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im 15
im 5"6
and im 150lbs.

am i overwieght?...

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I really need to know. :(
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P.S I don't care about that BMI crap.
just tell the truth
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Voila. Answer away. :D
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How can i get skinny real easy in a day?!?
i dont think im fat people think in fat thats y i want to go on a diet?

Robert S
Whatever you do to make yourself noticeably thinner in one day, it's certainly won't be good for you.

Okay first off you should not care what others think of you. If you however are unhappy with your body, then you should attempt to diet and exercise. Remember to drink plenty of fluids! Good luck :)

in one day? only way is by pooping or peeing a lot and hope for the best. any weight lost in just one day wont be "real" weight lost though. REAL weightloss takes time!

danny boy
now if you don't think you are fat or stout, then stick to your belief. why listen to people who says you are fat?

now, if you think, you need real dieting, then no one can get real skinny in a day. dieting needs a lot of patient and self-discipline.
yes!!!!! self-discipline is the key. when you need not to eat that kind of food,don't eat that. when you need to excercise, then excercise. no buts, no ifs, but always remember: you are on a diet.

It's not possible to get skinny in one day.

and lose mad weight in a day? its never going to happen!! My question would be how to get over what everyone else thinks about you and realizing that the only one that needs to be pleased with the way that you look is yourself!!

diarrhea lol

dont go on a diet because other people think you are fat!! if you are happy that way then dont listen to them!!
But if you do want to go on a diet, well try my diet, i eat real slow and i drink a lot a lot a lot of fluids so im always full cuz of the fluids and i dont get hungry a lot so i eat a little and i dont gain weight! im a model my diet works trust me!!

I don't think it is possible to become skinny in a day,however by eating the right kind of food you can lose weight and stay slim.
Check the link below where you’ll find a Nagetaive calorie diet Program which will help you in rapid weight loss.

Hope this helps.

if you dont think youre fat then your not. screw what anyone else thinks and just be happy!

I don't think there is anything out there that will make you skinny in one day. How much weight do you need to lose?

I haven't tried it myself, but check out the site below. Like with any other diet program, you should check with your doctor first.

I don't think you can go from looking like Rosanne to looking like Calista Flockhart in one day.

The only way possible to get skinnier in one day is to go to the sweat room. You will lose weight....boxers do it all the time before weigh-ins. But, I would not suggest doing this. You will lose weight due to your water loss, but will gain it back once you ingest fluids again.

Instead, I would suggest buying new clothes that fit your figure to appear skinnier. Also, work out consistently by doing cardiovascular exercises 5-6 times a week. There is no easy way..but through hard work, you can get there.

You can't get skinny in 1 day. If you wanna lose weight exercise but don't do it because everyone wants you to do it because you want to.

If you love your body that's all that matters. If you think you need to go on a diet or if other people say you're fat, go to a doctor. There is no way to get skinny like that in a day unless you want to harm your body.

trust me ive learned

climbing stairs is really good tho

it burns at least 1,000 calories an hour and eat foods like broccli and Celery which are negitive calorite (that means it takes more calories to eat then it has) and just eat right and dont not eat becasue crash diets actually make u fatter

good luck!!! ♥

If you don't think your fat, don't worry about what other people think. Trust me I know, it takes to much energy to worry about what people are thinking of you all the time. And the answer to your question... there is no " real easy " way to get skinny and there definitely is no way to get skinny in a day.

well if you want to get skinny...you can always try eatting right and walking

Malakai the Dark One
Throw up... lots..

Don't be a 'Tard!

Jan J
It's impossible to get skinny in a day, but if you are just bloated, from eating too much salt or it's that time of the month, you can try drinking 8 glasses of water a day and not eating salty foods for a few days. That should help the bloating and you could lose a couple of pounds of water weight.

Cut yourself in half with a chainsaw...

(This is only a joke, please don't try this at home)


in a day????? no chance baby!!

Search on yahoo the lemonade diet. This is a safe way of eliminating bad toxins and wastes and losing about two pounds a day so be careful i dont suggest doing it unless you believe your overweight because if you dont please dont do it to make others think better of you.

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