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How can i get small calves and thighs?
whenever i look in the mirror, my upper body is very nice, but when i look at my lower body it's like *ew*..can anybody help me?

Sometimes you just can't. (make you calves and thighs smaller) Working them more, may only make them larger and more muscular.

Kevin L
A lot of people would just say "Workout, eat less, ect" which is definitely the obvious answers but some of us are just too lazy. The best solution for you would just be buying Dance Dance Revolution and the Dance Mat. It works.

sara bellum
Diet and exercise. Honestly, I would kill for bigger calves. I have chicken legs...ugh

swimming is one good excerise,biking,walking,lifting weights with your legs.it also wouldnt hurt to ask your doctor before trying anything new

Mr. S
I HIGHLY recommend a swimming class. The class format will force you to do it, and you will melt fat and tone your legs by swimming. It is also VERY relaxing mentally.

Kalip A
I think you can by doing jogging.(Slowly running)

Baby Doll
look in the meat and poultry section in the supermarket

you can find some nice calves liver and some plump chicken thighs

do some execrcises!!! but u might look aiight to other folk. be happy wit ya body cuzzin.

i wouldnt say it will make them small but it will make them toned, take ballet lessons. good for grace when walking as well, and keeps your body limber.

Sometimes people are genetically predisposed to have larger bottom halves. The way to trim fat without building bulky muscle is to work out for long periods with low amounts of resistance. Many reps, low weights. Cardio is good too, but again, don't add any resistance that you can avoid. Sometimes, the answer is building up your upper half if it is significantly smaller than your lower half. You can do pushups, pullups, weight machines that work your chest and lateral muscles, etc. You may find that building the top half will make you look balanced and better overall.

If you're genetically predisposed to have large thighs, calves and rear, they will not shed the weight as quickly as other parts of you, so weight loss may not help the problem. Just get balanced by building the top (higher resistance) and trimming the bottom (with low resistance, many reps). Cheers!

You can get them by being born with them. The look you are looking for is not natural. It has been brainswashed into you by commercial advertising using emaciated models.

do a lot of running, biking, swimming. if you wanna really push yourself, run or bike UPHILL. you could also do cardio kickboxing, cuz that would really STRENGTHEN your legs, as well as your awareness. do squats, as that will also tone up your cheek muscles. sometimes, people with really high metabolisms will turn out having more fat in their lower half of their body. i say cut down on the lipids, and focus on a natural, healthy diet. good luck to you

Duane J
walking running and your diet should do the trick

Worshiper of JAH
dance,swim, ride a bike....i.e. excersize

shih rips
work your lower area by doing squats, leg extensions, cardio, etc...

all i can say is run,workout ,exercise alot and watch r intake of carbs...................................... walk alot if u cant runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.............

If you do things like run, your thighs and calves will only get larger. The best way is to make your eatings habbits better. Increase the amount of veggies and fruits you eat and try to stay away from red meat. Also, try to only have one desert per week. Deserts are a killer, really try to stay away from sweets.

ride a bike!

join up to "curves".or an exercising class, to tone up some. Sometimes it is hereditary.

When I think of your question I think about not lifting weights. I think you should do yoga streching and lengthing your muscles. Ballet dancing would work great. Running, lifting, and biking would just add size. Work on a good healthy diet, stretch work outs, yoga, muscle lengthing work outs.
Contact a personal trainer or sports doctor and see what workouts they recomend

best friend
do cycleing , walk allot / for more tips go to www.lowerbodyexercise.com

Cut out white bread, rice, potatoes...eat whole grains instead. Cut out proccessed foods as much as possible..you won't believe the difference that will make. Cut out carbonated drinks and caffeinated drinks...even diet soda makes it harder for you to lose weight due to high sodium levels.

Pilates is an excellent way to tone your body and not gain in size..it helped me.

Use the ultimate exercise machine...


Salooni S
For shapely thigh s and calves...u need to work on them by exercise and yoga.

(1) Sit down on the floor and spread your legs apart as far as u can and try to touch your elbows down to the ground.

(2) Stand on your toes and strech your body as high up as you can.

do this regularly combined with walking or jogging.

Don't change a thing! It's all in your mind, this man Loves Legs! Umm Umm!

You may be a pare shaped woman, it's all good.
Just stay on top of your health.

Unfortunately walking will only make the muscles in your calves & thighs larger. Weight lifting will do the same. So you have to figure out how much of the size is due to muscle and how much is due to fat. Usually a combination of stretching & exercise will help. Some forms of pilates will help.

Rusty Shackleford

Small calves you can see on a farm...small thighs in the chicken section of the meat department at the grocery...

Or you could get Richard Simmons Better Body Book and try some of the exercises there...

do a lot of cardio and bike riding or running or just walks around the block it will take up to 2 months if you do this every day just be detected you will have those beautiful thighs and calves.


walk alot, work out

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