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 Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?
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Please give me some motivation!


 Any useful tips for givin up smoking?

 Am I over weight?
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 Seeing fat people eat at a buffet with there already fat kids makes me want to slap them! How about You???

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to all you ppl pissed at me for asking lets remember that fat children grow up to be fat adults and lazy fat ...

 How can i be not fat :(?
hi i need help
i am fat
i try to eat healthy like choclate cake and pizza and stuff
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 If 10 ppl answer this, I will go outside RIGHT now (10:50 pm) and jog (for the first time ever)?
Because, i always try to jog in the morning and then i always have some excuses for myself, like i don't wanna get up etc.
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 Does anyone have a good workout routine that can be done at home?
I don't have that much time to go to the gym so I was wondering if anyone knew any good workout routines to do at home. (I have a standard weightbench if any workouts involve them). Thanks!...

 Does dancing make you lose weight?

 How can i get small calves and thighs?
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 Will this cellulite go away?
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I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs and lower abdomen..I have started exercising every morning and am eating very healthy..will ...

How can i stay in shape during the winter months? Tips?
I haven't had a real 'exhilirant' workout since November, and I want to start exerxcising again. Unfortunately, the weather has taken a dip, so it's too cold to go for runs through snow and I don't belong to a gym or have a home workout station. My question is, is anyone have any tips or ideas that will help me stay/get back into shape?

Gina D
Tony Horton's P90X!!! This is THE BEST WORKOUT EVER!! Beachbody.com. I was lucky enough that my dad ordered them for himself.. and honestly, he's a dreamer, he'll never use them, so I took them and started doing a few of the 12 different workouts OMG!!! the Plyometric workout is the BEST and hardest workout I have ever done!! I am a runner. I run 5-10K 3-5 times a week. I am no beginner, and I couldn't even finish this workout, it was soooo intense!! If you wanna lose weight, burn calories, P90X, the way to go!!

DVD workout, cable chanels.

Well if its cold, and you have snow, why not go skiing or snowboarding.
Those sports are really fun and they burn a good amount of calories, plus you probably dont have to travel far to get to a snow lift if you live in snowy conditions.
It may be too cold to go for runs, but casual walks might be suitable.
Plus walks in the snow are always good with someone special. :]]

I'm in the same situation, and what I do is: 4 series of 30 repetitions of push ups. 4 series of 50 abs, that is enough. Also I recommend you this site already has a free weight loss programs.
Keep it up!!!

Michelle S
they have equipment in walmart stores,go get what you need to work out,take home and exercise twice a week and be careful of what you eat

I agree with Gina D!!! Tony Horton offers some of the best workouts I've ever experienced! My husband and I are finishing P90, and we just bought P90X...I can't imagine how hard those workouts are going to be because the higher level P90 tapes are pretty intense! Can't wait to start the next set of videos. This is the perfect way to stay in shape during the winter.

I too have tried to run outside during this freezing weather, and it's just so difficult and uncomfortable. Working out inside makes everything so much more reasonable, and there's no excuse to avoid it!

yes you can try doing yoga or stretches in the comfort of your own home!!!!!! It's easier than you think it is!!!!!!!!!

*Miley Cyrus*
you can buy some excercise equiptment and exercise on that in front of the tv. have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Stay away from those christmas cookies.

Eat healthy and try to lay off the holiday treats..

Visit a local gym
lift weights
use trendmeals for your running

do pushups or sign up for swim lessons or fitness lessons over at the rec center.

Why is it to cold to run?? I LOVE to run in the cold Kentucky snow.. You warm up fast.. You can run even better in the cold because the heat runs you down fast.. Bundle up and give it a try!!

Exercise indoors.

Manuel V
Exercise indoor and try not to eat what you cannot burn.

always exercise while watching tv. i know i really feel fat during the winter months, i cant go out alot for exercise and the cold wether just makes u lazy. try all indoor activities and it'll help you a lot in keeping ur weight consistent. go to gyms for working out vigorously

As others have suggested, shovel snow. I live in Northern New York, and we just got hit by two big snow storms, so I've been busy shoveling away, it's great exercise. As for indoor exercise, if you are watching TV, exercise during the commercial breaks, the commercial breaks come on frequently and as we all know last quite awhile.You can do push-ups, sit-ups, stretches etc... Think about it, if you exercise during ten commercial breaks and each break is three minutes long, that's a half of an hour of exercise.

do pushups (different kinds) and run in the snow if you have to

well hellooooo to you too
get membership to a local YMCA
if you dont have enough money for this then go outsidfe and shovel snow. you could even start a snow shoveling buisness and charge mones you shovel sidewalks and driveways around the neighborhood. this way you can earn extra cash while losing weight

Round is a shape. I work hard to keep this shape. It takes a good, loving wife who is a marvelous cook. She prepares lots of great meals and very delicious desserts. Mmmmm. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

dvd workout.. try hiphop abs.. its so fun you'll never ealize that you're working out!

james k
I have a bowflex and it works really well. I would recommend you get one of them and start a good workout. Also shoveling snow helps to keep you active. But that only works if you get a lot of snow.

get some weights, running machine or if you already have them try excersising with that. You could do stretches, on-the-spot jogs in your house? or like the other users said watch a dvdv or something.

Shovel snow, as some others have mentioned. However, make sure you take it easy; a high percentage of heart attacks happen while shoveling snow.

there's a really great show on FitTv if you have it (i have regular cable and i get it) and their is a show called "total body sculpt with gilad" and it's really good. i think there is another show with him, one is cardio and one is muscle building. either way, they're really good and they totally kick my a** every time i do it. there's a new one on basically every day, and if you want you can tape them on your VCR so that you can watch and do them when you're not home. it's a great workout. just check FitTv's site for showtimes.

there are also tons of other shows on FitTv if body sculpt with gilad doesn't work for you, just try some out and see if you like them. even if you don't, that one try will be one extra workout and you won't waste any time trying to figure out what you're gonna do.

Go make a snow man its fun and you get exercise and if you have enough snow left make a snow girl for he has company they hardly ever make snow girls only snow mans

Sir Nigel
Pushups, situps and cardio. Jumping rope is good and if you can get a punching bag, do so and use it. If you can, I highly recommend barbells and ankle weights. Mainly speaking, use your body for a workout.

help shovel snow do the housework

go to a gym, shovell snow, do some heavy housework, walk a dog (if you have a dog, if it is sunny and mild, do some jumproping, lift weights, do flexibility stretches, and keep busy as much as possible.

claire g
An exercise dvd in fron of the tv, every morning.
dont do the celebrity ones though, they are crap, do a decent one. I have lost over a stone by doing the elle mcpherson the body workouon dvd, and its great!

I'm having the same problem as you. But I found a way. Here it is:
There's this DVD i got like a month ago, it's really good. Try it.
If you have an iPod or just iTunes, subscribe to some exercise or yoga thing. I can give you the names I've subscribed to.
Do Pushups, and hands-free exercises.
Most importantly, sleep enough, eat healthy, don't stay hungry, don't smoke and try to avoid drink, take showers regularly, and no matter what - try to walk everyday, it's really good for health.

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