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How can you tone up your leg muscles realy fast?

Nothing beats a good hip & thigh machine at a health club, but failing that:
Start someplace with a lot of room to swing your legs. Use your arm to keep yourself steady on one side. Keeping your back straight and good posture, raise your leg straight up to the front till it is level with the ground. Slowly lower. Do this 12 times. Without twisting or otherwise getting out of position, raise your leg out to the side and lower slowly, 12 times. You will not be a ble to raise you leg to the back very much, but do that 12 times slowly. The temptation to twist or sway your back to help will be great - don't. Keep perfect posture at all times. Repeat on the other side.

Find a step. Place the front of your feet on the step with your heels free and over the sides. Feet should be straight and hip width or less apart. Hold a rail or wall. Slowly raise up on your toes and lower as much as your heels can lower. Do this 12 times. Angle your toes in and your heels out. Repeat 12 times. Angle your toes out and your heels in. Repeat again.

sally f
No doubt squats and lunges are the way to go. But remember, 90% of a six pack is diet...

I ride my bicycle everywhere for errands and such and my leg muscles show it. People who drive everywhere for errands show it...with their big gut !

Deep knee bends and squat thrusts, if you can take them.

How about Stiletto running!




1. stairmaster - it worked for me
2. hike in Yosemite - also worked for me
3. Yoga and Pilates - i'm too lazy for Pilates!

run through water. if theres any water near you with a current, running upstream works even better.

walk, increase distance and speed and continue walking. Increase each weekly period, continue walking.

John C
Lots of Running, Running Hills, Lunges, and lots of stretching. Squats can hurt your knees and back, and neck, Leg Extensions are better.

air alert 3

either walk or ride a bicycle and run

10 min Crunch pilates! Worked great for me!

i used to ride my bike so much and my legs were in great shape. Then I stopped for about 5 yrs. When I started again, I realized how out of shape my legs were. It is definitely the bike riding that helps to strengthen your leg muscles, and how quickly will depend on how much you ride and how often. Me, I'd ride my bike every day, that made the most difference, even if it was just to the store, or work or school.

running and utilizing a some sort of stepping machine.

[email protected]

roller skating

well doing up push ups against the wall
elipsical machines[kinda lik stares]
runnig up a hill

Jump, run, and do leg press. (jump rope, play basket ball, run don't just jog, biking, surf, skateboard, snowboar, downhill or cross country ski, jump on a trampoline, wind surf, leg press with weight, etc.)

Any or all of the above.

Riku Niwa
swimming fast!!

Cynthia M
you can get two small sand bags fill them with sand and put them on your legs under your pants and do all the things you would in your day normally as you would everyday and soon you will see the difference.

read tips on some great exercises for building up and toning on this site

when you are standing slightly squat so your legs are slightly bent and when you are bored tighten them and let go in intervals.

Well if all fails then go to iraq, and there you will find alot of things to run from,and you will have your muscles toned.

try winsor pilates 20 minutes workout
It will make the difference...honestly

llama boy


My mother started walking a mile a day. We haven't seen her for two weeks....

Running/walking and bicycling work the legs in different ways. To tone u and shape youe legs bicycle alot but keep standing. Even sitting and standing while riding a bike works different muscles. You must also make sure the seat is at the right height for you. To do this, sit on the bike and take one of the pedals and put it at the bottom of its arc. Now, put that leg into the pedal with the axis bar of the pedal under the ball of your foot. If the seat is at proper height, your knee should be only very slightly bent, i.e. your leg should be almost straight. You want to give your leg muscles a full range of motion. I alwayscringe when I see people riding down the road and there knees come almost up to their chest on the up swing cause they have the seat too low. It's like doing a squat lift, going all the way down, but only coming up so your end up in a sitting position. The proper way is to stand up completely, right, well you want to do the same thing when riding a bicycle.

huh ???
cycling ..indoors or on a bike will do wonders for your legs and butt..one hour/day

You can do a variety of exercises - such as:

- seated leg extensions (for your quads)
- leg lifts (for your calves)
- hamstring curls
- squats (I find these to be the most effective)
- leg presses (kinda have the same effect as squats)
- machines - stair climbers, elliptical

As for whether or not your legs will tone up quickly or not, it depends on your body type / metabolism. Since you've said you're toning yourself up I would imagine you are in decent shape, so you'll fall under one of the two categories:

Ectomorph - usually build muscle slower, you'll gain a little bit of muscle mass but it won't come too quickly. If you don't have too much muscle in your body right now, you'll probably fall into this category.

Mesomorph - these types generally gain muscle a lot quicker, so your legs will probably tone up quicker as a result. Generally, for women, if you're more curvy like an hourglass you'll fall into this category.

Hope this helps you a little.

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