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How do I put on weight??
Hi there, im 17 at the moment and im allready 6' 9" (206cm). My problem is that I only weigh 10 and a half stone (67kg) after being hospitalised for a week due to a second pneumothorax. I know I am clinically underweight and my physician knows too. He started me on a course of build up drinks, but none of them have worked to date. I am not the type of person to skip meals and I allways have an average portion. My metabolism rate must be sky high!

Anything I can do?
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I enjoy a bowl or two of cerials every night without fail... I eat plenty of meats and I drink the shakes allready with my current meals. I don't know about ice-cream so i will have to try it.


Take an appointment with a dietitian, It really helps.

I'm the same- I'm too hard on my self also. Until I realised one day, when I had my daughter, that I'd never be so hard on any other human as I was on my self. That's when we start to have fun.

Anyhows *eat often*, eat cheese and pasta, but mainly eat often. We cant go runing-about with the boys and still keep on weight.

I'm not sure what to tell ya... Most people ask how to take off weight. I mean, if you're eating like you should but still can't put on any weight, then obviously there's some other medical problem you're dealing with. See your doctor dude. Good luck.

you are super lucky!!
(not the sick part)

eat fast food

Judas Rabbi
Start eating anything

Dr Stat
eat meals high in carbohydrates, pastas, breads, etc. but eat snacks also between meals. Also eat a big bowl of ice cream before you go to bed so your body doesnt burn it off. Drink High carb drinks like milk shakes that are made for weight gain you can get these at places that sell work out foods. BUT watch they don't have things like caffeine in them STAY AWAY from caffeine
and anything that helps SCULPT body builders because they have Amphetamine type derivatives that can increase your metabolism,also set a realistic goal. Gaining a 1kg-1.5kg a week is reasonible nothing more for now.

add calories to your diet. eat meals inbetween meals.

eat more red meats to gain protein. then try to build muscle muscle mass by starting with a light work out regimen. start eating meals six times a day with granola bars in between each meal you may feel like your stomach is going to explode but you will gain the weight.

I'm sorry to hear bout your pneumothorax, and your second at that?! Glad to hear you're doing better. How long have you been on the build up drinks? Because some work over a long period of time. Also try protein shakes, and eating lots of protein. You can eat fatty, but I know that doesn't work with some people, I have a friend who is considered underweight, she can eat half a pound of bacon without gaining. She's actually gained 12 pounds so far, and you can't even tell, she's so small. Try eating lots of lean foods that have substance, but aren't terribly fatty. Also look into the military meals-people in the military have to have twice as many carbs as normal in a regular meal, and they've been improving on the taste. Also work out, muscle weighs more than fat, and looks better too ; )
Good luck!

work out. you'll eat more. trust me.

Drink beer.

Don't go any more than a couple of hours without eating something, even if it's just a snack.

try to eat more and maybe that will help but dont eat 2 much

Eat alot of pastries, bread, sugar, and high fat foods. Protein helps you lose weight. Those shakes will make you get muscle. I don't know how old you are but if you are under 18 you need to relax and worry about weight gain later in life. I was bony growing up now I am average weight now.

dont exercise and eat lots of meat

Eat normally, you'd gain it gradually. Abruptly eating too much fatty foods can be dangerous for your health. Lucky kid.

Get married. I have gained 30 lbs since I got married. I couldn't gain weight then I got married and now I can't stop.........

Consume a lot of oily and fatty food, butter, items of high calorific value like caschew nuts, ice cream, plenty of milk sweets etc.

you can't get better advice than that of a professional so stick to it.

start body building. don't use steroids though.

yup, get some ben & jerry's and chow down. Doughnuts work well too.

eat ice cream

Start by eating more protein, and eat about 3500 more calories a week than what you normally eat. Still, choose healthy meats like lean chicken, turkey and such.

3500 calories equals about 1 lb.

mks 7-15-02

Vickie M

I am a weigh-loss coach with Herbalife and I can create a personalized HEALTHY weight gain program for you if you are interested. No junk food, because you will stuff yourself with useless calories and you might get fat, but you will start suffering from other things and kill your body instead of helping if feel stronger and full of energy!
Have you heared of our products? They are 100% natural - no chemicals!
Let me know! I would love to share with you healthy advice! :)

Latinlicious r
Eat alot of chinese food and kfc.

Start by eating a lot of foods filled with carbs and fats. Pasta is a good one to start with.

eat a lot of red meats. they are full of fat and protein and right now that's going to be really good for you. i don't suggest hamburger, but beef steaks. and eat lots of protein rich fish and chicken. one can of tuna is about 75% of the protein you need in a day. and eggs. eggs are really great for you even though they contain a lot of fat. but it's good fat. look for foods with good fat. like avocados, artichokes, nuts. these things are also high in other vitamins. don't forget veggies! you don't want to become a strict carnivore!

well...start eating....not a lot that'll make you sick . but try to just keep more. stay away from the fat stuff too......so yeah.....i'm craving a steak now...

so bye

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