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 Does water make you fat.?
i know water is good for you but can it bloat me and how many regualr sized bottles can i drink a day
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um ya susan, ...

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I only have one about twice a year, but usually regret it soon afterwards!

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 500 calories a day?
apparently you can lose 20 pounds in a month..no excerise!!
is this possible?...

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well im 15 i weigh 145 and 5'5
i exercise everyday i run for 45 min well only if my parents drive me somewhere to run cuz i feel embarrased around my area. So i at healhy too.. helpp

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Jessica L
How can i lose 100 pounds in a month?

Healthy Mom
Im pretty sure you can't lose 100lbs in a month. Unless you undergo surgery, but even then thats alot of weight and costs alot of money.
Im taking Isagenix to lose weight and become healthier, it works really great!
Im not sure if this interests you or not.
I also drink alot of water and eat healthy and I also exercise.
I hope this helps you out.
Good Luck!

Damn rightt x
how about gambeling

Umm...you cant? Hm.... LIPOSUCTION.

lol @ alex... i dont think an anorexic even has 100 TO lose...
i think sheena was on the right path... but there's no way you have a limb that weighs 100lbs... MAYBE 3 limbs... you could conceivably lose 20 pounds in a healthy manner in a month

Ariauna B
you can't; thats unhealty. are you over wieght? consult a doctor.

Eat nothing but water for one month!
I read that 14 pounds per week is the maximum you can lose in a healthy way.

impossible. even on shows like "The Biggest Looser" it takes months to take off that kind of weight. can it be done? YES. but it takes hard work and dedication. there are things you can try, drugs, not eating, etc. that will either not work or make you sick. even people that have Gastric Bypass surgery don't loose that much weight in that time frame.

DDR! Dance Dance Revolution! =D

I don't think that is healthy or possible.

Surgical or extreme dehydration but then you would look like a deflated balloon, if you weren't dead.

Scott v2.0
No possible.

super lucky
Either send me the money......I am in the UK where we use pounds.....or accept that you can't. It'd be ridiculous.

Never heard of anyone accomplishing this.

Cynthia ♥
i dont think that is possible unless u really severly crash diet or u get gastric bypass. losing 100 pounds in 1 month would be very unhealthy and possibly life threatening

You Can't

That kind of goal is unrealistic and next to impossible, go for a more realistic goal like 2-3 pounds a week or 8-12 pounds a month, and eventually you can get to your goal, but that kind of goal will take an extended amount of time.Also the faster you lose the weight the higher the chances area of gaining back the weight, so dont rush it.

I dont think you can..

Combination of liposuction and amputation of both legs. Realistically, losing that much weight is not humanly possible.

hm... but you can lose 20 lbs in a month..... MAYBE!

No, that is impossible, not safe, unhealthy, and can lead to lots of bad things!

Anthony Spears
Short of having a gigantic tumor removed (if you have one), there is no healthy way to do that.

Cut off at least three limbs.

If you are losing 100 pounds in a month, you better call up the morgue, cause you're probably gonna die.

losing even 40 pounds in a month is bad.

it is unhealthy to add or gain weight in HUGE amounts.

Why in the name of god would you want to lose 100 pounds in a month? are you like 600 pounds and stuck to a sofa?

get real!

thats very unheathy

Get a divorce.

Mrs. S
In a month? You can't.

Cut off your legs. Seriously, you can't. If you are under that kind of pressure, then cancel whatever event it is that you are trying to fit into a size 2 for.

amputation of a limb

Sorry but there is no way you can lose 100 pounds in a month

Allie J
you cant. it would take at least a year to lose 100 pounds. sorry

You're kewl

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