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How do I stop eating after I'm full?
I just keep eating after I'm satisfied and I eat untill im stuffed when I feel like im gonna puke. What can I do to keep myself from eating untill I feel sick? P.S. I eat like this at every meal. gross I know, but I just cant stop.
And I positive it has nothing to do w/ my emotions or stress. I'm a calm laid back person and I love my life.

Make yourself a smaller plate and don't go for seconds. You'll get used to eat. The water thing people have been saying will probably help too.

just stop eating,
i'm sorry to say, but the solution is not that complex,
just stop eating

if i was you i would try eating a little bit less every time you eat a meal until you think your getting a healthy amount.try drinking lots of water while your eating.or try taking hunger pills, they help to.See your doctor for recommendations.

I'd try limiting what you put in front of yourself in the first place. Eat healthy foods, and measure portion sizes, if you have to. Fill one half of your plate with healthy produce, one quarter healthy protien, and one quarter healthy carbs. Don't forget a big glass of water on the side. Once your plate is empty, you're done. Don't do anything else while eating like drive, read, watch tv... just pay attention to your food. If you know that all you get is right there, and you focus on enjoying what you have, then that food will be enough. It does have to do with emotions and/or stress- even if you aren't feeling that way while you eat. You must focus on relaxing, and focus on the tastes of the food. Once you are done, get up and go for a walk. Get up and go clean your bedroom, or your bathroom. Do whatever you have to do to get up and get out of the kitchen, and do something active. Then you won't be thinking about more food. You have to replace your bad habit (gorging) with a new one (something active, anything NOT involving gorging). Hope this helps~

I <3 Jonas brothers!
Have some control! You have tot each yourself when to stop eating before you can stop eating!

I suggest slowing down. It takes about 8 seconds for food to travel down your esophagus, so by the time you are taking your last bite, the bite that makes you feel full is just getting to your stomach. Your very last bite feels terrible!

So take about 10 seconds between bites and enjoy it...like the French do. Then you'll know when you get full and you can stop...but you still enjoyed your food. I bet you're the type who likes to enjoy every bite. :-) Me too!

well some pple have this hormone that makes them hungry or keep eating sometimes this need medical attention but dont wrry i doubt you need any but see another way to stop this is to make portions of food that you think will fill you up but not bloat you and you may think your life is awsome but sometimes somewhere inside you you might feel alittle well ya know bored and unsatisified or you just need to portion your self it helped me making my own food because im a vegitarian but for you i just suggest that you eat what you know will fill you up with out making you feel ill

U have to gain a lot of inner strength. If u don't stop this u will have lots of problems with weight your whole life. U must force yourself to not eat more than what your body allows.

u know what casey.. if u really wan2 live a healthy and long wonderful life .. u better strat controling ur eating habits... bcuz.. the way to describe how u eat.. it won't be long u'd be obsessed and obeast!!!

Sarah G
That's serious, if you keep eating that much in one time, this habit can cause Bulimia Nervous. If you want to fill your diet than you should try drinking a milkshake or smoothie.

little star shining
well then it can't be comfort eating, but it is an eating disorder, seek help from your doctor who can put you in touch with a proper professional who deals in this kind of thing. good luck. lol xxx

Jimmy P
its called self control ****** you should try it sometime

now that you have a handle on it, it will be easier to eat slower and drink water. When you KNOW you are full, get away from the table, if only for 3-4 minutes.

jazmin d
drink alot of water and then it will get your hunger away!!


hope i helped!!!
lol byee

Marc G
Cripes I wish I knew; I have the EXACT same problem! Great question though, I look forward to reading the answers you get. I just hope they are not all lame like "don't put food in your mouth" or "put down the fork." We want solutions, not stupid slogans.

Pregnant With Second Child
you might want to talk to your doctor about it, some people eat just because they have to have the taste of food in there mouth,and its out of there control. Im not quite sure what it is called but I have heard of it. If you explain it to your doctor Im pretty sure he or she will know what to do. Hope everything works out for you!!

~*~Feelin' Froggy~*~
Girl's bodies naturally take longer to metabolize food. The best thing you can do is eat at half speed. This will allow your body enough time to register when you have eaten enough. It sounds like you really just like to eat. I am the same way but slow eating and foods with high water content help, like fruits and veggies. Good luck

blue guru
Drink a big glass of water right before you eat! It will fill your tummy up but it won't add to your waist. It's actually good to have water to aid in digestion, so you will fill up faster and not so much on food. ALSO try eating slower. Your body takes time to tell your brain you're full, so if you eat slower, you may find you're feeling of "full" comes quicker and before you're dying.

When you go out, ask for a box at the start of your meal. Pack up half of the meal and eat the rest.

you should get up and walk around after you a meal. go outside and get your mind off it.

Instead of puting your food in a dinner plate, try puting in a small plate. After that food is gone... you dont serve anything else. You might feel hungry for a couple of days... but it will help your stomach get smaller and used to less food. The next time you over do on eating you will fell so bad that you wond do it again!

Maybe it's emotional eating?!?!

Have someone smack the fork away and sit on your face.

use a smaller plate.........put smaller portions on this smaller plate. Immediately after you are done with the food on your plate.....get up, walk to the kitchen with your plate, put it in the sink, wash it and leave the house for a walk around the block.

Come home and chug a big glass of water!!

latice g
You probably have worms......Not joke, but you can get medicine for it at a health food store,..You can get worms from a lot of things(when fly's land on food for example at a buffet) but what some do is feed off of the food you eat so it make you feel like you can eat a whale. I'm almost sure that's all that is, dont worry it happened to me too when i went to camp for a while we had to eat in a cafeteria. everyday, i was there for 6 months so... yea, i got like that really bad,......i even got a funny reputation for eating so much and scarfing down so much food,lol this one guy loved to watch me eat,lmao, anyways, hope i helped.

Ramon U
put down the fork

Sean H
Talk to a medical doctor.

-Young Breezy♥
I have an idea! Just Drink Sum Water Before And After Every Meal Like 1 Cup Of Water Be4 And 1 cup of water After And Excersise everyday tht should make you healthy Hope This Helps!

Try drinking more water - that will fill up your tummy - also try eating a salad before you have your main meal that can help to fill up your tummy too.

Put the fork down, get up and walk away from the table. I'm lucky, I guess, my body won't let me eat until I'm sick. I start gagging on food when my body has gotten enough. But anyway, try what I said. It takes discipline, but you can do it. Good luck.

Um, put the fork down and back away from the table

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