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 I'm a size 12/10 and I want to get down to a size 8 in just over 4 weeks please help!?

How can i tone my stomach without doing sit ups,still eating dominoes pizza,drinking alcohol n smoking weed?

Dr Frank
You ask the impossible question.

If however you read the Torchwood book 'Slow Decay' there is a nice story of and unscrupulous vet selling alien parasites which lodge in your stomach and use up your food, making you thin. The downside is they eventually make you into a ravenous cannibal!

Jogging and yoga. Also, when you eat dominos, just have a slice and a salad, instead of 4 slices. But then, if you want the real lazy answer, you can have a toned six pack in about 20 minutes with some good quality photoshop actions!

Buy one of the electronic toners. You can put it on and sit there doing what you like while the toner is working. Great fun!

you are a complete dumb ***.

u must be smokin' up if you think that's possible...

Claudia M
Lipo followed by ab implants

haha really funny. That is impossible unless you have surgery!

Doind all that you deserve to look lousy.

Simple: you can't!

Lol that was the best question i seen on ere all week :-)

richard d
I have noticed gay men seem to remain slim. Why not add doing fellatio to your present regimen? And then, grateful recipients can bring the pizza party with them. This is probably what you are missing!

Bluto Blutarsky7
ok, I'll bite.

first off, you CAN however you will need to limit yourself and learn about nutrition.

take one day a week, say saturday, you can eat all the pizza, smoke all the weed and drink all the alcohol you want (except lite beer that is for pansies).

The rest of the week eat nutritious foods and refrain from smoking weed or drinking alcohol.

Actually, you can have up to one or two drinks a day and it is actually healthy for you. binging however (whcih you will confine to your "cheat" day) is very unhealthy for you. but in the confines of what you gave me, it still fits- but you will have less of an effect.

Sit ups will NOT reduce your stomach. They will only stregthen your abs, which if you want a six pack, you will need to do. however more importantly you need to lose the extra layer of fat on your body. This is best done through a combination of eating healthy and excercise.

Diet can be a substitute for excercise, but excercise is NOT a substitute for a poor died. However with the cheat day you have planned- you better do both.

try doing circuit training mixed with high intensity interval training (look them up- do some work and invest some time, you will be more likely to stick to a plan you researched and created yourself).

most importantly, learn about nutrition. not from diet books but from nutrition books. a good place to start is: eat drink and be healthy, the harvard medical school guide to healthy eating.

I would then start substituting good foods for the crap you eat or even start developing healthy versions of the foods you eat that are bad. Like hamburgers?
try extra lean (8%fat) ground beef with whole wheat buns (make sure it is whole weat) and natural ketchup (avoid the high fructose corn syrup in regular ketchup, the only difference is that ketchup with natural sugar is more expensive, tastes the same though). or better yet get 99% fat free ground turkey (regular ground turkey can have more fat than ground beef).

pizza- the dominoes you like so much probably has high school kids spitting and putting boogers in it anyway- try some real NYC pizza and you would eat your grandma's leiderhosen before having dominoes again.
1- get some part skim mozzarella cheese.
2- use whole wheat pitas
3- use tomato sauce and season it to your liking.
4- use healthy toppings (like that 99% ground turkey I mentioned) or chop the florets off brocoli and miix them into the sauce- you won't know they are there.
adding cherry tomatos or flaxseed powder (omega 3's) helps too.

Find Jesus.

(When you do, tell him to call me too)

Well, thats going to be difficult. If you still want to eat dominoes and drink and smoke you not going to get ANYWHERE! You have to change your diet. I am not saying stop eating pizza. But limit the amount you eat; and if you like the meat lovers try eating a veggie pizza. It Carrys less fat. because 1 slice of pizza carries about 350 calories and around 10-15 g of fat. You should limit. Although some people have impressed me. You could start off by doing 45 mins of areobic workout (running, biking, or fast pace walking) twice a day. This will help boost your metabolism and burn more fat. You necessarily dont need to do sit-ups. The key to getting in shape is like this: 85% diet, 10% aerobic workout, 5% toning (sit-ups). I hope that helps you.

I think if you ONLY eat dominoes pizza and drink shots you may lose weight. If you make sure you mix regular baccy with that wacky baccy, you may not eat as much (pizza) because cigs are an appetite suppressant. If you get addicted to alcohol, you may not have enough glucose getting to your brain, spirit alcohol doesnt really have glucose in it, and so you'll start breaking down your abs, like gluconeognesis, to get glucose to your head. You'll lose a belly though. Like a (probably more skinny) Chris Martin look, which may work out for you. Let us know how you get on buddy, laters. ps this diet may not be particularly healthy. Maybe approach channel 4 and see if they'd fund it, you'd be sorted.

Proud Mommy of 6
Place six cans or bottles of beer on the "shelf" that is your gut and then you will have "six-pack abs".

It should be well toned up inside, try some coke & a burger king go big meal & a couple of pints of John Smiths may help

You are so funny.

Well hell with that great Diet get some speed and you will have it all going on

Dumb ***

Change pizza brand.

sounds like a job for lippo man,ive got a new dyson i can have a go but i charge 35ph and you would have to sighn a disclaimer against mrsa,please contact me on 077888888888

Get your pizza without any topping ..drink calibre beer..and smoke smaller joints

Marilyn B
Why bother? With that diet and substance abuse, you're going to die a premature death anyway.

That's easy, just become bulimic.

sounds like you have got no hope.

duct tape

get lipo done while doing it

jon p
good luck on that but when u do eventually discover how it is done will you let me in on the secret aswell

In the same way that girls look hotter when you're drinking or smoking, just keep drinking and smoking until you can't tell the difference. and If you find yourself fat again in the morning, simply repeat the technique.

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