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poornima j
How children can be kept away from junk food?

Practice what you preach. Constantly watch out for your kids. Nowadays parents are so busy in their own professional or social circuit that they encourage kids to indulge in junk food just to get rid of them for a while. This is the WORST thing that can happen, and in the urban middle-upper class India, it is rising at an alarming rate.

Why would you want to totally stop them from eating junk food.
Try to make them understand that junk food is bad if taken in large quantities ... in fact too much of ANYTHING is bad.

Its impossible to keep children away from junk food for an eternity ... the attraction of the materials are too immense.
So, I would advice you to treat your children to occassional meals of junk food, but on other times try to discourage them from taking too much of it by giving the proper reasons ... meaning why its bad for their health.

Also, check recipe websites and help your children to meals of delicious but healthy home-cooked delights - its a whole universe of recipes out there. This should keep them off junk food.

frankly speaking i'll tell u something that works best for me even when i was a kid or now when i am not ...
'PRESENT THE FOOD INTERESTINGLY'..try making it look like it is outta some french restaurant and is something which is creating style waves in fast food joints even if it takes wrapping spinach in a baseroll and garnishing it with dressing sauce and some edible leaves for that matter.pack their lunch boxes with usual stuff but a different look ,something that they can brag about ..try trying restaurants that dont serve actual junk food but are located at hip places or food courts ..(where u find mc donanlds and sagar ratna in the same compound) ..place ,look and feel of the food will sure bring a change ..it did for me :)

there is no way-neither teaching nor force will help them resist for long. Encourage healthy eating habits at home. Once in a week or so order the junk food of thier choice and fulfill thier wishes. this kind of balance will help to keep them away from junk addiction.

stop buy it. give homemade junk food like panipuri, bhel

to give them their meal on time and for this first parents will have to be punctual in their meals and other daily chores , once parents are on time they will be able to serve their kids meal on time.and i am sure if the stomach is full no child will go for junk food

well make them feel like i a resturant at home .. i mean give them food in a chnging mode

dont get them bored with same menu of food everyday try to make it more luractive......

Sampath k
Keep these foods in a height position like on the top of the fridge or in the top of the biro like that.

You will have to do something, so as to let children develop a gross aversion for junk foods. If you try to restrict them, you will be left without much success. Restricting them to eat some kind of food, will only attract them more to it. They might also think that you are a miser, that you dont allow them to spend money(atleast in India junk foods are costly)
In my childhood days, we often travelled by train when on vacation. There used to be lot of stalls and vendors selling cutlets, chips and potato patties. I had infinite appetite for all such food stuffs. My mother used to anticipate my yearnings even before I asked for them.
She used to make a remark without much passage of time. "My God! These food stuffs are so unhygenic. The last time I had those, I had vomits and stomach upsets for 3 days"(I hate vomits and stomach upsets, and more so if we had long journey)
"These colas remind me of some article I read in newspaper some time ago. They use sewage water to manufacture these drinks"(Since children aren't much into reading habit, they wont be able to challenge us. Even if they challenge you, mock at them. Say something like, "Let it be. There's no use educating fools. Fools remain fools all life long. And once they grow up they would themselves exercise caution)
Lie about junk foods in such a way that they would most certainly be led to believe that its true. If you have done a good job, observe their reaction. They would ask something like "mama, why do other people eat all those junk foods? Dont they fall sick?" You answer, "Sweetheart, who is going to tell them that? And even if you warn them, are they wise enough to obey you? Look at yourself! Would you obey me even if I warn you? You will most certainly eat all that junk food when I am not around, wouldn't you?"

One cannot keep kids away from junk food.
They have to be taught to have moderation in whatever they put into their mouths.
They can be allowed to eat , with the clear restriction of the amount and number of times per week !

please give them a healthy food
keep them away from oly food

anand a

if they are satisfied with the food prepared at home.............and even for snacks they like.....
if you can't provide or instruct them not to have the other food which is available outside, they will not go for that.

Neeraj g
we have not to keep junk food on home

First and foremost we should not expose and encourage them to try out the junk food when they are young itself. This helps so that their tastes for the same are not developed. Another thing to do is to make a healthy variant for the same. This makes them happy and it is not the case of what is not got becomes more attractive. It is very important to make children aware of the consequences of Junk and Healthy food.

Children are fond of new food items.They want to taste the food which they see for the first time of their life.We the seniors must try to make them understand the injurious effects of junk food.We must try to make them health-conscious and make them aware of the future consequences of eating such food.

dithu d
Junk food - what do u mean by this? all food are for eating. it depends on how u go abt it.

dont buy it for them and youve solved 90% of the problem

Don't give them. This is the simple solution for it and you are the head you have to be strict about it and yes, you also have to avoid JUNK FOOD then result will be in front of you. As you know one has to sacrifice something to gain something, so you have to avoid junk food for your child's health.

Satya (Blessings from my Angel)

Just try to explain them whenever you get a chance.

And tell them they will get their junk food as a reward once OR twice in a month if they eat the food that you make in home without any crying/fighting OR groaning (most important)

hemachandra e
As childrens are more attracted with the so called junk food mean while pls have a note that childrens are attracted with the games where parents can be divert the childrens mind with the games...

encourage healthy eating habbits from childhood

angel with no halo
make the other kinda food more interesting!!

if ur trying to get them to chose healthy food over junk food, the healthy kind has to appear as interesting!

try different flavoured milk, different kinds of juices over coke

try interesting sandwiches, pies etc for a variation on sabzi..

use ur imagination, the sky is the limit!

Ghulam R
hallo try to take children with you marketing and tell them different vegitable and all those vitamins and another health and wealth energy inside of it in vegitables and difrent fruit and after it with them and take help by cuting vegitables to taste little bit self and they too, and in evening make vegitable sticks with jougut souse and change your house hold only healthy menuse tell children between fast food and healthy foods for long live without pain and trouble.ok its enough bye bye and have apleasure with your children hzave anice days bye

Sudheer C
Children do understand logic.It is easy said than done that do not give them junk food. Set a example first by not getting anything at home which u think is junk food.This food gets popular through media. How I tried, was buying something shown in media(any FMCG product) which looked wonderful in the ad. but was not to the expectation of my child when it was in his hands. This was sufficient to put logically in his mind that whatever appears in the media need not to be as seen. My child is convinced and now does not demand any thing which is junk.I have tried on his friends and it has worked well.

A very simple solution.....dip a chocolate or an ice cream in a glass of bittergroud syrup.....and convince them that it is their favourite...

I can understand ur problem....the best way to throw away this practise is to give fruits.That is children wont eat fruits and vegetables if you give it in a simple way.You can make fruit salad,that is make the food colourful.Also give nice colourful jucies.That too you will now your childs fav.colour.So if his/her's fav.colour is violet,u can use grape.orange-mango,orange. yellow -pineapple.etc.
If you do this,kids will get intrested in frutyand vege fulled life.I wish you and your family a fruitful and a helthy life!!!!

tell them tht the stars like hrithik and sharukh have good abilities so if they want to meet them they must stop eating those

Do not give them money to buy and keep control over yourself too that they may even not see you eating.

Lisa A
Don't give them junk food. They're children for gods sake. How else are they going to get it?

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