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 Is this diet healthy?
tea-sometimes tuna pasta and eggs
supper-fish and sweetcorn
i snack on toast,cereal bars,fruit and nuts, i drink water and sports drinks

tyler c
How can i lose 15lbs n 5 weeks?
im 14 & weigh 233 pounds. i wanna lose this weight 4 my 8th grade graduation. i wanna lose most of the weight n my legs i wear a size 20 but would lik 2b a 16

Professor Albatros
go challenge a thunder baby to a fight
that will get you sweting

it doesnt hapen that fast

chop off a leg

Yes You can .Fiber diet will make you lose a lot of body water.

no i dont think so

i think it is realistic to lose that much weight in five weeks
just do a lot of cardio and all of that stuff

try really hard, sounds pretty impossible to lose that much so soon..workout 2 hours a day..cardio and diet...nothing good..no rewards

i give good awnsers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
abb rocket phone the number yellow pages

well i tell ya how i lose 30 pounds in 4 weeks i do the atkins its simple just stay under 20 carbs a day for 4 weeks and you'll shed it fast! but i tell ya it drains you makes you exhausted sweat alot and you gain it quicker back quick too

run for 5 weeks straight non stop!

drink ALOT of water, one of the best weight loss solutions because it washes out fat and otyher thing you dont want in your body
secondly, do like 100 crunches, not sit ups but just a crunch and that does really good to your stomach area, then do like 40 pushups and try to stay away from fatty foods.
eat like really healthy things. bananas are really good for that too.
fruits and vegetables, but cut back on gum and juice and pop, they actually are really bad and popular among teens. so drink at least 10 cups of water a day and your sure to lose weight

i dont think that will work, but you can start running on the tredmill for 30 minutes a day, at a pace that is comfortable for you. just do some physical activity as well. work out high reps low weights. and watch what you eat.

guitar legend
i really dont think you should lose weight you sound pretty normal for me but is you really want to try to not eat anything so your body goes in to survival mode when it goes there your body will have to eat your body fat so you will get skinny but its kinda unhealthy so stay in a 1600 calorie diet and if you really need it quicky its painful but it worked im 15 i weigh 138 a couple monthes ago i got the stomach flu which forced me to throw up an eat gross stuff that were healthy and believe it or not i went from 138 to 124 in 4 days crazy huh but dont try it unless you have a short deadline k good luck on losing weight

pshhh ya
maybe in less weeks even
it really depends on how dedicated u r on losing that weight

ohh ur so young!! theres no easy solution thats long term, i mean fad diets are unhealthy and dont last and in the end u might gain even more weight so basically exercise, change ur diet drastically, and EXERCISE alot...its hard but u hav it in u! good luck :) and dont listen to stupid people, first of all the key is MIDERATION ok? so DONT deny ur self EVERYTHING thats good, sugary, fatty, whatever- eat healthy and allow urself one cheat day every week or so that u can eat like one or two things uve been craving, u hav to be realistic and cutting stuff out althogether is so unrealistic its nto even funny!

Eat three meals. one healthy snack in between each meal. fruits and eggs in the morning, Salad and non fried chicken during the day. Lots of walking 45 mins a day good luck

if you are really serious about is, then dont eat TOO MANY unhealthy foods. But I am not saying that you cant. You should, however, not cut off all your carbs and think that that is a diet. Because carbs make sugar for you body, which supplies you with energy...swhich you'll need because you gotta start workign out. Running is the best way to kick off your matabalism and to keep it going. Make you eat breakfast in order to start your stomach in the MORNING. OH ad dont eat an hour before you go to bed, otherwise all that food will stay in your stomach and when you are asleep is when your body works the least. Swimming, actual laps, is also a great way to start. but start NOW

1.) Cut the sweets! No excess sugar, this includes soda. Drink plenty of water and if you want a soda, drink a diet variety. The artificial sweeteners take a little getting used to but they are worth it in the long run.

2.) Exercise! Walk, run, jog, any cardio exercise will help you obtain your goals. You will lose more weight, faster, with exercise.

3.) No more Mickey D's! Fast foods kill your diet. In one Big Mac, there are as many calories as 4 footlong subs @ Subway. There aren't many really healthy choices when it comes to fast food, but Subway is always your best bet. You still need to be careful of your ingredients though, skip the cheese, and mayo. If you must have cheese - provolone and swiss are your safest choices, in moderation.

become vegan, my friend lost 4 pounds in one week!

get on a tredmil for about 15-30 minutes EVERY single day.

vegan = doesn't eat animals, doesn't eat anything that came from animals..
from animals = cheese, milk... ( DRINK Soy MILK! ) ect.

and go for jogs everyday 2 times around your neighbour hood.
join weight watchers.


B. A
that is a very realistic goal and I know with effort you can achieve your goal. eat healthier, STOP drinking soda and eating junk between meals....eat 3 good meals a day (no fast food) and snack on carrots or fruit between meals if needed.

eat a lot of vegetables(especially the green leafy kind(salads)), fruits, lean meats (chicken breasts(boneless,skinless), un-breaded fish fillets),drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, cut out the soft drinks, candy and chips and last but not least start on an exercise plan. and that can be just getting out there and doing some walking around the neighborhood or at a nearby walking track. it is doable. good luck!!!

Steven S
Its pretty average, i used to weigh the same amount of weight at the beginning of the school year. What i suggest is start really taking your gym class into consideration and put alot of effort into it. Also do more things around the house, limit yourself on the computer and TV. Try going for walks , riding bikes , skateboarding what ever your into that involves you outside. Another good one is eat at least ONE apple a day. One time i had ate about 20 apples in one week and the next week i lost around 3 pounds. Run , be active, also, if u can try doing the basic pushups and sit ups. Dont go for anything extreme, do like 10 pushups and 10 sit ups. Other than that, be active and eat fruits cause they do take a big part into losing weight, i used to weigh 244 at the beginning of grade 10, and now i weight 165 because of all the active living.

Try to go to a local weight watchers class in your local area. It surely worked for me. I was 18 years old and lost 11 pounds the first week, but that I followed the diet to the letter. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest also as well as exercise.

It's possible. You need to be on a strick diet though. I've heard its heathly to loose a pound a week, but to me that's too little. Cut out all the soda, no sugar, no more junk food. Eat some fruit for breakfast -- definetly don't skip breakfast (it slows down your motabolism), have a healthy lunch such as a salad, and cut down on meat. Make sure you excercise, walk at night with a friend, and you could start jogging after you get used to walking. good luck =)

ghetto fabolous
exercise and eat healthy

Gwen H
exercise eat right and drink water

Sweet 16 2008
DONT EAT any JUNK FOOD, or sodas.... that will drop about 30 pounds if not more

get a job that requires a lot of physical work.

Obamawan Nairobi
Most of the advice here (although well intentioned) is DEAD WRONG.

You don't need to kill yourself in the gym or run miles per day (in fact that will work AGAINST your goals!)

I am a trainer and the first thing you need to know is WHY you are fat:
a. Your body type is Endomorphic (big legs,fleshy fat all over)b. You've killed your metabolism over the years with dieting and starving yourself.
c. You've actually put your body into "starvation mode". What happens is your body produces insulin almost immediately upon eating which stores what you eat as fat.
d. Your body has been trained to burn carbs (glucose) instead of fat.

Losing the weight by graduation/prom night CAN be done.
My students have lost an average 25 pounds in 5 weeks.

DO THIS and you will lose 5 lbs the first week, and an average 3 lbs every week.

1. Limit you caloric intake
If you weigh 233 multiply that by 10 =2,333 calories you need per day to maintain your current weight and not gain (or lose)
Reduce your caloric intake to 1,750 calories per day.
Google for a caloroic calculator; use it to determine caloric values. That creates a 583 daily caloric deficit X 7 days = 4,081 calories. Thats 2 pounds right there (2000 calories = 1 pound for your body type/size)

Divide the 1750 calories into 6 meals ( about 275 calories per meal). Eat 1 meal every 2 - 2 1/2 hours.
If you are hungry you are doing it wrong!
The idea is to train your body to realize food is always on the way. Since your body is in constant digestion, there is no need to store fat. You are basically stoking your internal furnace and activating your metabolism (rate at which your body breaks down food and converts it to energy).
Breakfast 7am
Mid Morning Snack 9:30am
Lunch: Noon
Mid Afternoon Snack: 2:30
Dinner: 5:00
PM Snack: 7:30

3. Cut out the SUGAR
DO NOT eat anything that contains "High Fructose Corn Syrup". Its a chemical not a sugar! Its in everything especially soda. Switch to artifical sweeteners or natural (brown) sugars . Example: Use REAL Maple syrup not Aunt Jemimas.

4. Cut out the SALT.
Salt will make you retain water.
You can lose a pound a week just by doing this.

5. Cut out the processed foods
Dont eat anything that comes in a box (NO cereal,NO pop tarts, NO chips, NO TV dinners etc). No McDonalds,etc. Instead eat home made foods and fruits.

6. Drink plenty of water!
Your body need to flush out the toxins that have accumulated over the years in your digestive track (it took you a while to get to 233lbs!) No juice, no sodas, no Gatorade -- just WATER! Need flavor? Make tea or add lemon and Splenda to make lemonade.

Walk 1 mile per day.
Walk briskly (dont run). All you need is to get your heart rate up to about 100-110 bps. That is the rate at which your body will burn fat. If you go any harder than that you DO NOT burn fat -- you burn GLUCOSE (sugar) -- its why you crave something sweet after you exercise. Aim for 30 minutes of STEADY! exercise. You dont have to kill yourself; just nice and steady.

8. Get 8 hours sleep.
Your body will retain weight as a mechanism against exhaustion. You will also crave more sugar when you're tired!

You will crave sweets liek you wont believe!?!
Thats the "detox" stage.
Once you get over that time period, you'll be fine.

The main idea is to make SMALL changes starting with the above listed.

The Best Breakfast for your Body Type
If you normally don't have breakfast - START!
The basic breakfast for you is a very lean protein and some carbohydrates to get your body going. The earlier you have breakfast, the faster your body's internal furnace will begin to burn calories (metabolization).
1. Eat Egg Whites - That's your best breakfast choices. Eggs whites can be prepared to be quite tasty (recipes to follow). You can stuff an egg white omelet with onions, mushrooms, green peppers, tomato, fresh and dried herbs (like Basil, Oregano, chives, pepper' all excellent choices)
2. Eat Oatmeal - Avoid sugar and milk in your oatmeal as these are loaded with fast carbs and will slow your metabolism. Use nutmeg or Cinnamon for flavor instead. Sugar substitute is ok too.
Note: If you have high blood pressure substitute egg whites for other lean protein as eggs white can raise your blood pressure

Fat Burning Mid Morning Snacks:
About 2 1/2 hrs after breakfast it's time to eat again to keep your metabolism running as fast as possible.

Tuna is the best morning snack for you since it is the protein that most quickly metabolizes.
If you choose this meal beware of canned supermarket tuna. Most canned tuna is loaded with salt and packed in oil. Look for sodium free packed in water!

Best Lunches for your body type:
In the middle of the day you need to have a full meal.

For your body type that means a lean protein like turkey or chicken, some green vegetables (as in a salad), and a complex carb like a baked potato.

"Fat Burning" Mid Afternoon Snacks
The mid afternoon snack is similar to your mid morning snack except it adds an extra choice of a slightly smaller portion of fruit.
Since you just had a big meal, you shouldn't be too hungry.
A couple of slices of turkey breast and a 1/4 cantaloupe is a great choice.

Best Dinners for your body type:
Your dinner has the same components as your lunch.
Protein, carb, and greens.
If you are craving red meat, you can have it at this meal, just reduce the portion as compared to chicken or the other leaner proteins. Remember no salt or oil, Use spice rubs, Garlic, and freshly ground pepper; grilling over an open flame is great for enjoying a lean piece of meat.

PM Snack - A Treat before Bed:
This is the only meal that is optional.
If you are craving a sweet snack, stick to low sugar fruits (like cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, pears, and apples.

KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL of everything you eat.
Buy a little address book sized pad and keep a pen on you so you can always write down and track your progress over the next 5 weeks.


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