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 My friends keeps calling me fat and that i should lose weight. im 5'7" and i weigh 133lbs. Is that bad?
My friends keep telling me that i should lose some weight. But I dont know if i should lose weight, or stay strong and confident for who i am....

 I love Coke but i want to lose weight for Halloween how can i without giving up Coke??

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 How many lbs can I lose if I don't eat for 5 days?
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 Do you thing I'm fat?
Just want opinions. I'm happy with my weight.
I'm 5 feet 4.5 inches tall
117 pounds
15 years old.

Voila. Answer away. :D
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I ...

 What will be the easiest way to lose the waight i can't do exercise because of health problems i am so fat ?
i am so fat i can't breath properly what can i do plz help....

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 I don't mean to be rude... but..?
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 Am i fat? my cousin paul say's i am?
I am 5 /11 and weigh over 300 idk my exact weight cus the scales dont go that high
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i cant believe you people are saying this! im never eating again. i just wanted ...

 Im 5"8,155lbs,14 years old?
is that a good height and weight for me?...

 Please help! How to hide....?
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 What can u do when your daughter is 11 and weighs 220 lbs and youve tried all u can to help her lose weight?

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 I eat SO much during the summer?
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im obsessed with my weight and often fast for about 12 hours at a time.....

im 5'1
90 pounds

and mostly today ive eaten yogurt 2 cookies and fruit

and that ...

 I am 5'5 and weight 130....?
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 Will cutting out soda alone cut out some weight?
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 People say i'm under weight but i want to know what is supposed to be normal weight..?
okay i'm a 14 year old girl i'm 5'3 in height i weight 93 pounds exact people say i'm under weight but if i'm under weight what is supposed to be average for a teen like me ...

 Please give me lots of tips on how to loose weight fast!!!?
please i need to loose weight fast!!!!!!!! give me tips recipes, and websites but free weight loss websites.
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thanks u ...

 Is it true water helps u loose weight??
everyone says that water helps you loose weight.. is it true?? IS is true pine apple helps you loose weight also.. and lemon??...

 Is it necessary to eat every single day of the week?
As to perfectly honest I have days when I have no appetite what so ever or just do not feel like eating?...

How can i lose atleast 30 pounds in 2 months?
I know that you guys are gunna say that its not healthy to lose that much weight in 2 months. But i know that its bad already, now i wanna know HOW to lose 30 pounds in 2 months. :)

Please help me , i really need help
Additional Details
Lol im too young to join weight watchers and yeah.

This is what im doing to try and lose 30 poudns in 2 months.

I only eat 1200 calories a day , i excercise for 30 minutes everyday of the week ;) . I drink lots of water to keep me from getting hungry and eating alot. I try to eat as healthy as i can xD

Red J
ya dont eat jk run 1 mile a dsay and whne that becomes easy run 2 it is easy to lose weight by that.

Try this, you'll see and feel results in 2-3 days. The muscle will outweigh the fat so don't let the scale discourage you :)

For exercise, try switching it up (Monday work on arms, Tuesday work on stomach, Wednesday work on legs, Thursday Rest, Friday Arms, Saturday Stomach, Sunday Legs) though you can choose your own schedule/plan. Try maybe using different machines for stomach or legs or arms so your body doesn't get used to it. Also, try increasing the amount of exercise you do every week.

For eating, try portion control (70% of your diet is food intake but exercise is also important) eating the serving size and if there is no designated serving size, 1cup if it's a meal and 1/2 a cup if it's a snack.

Breakfast- Whenever you choose
Drink of choice- hour after breakfast (all other drinks being water; one cup of drink of choice)
Lunch- 1hr after Drink of choice
Snack- 1/2 cup, 1 hour after lunch
Dinner- 2 hours after snack

It doesn't matter WHAT you eat unless you're on a specific diet such as Atkins, it's mostly just How MUCH we take in and how OFTEN we take it in. I have problems with over-eating and I'll eat an ice cream, oh I want another and it's not b/c I'm hungry it's b/c I have a craving for it and it feels like I can't wait. Also, eating out of boredom, try drinking water often to prevent hunger. I also have this problem and especially when I'm exercising. (Try buying a treadmill or a few exercising supplies or maybe you can get a gym subscription) and bring with you in an insulated glass/mug full of ice b/c I always and alot of other people always want a little something to feel like their eating or munching on and this is perfect b/c it's hydrating and you get the little munch out of it.
Also, how I said about buying some equipment or gym subscription, I'd recommend you buy your own that way you pay a little extra and the rest is free not 1/2 the price every month or whatever. Try buying about the things (one for legs, one for stomach, one for legs and maybe as you get more into, you could add more). Also, if you lift weights try increasing the amount of weight each weeks or two. :)
Hope this helps! Good luck!
Also, calculate your intake so you know how much to work towards burning plus extra for the muscle :)

I'm twelve and this has always worked for me b/c I have a fat gene and I always maintained my weight and lost it if I got off track :)

Also if you go to youtube.com and search 8 minute abs, 8 minute legs, 8 minute arms, and 8 minute buns you can do those and only do one video a day one different one each day, trust me only once :)

Adam R
Your right it isn't healthy, in fact it's dangerous. You need to be patient and take it in steps. Start with a target you can manage and slowly increase the target as you progress.
However the best way to lose weight fast is to control what you eat (this doesn't mean stop eating it means eat healtily and drink sugarfree drinks) AND exercise everyday. Yoga, weight training, jogging etc.

Exercise at least an hour a day, eat five SMALLLLLLLLL meals a day. Low-fat, no junk, no soda, etc. Drink lots of water throughout the day and don't drink anything BUT water. Eat lots of veggies and fruits and whole grains, no meat hardly, espcieally red meat. Good luck!

I am not 100% sure but my cousin lost weight by eating healthy and playing baseball all the time.It will take time though.

don't eat or throw up, that unhealthy you say...well no kidding...

Drink alot of water before each meal and you will feel fuller and eat less. You will get your excercise in by running to the bathroom to pee alot but it is worth it!

ok I dont know if you will loose 30 pounds , but you will loose pounds for sure if:

1. you dont eat bread at all, except morning.

2. walk or jogging every 2 days for 1 km

3. dont eat anythung after 1900, but drink lihgt milk, water and fruit juice


look up how jessica simpson dukes of hazzard workout. it tells everything.

but, i just eat healthy no junk food and lots of excersize.

100 lunges
100 squates
100 crunches
100 armcurls
walk 30 minutes a day.

that is just what i did everyday, and i lost almost 30 lbs and im very toned know.

hang in their. its hard at first.

Maleah B
I would say low carb (atkins or south beach) or master cleanse

Also workout and drink plenty of water

have you tried working out with light weights? do alot of reps 5 days a week , the pounds will disapper fast.

to loose that much it will be unhealthy.. but oh well!
just barely eat
maybe like banana for breakfast
tuna for lunch
anddddd ummm idk
you get the idea..

i would suggest you get a hardcore trainer to help you work out, eat healthy of course, a good nights rest, but i wouldn't take diet pills, or anything.

Chris M
You need to burn 1750 calories a day by splitting it between diet and exercise. You can't let your diet calories get down below a certain threshold for your gender and body type. So you'll have to exercise a little more if your calorie count drops below that.

Running, Biking, Swimming and strength training are all good ways to burn calories. The weights are a must because when you put on muscle. You burn fat in your sleep.

Good luck.

Nikki G
Do a lot of excersise and cut down on food
you could have a gastric band put in
or take some sort of diet pills

shape works is the program i am on now and i have already lost 7 pounds and i have been on it a week... you replace two meals a day with a healthy balanced shake which i add fruit to... it doesnt taste bad, just not great...

or special k diet

exercise right, eat right you can try special K and always eat breakfast it gives your matabilism a kick start for the day ahead, try to work out atleast a half hour each day maybe an hour if your that determined. also you may want to drink water instead of pop, pop is a bad drink and you can lose a few pounds just by quitting drinking it. good luck.

1.) First, stick to simple arithmetic. Your body processes 2000 calories a day and about 70 grams of fat. The great thing about the U.S. is that all food has to be labeled with nutritional info; be disciplined about sticking below these two numbers.

2.) If you want to lose weight, you'll have to stick a considerable amount below these numbers, for these two months. A decent rule of thumb is that cutting 3000 calories is one pound. So if you have 60 days to lose 30 pounds, you'll have to cut 90,000 calories from your diet. Spread out over 60 days, that's 1,500 calories a day. That's unfeasible and unhealthy, unless you...

3.) Exercise. A good thirty minutes jog burns about 500 calories. So if you stuck to 1000-1,500 calories a day and jogged for 30-60 minutes a day, I think you could do it. I did; I lost 30 pounds when I was 17, but that took about 8 months.

Good luck!

Runner 4 Life aka Nate

Try 10 bls, 30 is too much as you might harm your self

There's no real secret to losing weight. Diet and exercise. People just don't want to do it.

Master Clease Detox diet... I don't have the site handy, but type it into yahoo or google, it's pretty effective but you MUST follow the exact directions!

Daily Salads
Daily Workouts

It's very easy to lose weight.. just work out and eat right

Weight Watchers it is so easy i lost like 40 lbs in 2 months

First off, give up all the good stuff. That is sodas, chips, white bread, etc. Second, absolutely no alcohol. Then, get out and exercise like you've never done before. Walk, Jog, go to the Gym and pump weights. Watch the Rocky movies over and over.
If you are dedicated, you'll make it.

alexia p
avoid starches like rice, potatoes, etc.
learn how to control your appetite!
eat lotsa fruits and veggies!

Here are a few tips;

WHEN to eat for losing weight...

• Eat (at least) three times a day.
Because when you eat only once a day, your metabolism gets slower than it already is! That's the main reason. Sounds funny, but to lose weight... you must eat (the right things, of course)
• Eat low-fat, high-fiber foods such as salads and vegetable pastas.
• Your last meal should be before 18:00. Try.
OK, one apple after 18:00
• Don't starve
Starvation is not good for losing weight, nor your health.
Starvation is the worse thing you can do in a weight loss diet.
• Try oatmeal instead of cornflakes for breakfast--eating oatmeal can help reduce cholesterol levels, and its high fiber content will keep you full longer.

WHAT to drink for losing weight...

• Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day !
Can be tap, plain, mineral, sparkling. I just love mineral sparkling water!
This improves your bowel, reduces the "hunger" sensation, and hydrates your skin. Your skin will look much better after the first weeks!
Don't believe the slogan "water makes me fat". Beside being stupid... you might get into serious troubles with your kidneys.
• Drink ONLY natural juices, freshly squized!
Don't drink Coca Cola, Pepsi, Spite etc. during the diet. Even lite or light versions.
I thought this was not possible for me to achieve. Now... I don't even LIKE them anymore!
Nothing compares to the the smell of a fresh natural fruit juice! Not speaking about health...
• Avoid those vending machines by carrying around your own healthful foods and leaving pocket change at home.

exercise for losing weight...

• If you want quicker results - exercise would be good.
But remember, you're not going to attend the Olympic Games! If you exercise a lot - you'll get very hungry... and you'll be tempted to eat more. Don't exagerate!
Walking is fine (but not very slow...) for your body, and your spirit. Half an hour, or one hour /day - it's up to you.
Get fit while you sit new workout program that's the laziest way to get in shape - works almost any place, anytime, anywhere… even while watching TV!
• Start swimming. Swimming is an excellent exercise to get involved with, since it increases blood flow and uses muscles we don't regularly use. Start a swimming program and try to do it 3 times a week. You will feel excellent and rejuvenated.
• Choose an exercise program that you enjoy, and don't shun the unconventional. For instance, did you know that regular vigorous dancing is exercise too?
• Also Cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging, or aerobics will help you lose that unwanted belly fat. Weight training can also help you lose body fat because the more muscle mass you have, the more ability your system has to burn body fat.

• Don't throw YOUR money on pills, drugs, patches and other stuff like that for losing weight.
The results (if any) will be only temporarily. Once they "cure" is over, and you're back to good old eating habits... back the weight (plus some extra pounds, as if you needed those)
Not speaking about side effects, which often appear during or soon after the "magic" cure is over.
The best way to lose weight is the NATURAL healthy way. Hey, I didn't say it's easy! But it's healthier (in fact THE healthiest way to lose weight), and certainly much, much cheaper. Buy books, read more, accumulate knowledge about losing weight in a natural way.

Good luck!

eat minimally and exercise a ton. probably not dr. recommended.

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