, not what you see on television and the magazines. If you feel you are a little overweight, then you need to find out EXACTLY what your ideal weight range is, and modify your lifestyle to accomplish it. Proper nutrition, proper exercise, proper rest and your commitment to accopmlishing your goals are the key ingredients that will ensure your success. Although I am not a doctor, I think it is safe to say that all the "little" starlets and celebrities that you see running around in size 2 and under outfits have probably already caused serious damage to their health by either starving themselves, or taking potentially harmful weight loss products. I am sure you are a beautiful person. Don't let an unrealistic desire to look like someone else take that away from you.

so do i omg !!!!!! i asked something like this already and everyone is like noo dont. i am 110 i wanna be like 100

You don't want to look like her she is WAY TOO skinny!!

You would look good at about 125lbs. Eat healthy and exercise!

Cut out sugars, fats, fast food. Anything with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils is a no-no.
Eat lots of fruits , veggies, lean meats (fish, chicken, turkey), and get a good source of carbs each day to sustain energy. Think whole grains!

)~*Juggalo Family*~(
Just do drugs,Silly!

O and btw it will prolly take about 2 months so your good to go!


please please please NO!

She's a stick! So unhealthy and way to thin. Maybe you could be like she was when she began to loose weight, but not to the extreme she is at now. Thats like 85-90 pounds! Thats more than me and I'm couple years younger than you! It isnt healthy and it isnt attractive so....no....

Natalia ヴィジュアル系♡
heres what nicole richie did: drugs and starvation.
honestly why would you want to look like her??
just workout or take Alli diet pills.

Spanky the McSpanker
Don't eat much. When you do, barf afterwords. Do some drugs. Party a lot everyday, until you barf some more. You'll be as skinny as she is but make sure you have enough for some really good makeup.

Jennifer H
You should not do this

Answer Fairy
First, if you wanna be like Nicole Richie, then you gotta do a lot of drugs. I recommend speed. Also, you need to become anorexic and make seriously bad choices in clothes. Oh, and you're going to need to completely fry all your natural hair with dye, then get really crappy extensions.

You DON'T want to be as skinny as her... she looks disgusting and unhealthy. Unless thats the look you're going for?! Starve yourself then. I don't suggest it however, and I think you should find a new idol also.

Gross. Why would you want to look like her? Because she's on tv? LOL. Seriously, if young hollywood were suicidal, would that be the new thing? GET A PERSONALITY!

don't eat until you feel like your about to pass out... then before you know it, you'll look just like her............


why would you want to look like her?!she does not look well.
I know she obviously is not well to go to these lenghts,but I wonder how she feels when she sees people who are starving because they have NO choice.

it wont take that long becuase all nicole richie has to do to stay skinny is throw up food she dosent even eat
you dont want to be as thin as her. 130 is a healthy weight.
why dont you just try diet and excercise?

Why would you want to be????? Thats sickly and she is not cute

wish I were
Nope! She is so thin she looks ill! You don't want to look like that! I'd just loose 20 lbs or so and you should look great!

you dont. trust me, she make look "hollywood glamorous" , but frankly she's way too unhealthy, and its NOT attractve, and despte what you may think guys dont like it. It's absurd to be that skinny, and there's no need. :)

Your beautiful just the way you are, as are all women. Don't try to change yourself to fit an image of another person, it is not natural for you.


Cant Getit RiGhT
if you want to be as skinny as nicole, just starve yourself. dont eat for a couple years, to the point of deterioration... if you want to be as skinny as nicole richie

The only way you could do that is to stop eating. Which is NOT healthy at all! I would not recommend you or anyone else do this.

Lindsay A
are you crazy??? she is sick, and it is soooo not healthy..why in gods name would you want to look like her??? You need to sit down and talk to someone.....

uh, i don't think it would be good to be as skinny as nicole richie

Drugs, Cocaine, heroine, and crack.

stcik your finger down your throat.......a lot.

And take up smoking crack

nicole's skinny like that cause she's ANOREXIC.

starve yourself. honey please if you want to be as skinny as nicole richie you have other issues other then losing weight.

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