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How can severe dieting lead to health problems?

u get skinny, where all the energy goes?

MALNUTRITION. Thats the key factor in dieting health issues. People are hospitalized every year for malnutrition. Some people can even face death b/c of it.

Most diets are what they call low cal. diets. You need a certain amount of calories a day to be able to function right. If you don't get the right amount of calories your body slows down. Another type of diet is called a smaller portions diet. A smaller portions diet is bad for you if you overdo it, because you do not get enough food during the day.

deprivation from foods makes your body store in whats remained. Now starvation is more severe since it will lead to internal cannibalism


home schooling mother
Read the story of Terri Schiavo. Be sure you get to the part about cardiac arrest and Potassium deficiency.

It's good to let your doctor be aware of your diet. Even "fad" diets can be run by your doctor. My doctor is aware that I have been doing Atkins for three years and that is just part of the story of who I am. She helps me know how to add healthful foods and how to get the most benefit from my life habits. I may just be lucky, but my doctor is very aware of who I am and works with me to keep me healthy.

Me, Myself, and I
Because most diets exclude a lot of the necessary nutrients.

well because you arent getting the nutrients you need, so it can make you feel constantly tired and weak feeling.
its really not a good idea because you need certain nutrients from a variety of foods to stay healthy.

Poetoffire 777
Diets cut back on the amount of nutrients you get. If you're overweight, then you need to cut back, but dieting sometimes is not the way to do it.

Some people are naturally big. Some are naturally skinny. It's only when you are overweight you should diet. A lot of times, just exersicing and eating healthy foods helps you loose pounds.

A recent study says dog-walkers can lose up to three pounds a year by walking with a canine friend. That's a diet that helps you and your pet!

But don't think dieting is wrong. The movie "Super Size Me" proved that. When you're overweight and you know that isn't changing, it's best to try to diet--the healthy way.

Another thing: when you're eating healthy foods, try to have a minimum. You can still gain pounds by getting TOO much nutrients.

Some people have eating disorders where they don't eat. They eventually kill themselves. If that's what you mean by severe dieting, that DOES lead to health problems. If you don't eat, it's worse than being overweight.

Exercise, eat healthy foods, and don't over-diet. You're fine being normal, not as skinny as a twig!

You can become very sick, from many problems in health. If you are a pre-teen or a teen and you diet severely, your body doesn't develop correctly, and you might become anorexic or bulimic. It doesn't have the stregnth to endure the loss of health, and you can die from malnutrition. If none of this happens, you still don't have a healthy body. If you are an adult, all of this can still happen, and it doesn't promote you do a long, healthy adulthood.


When you are on diet, that too a severe diet regimen, you are depriving your body of very essential nutrients; and force the body to protest.Drastic reduction in the calory intake is disatrous to the body. So avoid excess of every thing including the dieting and do it only under an expert supervision.

Mal=bad ( insufficient )

Because we don't include the most important nutrition in our diets...

Lowest Common Denominator
if you look like a stick figure, one, its not hottt, two, it poisons your soul...

Anorexia and other conditions. Lack of necessary nutrients, etc

well, you shorten yourself of valuble nutriens

I am a retired person with lots of medical experience.

Before you try drastic diet, please try adequate exercise and CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, along with a well balanced and proper diet.

Everyone who has done really hard work at times in their life knows how hungry you can get and that you can eat very heartily without getting fat, AND you will have good muscle tone, always a plus.

This is a brief asnwer, as I see some are long.

Final point, someone said death. This is true, some very bad damages can happen to ones heart, blood, kidneys, etc. from severe dieting.

If you feel that you cannot cope with your situation, you need to place yourself under a doctor's care.

At least go to http://www.webmd.com and read about anorexia and bulimia.

Karen Carpenter was a wonderful singer with the voice of an angel who had this problem, I believe. She passed away from it. Even if I don't have that right, there have been many, many others not so famous.

So please do not add to the statistics.

I have given you my best advice here, I KNOW it is good.

Have someone older help you with the CLA, a dietician, doctor or bioscience friend. You can find out everything you need on the internet.

Do not try to get anywhere fast. The fastest way is properly, slowly and carefully.

you dont get all the things ur body needs and if you starve urself then u have to burn muscle to get energy so later you dont have as much muscle mass

Dr.Drake Romorei
See, it actually depends on the way u diet...
since u added "severe", i guess u include not eating nutritious food which is da main source of energy for da body. Besides not eating healthy, if u start living on some junk in the market which is supposedly low fat etc.
you'll be in trouble.
I feel, instead of dieting, it's better to excercise accordingly.

Well if you diet too much then as soon as you stop the diet you will gain a lot of weight from being on such a severe diet. If you try to eat enough instead of starving yourself for example you would not gain as much more weight after the diet. So if you are planning to go on a diet then go on a noutraslim or noutranourish or something like that so you are eating enough yet it is good for you.

Consider the analogy of an automobile. If you were a car, and you didn't give yourself any gas, or oil or lubricants, would you (as the car,) function in a healthy manner? No, of course not.. You wouldn't be able to do the things you were designed to do.. It's the same with severe dieting. YOu rob your mind, your blood and your entire system of the fuels they need in order to think clearly, to perform well and to be healthy.

You deprive your body of important nutrients. From personal experience and my stupidity I learned it can be deadly! I was going thru a hard divorce and raising 3 kids alone, I used that as a scape. I took every diet pill available all day and ate as little as possible too! I lost 40 lb in a month but 6 months later I was in excrutiating pain. I developed gall stones!! I was rushed 90 miles away to have surgery to remove them(10) and my gall bladder. They also had to repair my bile duct(it was torn) I was also a bulimic. I learned the hard way!! You are probably beautiful just the way you are!!!!!!!

Cameron Diaz
becaus we are a bunch of fattys

because,if you start depriving your body of certin things that it needs your body will not function right,and once your body gets weak,it is harder to fight off infection and illness of all kinds .if you are going to diet you need to do it healthy,i eat smaller portions and walked all summer long...and drank alot of water!!! and i lost 35 pounds and i was pregnant! if i can do it you can do it ! good luck

Severe dieting leads up to malnutrition or starvation...thus not giving the body and the organs proper nutrients to operate wich will end in major organ shut down.

Exceess of everything is not good to be too much rely on severe diet can effentually affects body organisms like emsymes, stomach and any other parts which may lack the effecf of change in position.

Yes. Death.

I once avoided fats for so long, that a doctor told me that my body had actually begun to eat/digest my own internal organs...

The symptoms can be noticed because of a peculiar smelling breath!

As you say "severe dieting" can lead to a lot of problems. When you don't take in enough nutrients for your body, such as:

Feeling cold and having a lower-than-normal body temperature.
Swelling in the feet and hands.
Hair loss, brittle nails, and dry Skin.
Growth of fine hair (lanugo) on the body.
Muscle weakness.
Constipation, slow emptying of the stomach, and abdominal pain.
Sleep problems, hyperactivity, or extreme fatigue.
Difficulty concentrating and solving problems or poor judgment.
Fainting spells, low blood pressure, and slow heartbeat.
Frequent colds and other infections.
Yellow-orange skin, especially on the palms of the hands, or a purplish skin color on the arms and legs.
Which could also lead to Anorexia Nervosa. Symtoms of Anorexia include:

Weighing less than 85% of expected body weight or failure to make appropriate weight gain for a period of growth.
Stopping or never getting a monthly menstrual period.
Secrecy around food and denial of a problem with eating.
So instead of Severe dieting it is better to Work out a healthy plan to lose a certain amount of weight in a given time and make sure you get a good balance of diet and exercise. And as always you should consult a physician before starting any Diet.

Doc Armalite
I saw a gal who was trying to lose weight on an "iced tea" diet. All she did was drink iced tea. She came in to ER seizing, because her blood sodium was too low. She had washed it out with all the iced tea. LOL So electrolyte imbalance can be a problem of severe fasting.

Anytime you enter into a serious diet, where you are taking in less calories than you are burning, your body enters a "catabolic state". This is a state of breaking down the muscle in your body to get enough amino acids, as well as breaking down the fat to get energy. If you eat enough protein it will help curb this, but you will still break down your muscles if your caloric intake is very low. When you get done fasting, your muscles will be wasted, and you will be very weak, and it will take time to rebuild. I read in the Bible that Moses and Jesus both fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. I don't know how they did it. I would think it is very dangerous, if you don't take any thing but water, and I know they had to at least take water. I think if you take straight juice, as well as some water, you would have a better chance of surviving. Apparantly severe fasting does wonders for one's spiritual insight.

Ordinarily, I would recommend a much slower weight loss, based on laying off all sweet sugary fatty foods (like cookies, cake, pie, ice cream, doughnuts, candy bars) and eating healthy meals with high roughage (whole grains, vegetables, fruits) and getting some exercise. Just going out and walking several miles a week will help you burn off more calories than it would seem. The exercise revs up your metabolism, so you burn more calories even when you're resting in between walks. It isn't healthy at all, and is probably more dangerous, to lose a lot of weight, if you then gain it back. Yo-yo-ing your weight may be more dangerous than staying fat. Best to change your eating habits and exercise habits for long term, so when you lose it, you keep it off.

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