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angel eyez
How can i gain weight!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok so i think i have a pretty nice body, i wear 1 38c bra but my butt an legs are a little bit to little, what kinds of foods could i eat to gain weight there or what can i do?

Start hanging out at your local Bun & Run. Don't forget to Super size it.

Whatever you do, don't start binging on candy or anything unhealthy like that. You never end up gaining weight where you want it, and it's just not healthy. Try exercise and built the muscle instead of the fat, or build healthy fats by eating nuts. A lot of nuts have healthy omega 3.

Go get yourself a bucket of fried chicken and go to town.

there is only one way. KFC

Tanner M
eat all the junk you can handle, but try not to make yourself sick.

Mc Death (or McDonald's) is a good choice to gain weight.

you are the perfect woman,

mcdonalds :]

Q.T Pie
All those answers are stupid, don't pig out on junk or spend all day in McDonald's because that will get you into bad eating patterns where you don't get ebough protein. You should try having three big meals a day these should include things like: Spinach, Cheeses, Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, salads with dressing and make sure you eat plenty every meal and try not to snack in between, eat enough in each meal to last you to the next. Also try lots of veg and fruit but make sure you get all those protein and carb-filled things into your body, they will keep you satisfied and filled up. For excersised you should try doing some toning of your muscles to make your legs firmer and fuller. Stuff like lifting your leg high in the air whilst on your back will slowly add muscle to your thighs and calfs. Try lifting small weights about once every day to tone your arms if you want to. A good trick I've learnt is that when your sitting down relaxing your bum muscles try clenching them or clenching then letting go 50 times each time you sit for a long period...this should really help. You could also try eating things like porridge and dry oats with whole milk for breakfast, topped with apricots and plenty of nuts. Its all about still eating healthy but eating more of the things that will help build muscle etc. not eating a load of junk food!

hope this helped

I don't think there is a definate way of just gaining weight there, some people are just naturally formed with small bits and bigger bits. Any weight you gain will also put weight onto your top half which will mean your still smaller on the bottom then on the top. Talk to your doctor and ask for some advice!

Head of The Gary Coleman FanClub
umm i would recomend take Creatine and eat lots of protein bars and shakes until you are at your goal weight.


well eat a healthy diet first of all you dont want
to get sick just eat breakfast a nice big one, lunch, dinner, and
dessert treat your stomach with something good.

10 year old genious
bada ba ba ba i'm loving it! mcdonalds time!

Yamuna R
Every one want to lose weight why would you want to gain weight .

Eat what you want, when you want.
Just eat.
Don't snack all day, eat large portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And add semi-large snacks between those.
It can be whatever you want to eat.
Just don't over do it.

Set your alarm clock for 3 a.m. then eat a box of donuts then go back to sleep.

Protein & Shake Mcdonalds

protein shakes and do lunges and squats

Tyler T
have a b-day and eat alot lol or just order pizza lol like the dude said

I'm not an expert but how about keeping a notebook like you do to lose weight. If you want to put on a few pounds you could keep track of what you eat. Raise the calories and carbs in what you are eating and look at the kinds of fat you are eating. Oh and don't go on a fast food binge, you can gain weight without eating extremely unhealthy. If you go over your caloric intake for the day you are guaranteed to gain weight. Unless you have a glandular disorder that gives you an extremely fast metabolism. Well that's my 2 cents.

i would still stick to healthy things and don't overeat because then you'll get into a habit of it and then you'll ask "how can i lose the weight" so.. i'm not sure what foods though., lets see
whole milk or half & half have more fat but they're delicious and good for you..
don't chicken out on eating meat. if you have a choice of a salad or chicken breast. choose chicken. just replace the extra calories w/ water instead of a soda or something

Mrs. å±±P
please don't eat junk food. eat breads and stuff that are in that category because they tend to have more carbs.

go to Macdonald's for the next week and eat nothing but and a lot of it

Junk food pizza hamburgers and candy

im super skinny too,
i gained by eating meat!

Rawr R
It's funny, when people weight a lot, they want to be skinny, and now skinny people want to be weighty? I mean, What the Hell?

junk food. :)

dont gain weight when your fat you will want to become slim again

fast food has alot in fats im them
but not everyone gain weight from eating fast food
so eat alot of food that is cooked in a deep fryer or in grease!
also soft drinks will help

It's you body shape.
You can't change your body shape completely.
If you eat loads u will just gain wait, it won't change your shape. You'll look the same- but fatter...
You shouldn't need to change it...

eeew....goat blood????

ok.....go to starbucks like 3times a day...its fatening AND yummmmy!!!!! mmmmm :]

I don't think you can control where you gain weight. I think you should accept your body type and try to work on loving yourself.

In my experience most people aren't happy with what they are its more an internal issue than external. But like I said workout eat a lot of protein to built strong muscle.

I think you'd be better off doing research on a search engine than asking on here. America isn't exactly very knowledgeable for the most part. When it comes to there health.

eating poorly would do more harm than good. Definitely not recommending that. to bulk up I'd say workout those parts of the body you want to build it won't be quick or easy.

well take care, good luck. :-) Just enjoy life don't worry about your body type. unless you are overweight be happy. :) and try to love yourself. :)

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